Walther PPK/S Pistol


Style Compact Pistol
Frame USA/Stainless European/Blued
Caliber .25 ACP / .32 ACP / .380 ACP
Capacity 8 rounds
22.4 oz (635 g)
Length 6.1 inches (15.5 cm)
Barrel 3.3 inches (8.4 cm)
Trigger DA/SA
Safety Manual Safety with Decocking Function
Manufactured Germany by Carl Walther Sportwaffen
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Walther PPK/S Reviews

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Kirk V. from Ladera Ranch, CA on Sat, 9 Apr 2016

@ Gloc9mm ... Hate to tell you this, but the feed/eject problems you're having with the PPKs may be "YOU" & not the gun. For some strange reason, that PPKs has a hellava kick for it's size & cartridge (380). In fact, that little bastard seems to kick harder than my Taurus PT145 which is a .45 acp. ??? The point is, if you are not holding the gun tight enough & it rotates in your hand on recoil ... you are actually dampening the force of the recoil needed to properly cycle the gun. It doesn't take much. Take the gun out of your safe & go back to the range. Start off by holding onto the gun with 2 hands tightly, while also exerting a downward force on the table = so the gun can not move up and/or back. You may find your feed/eject problems have magically disappeared! Also, to start with, use ball ammo. Thereafter, you can work on your grip, once you're aware of the problem. Good luck.

Jonathan S. from Laurinburg, NC on Fri, 1 Jan 2016

have you used the .380 FMJ 'wolf performance ammo or +p'? what makes them so high value and special? also, what do you consider cheap ammo? i strive to stay above $29.00 for .380acp?

Jonathan S. from Laurinburg, NC on Thu, 31 Dec 2015

@MightyFoFaad love the tips! what do you mean, "hold the gun down on the bench?" and also, how do you fix a "grabby follower?" thanks.

Homer R. from Cora, WY on Sun, 11 Oct 2015

Still shooting the S&W Walther stainless .380. After I put new grips the problem with the sharp edges on the frame seem to have gone away. I bought the larger Ultima Grips from Grips4Guns in Walnut and it really makes the little gun sparkle. Only wish I had gotten the checkered instead of the plain but it is still an improvement in feel. Makes it easy to keep tight groups at the range.

Randy S. from Bronx, NY on Sun, 30 Aug 2015

I purchased a PPK in stainless new. Every time I fired it the mag would release on it's own. I tried different mags. I liked the size and feel but refuse to carry a weapon I can't trust. Mine was sold by Interarms so I don't know if Smith models are any better. Just as well I love my Sig P232, it never fails, no jams, or problems. I always shoot premium ammo.

Paul I. from Lynnwood, WA on Fri, 21 Aug 2015

i have this in the .380 and love it. i do also have the problem with the slide cutting my hand after several rounds. love the gun. never had problems with it. daily ccw.

Homer R. from Cora, WY on Wed, 19 Aug 2015

Another three boxes of .95 grain fmj through my .380 PPK/S without a single problem. My only complaint is the sharp edge on the beaver tail. Leaves a nice bloody little cut on the web between my fat little thumb and index finger. Next paycheck I plan to visit my local gunsmith and see what he can do as a smooth and polish on it. I know others have had problems but after about ten boxes through my gun I have nothing but good things to say. Thanks for the advice on polishing the followers. Have not had a failure to feed since on three different mags.

Dwight M. from Cotati, CA on Fri, 31 Jul 2015

My normaly reliable Interarms PPK/S has just developed an issue: every 4th or 5th round, the hammer fails to remain cocked and follows the slide forward, returning the pistol to DA mode rather than staying in SA for subsequent shots. The gun is clean and I am using Fiocchi 95 grain FMF which has always worked great in my PPK/S . The pistol is clean well lubed as usual. Any ideas?

Trevor L. from Jacksonville, OR on Sun, 3 May 2015

I have one PPK in 380 cal, I buy for my father last 3 month, like a gift...It is made in 1971 in Europe, a great gun, the model was ,,born,, in 1931...It is a ,,suit gun,,..Elegant with clasic line, James Bond gun. It,s like Rolex, one immortal design. A lot of clones it about this gun. Russian make Makarov, whit a ugly look in my opinion, Hungarian Feg, Romanian Carpati...But the 380 ACP ammo it is not a strong, and the gun have 6-7 rounds...To little for this days...Work very good, without jams, it,s a good choice for one lady, or if you go at opera in tuxedo, you can put in the pocket...Great clasic weapon, result of ,, Hitler era,, and the finish have high standard, a special old models...Was little disappoint with SW models, cause they have that problems and make call for return some models...

Jimmy C. from Stafford, VA on Fri, 10 Apr 2015

I read a few bad reviews of the PPKS I don't know if I had an older one or just got lucky, but mine had alwas shot without a flaw. I never had a jam or misfire. My only dislike was the heavy trigger pull.

Antoine S. from Reno, NV on Wed, 8 Apr 2015

If interested in purchasing the PPK/S .380 I highly recommend you to read this post first. This gun was the straw that broke the camels back for me. It is too too bad that everything that I purchase now that says Made In the USA is a straight up piece of crap! Lies, deception, cheating, you name it. That is what America has become. The previous online name I used to use 10Wolf, up until now. Here is my review on the PPK/s .380. It feels great, looks great, on that aspect it gets an A+ but don't let that fool you. This is the most unreliable piece of crap gun I have EVER fired. This gun should be illegal to sell. Here is why I say this, I am very familiar with handguns, I fully inspected the pistol, cleaned and lubricated it before firing it. Third round in the clip I got a FTF, then I got a jam. The firing pin is hitting in a different location on every round, and the safety malfunctioned. I highly recommend to purchase firearms that are NOT American or Chinese. I used to think Chinese guns were the worst but I am now convinced that Smith & Wesson made pistols are even worse than any Chinese manufactured firearm. This makes me depressed, it is just too bad, hopefully this country can one day be proud again. Now it is all about the bottom line, lies, scams, and trickery. I immediately took the firearm back to the store and am in the process of a full refund! I will NEVER allow a Smith & Wesson firearm in my household again. You couldn't pay me to take one of these pistols. This was purchased for personal protection. It really disappoints me that Walther sold out to Smith & Wesson otherwise I would consider purchasing Walther firearms. Do yourself a favor, purchase a pistol that has more reliable ratings than the Smith & Wesson Walther PPK/S .380

Luke T. from Linn, MO on Tue, 27 Jan 2015

A year after I bought my Interarms PPK 380 used ,I finally went to the range with 100 rounds of Fiocchi 95gr. After reading the reviews here I didn't knew what to expect,and was a nice surprise;not ONE jam or miss-feed or nothing,only problem is I spent more time reloading than shooting,Great reliable little gun.

Douglas I. from Omaha, NE on Thu, 15 Jan 2015

Gun continues to perform flawlessly since it's 4 week vacation @ S&W. Haven't found anything it won't fire yet. It has become my carry weapon whenever the Florida heat won't allow for the larger cal./size Kimber.

Randy I. from Fairbanks, AK on Fri, 19 Dec 2014

'Kin-A, Bubba. Whip it on this old boy transplanted from Texas at such an early age I got no cowshit on the bottom of my boots.

Gregory S. from Gadsden, AL on Mon, 1 Dec 2014

I have taken my PPK out twice and have had no problems with it at all. Shot mostly PMC through it and some Winchester white box. IMHO it is a great shooting and accurate little pistol. I am still wanting to get my hands on an old German made one, but I have been pleasantly surprised with my S&W version (purchased post recall). The only thing comparable to the PPK that I have experience with is the Bersa Thunder 380. I prefer the look and feel of the PPK. It is a much better pistol.

Douglas I. from Omaha, NE on Sat, 22 Nov 2014

Got my PPK/S back from S&W today after 4 weeks. The gun came back filthy with a note stating that they had polished the ramp. With much trepidation I went to the range and fired over 100 rounds of assorted .380 through both mags. I am happy to say that the gun performed flawlessly!!! Wish it had been like that out of the box but...... Never had an issue like that with any of my other guns (Beretta and Glock) but...... A happy ending.

Douglas I. from Omaha, NE on Thu, 6 Nov 2014

A friend recently purchased a PPK/S in spite of the problems I've had. Took it out to the range yesterday and now I know why I purchased it to begin with. What a great, accurate good feelin' lil gun. Put a couple hundred rounds through hers and not a single jam, or misfeed. If mine comes back from S&W as good as hers I'll be thrilled. If it doesn't well......guess someone else will be disgusted with them cause I'll be dumping it. It was going to be my CCW weapon but only if it gets repaired. Fingers crossed

Dennis M. from Dumfries, VA on Sat, 11 Oct 2014

doriadiver, when I fire fiocchi, federal, cci (brass or alumin) and many other brands I have almlost no ftfs. When I use sellier and bellott I get 3 ftf or more per clip. I think my gun is just fussy about the ammo..... so I buy what it likes and have no problem. I have noticed that it gets rather dirty with reloads but does fine with those too (exept S&B casings) In my opinion many guns require a break in period of 300 to 500 rds or more so I would not be overly concerned about your gun ftfs yet. try different ammo and use what your gun decides it likes

Theodore H. from Madison, WI on Sun, 21 Sep 2014

This is one gun that I don't wish on anybody. Sent mine back to S&W for the recall. Which I found out by accident on the internet. My gun was clean , had a trigger that you could pull with one finger. When it came back from S&W it was dirty and you need two fingers to pull the trigger , a 20lbs trigger ?? Maybe not that much but not for self defense or ant other shooting. I thought of getting the AGI video and doing more work on the gun but after thinking about it I got smart and now will sell it. I know I won't get much for it but thats OK. What I do get will go into a new Glock 26. Should of get one in the first place to go with my Glock 30 , 21 and 17. Well live and learn , netx time I will follow my gut more and try not to make any more mistakes. Ha Ha,never say never. Good shooting friends.

Clyde M. from Sandy Hook, CT on Thu, 18 Sep 2014

Lubrication...works for me.... I have had good luck by simply keeping the PPK clean and well Lubed....... i origianlly had the ramp polished, polished.

Walther PPK/S Questions & Comments



James M. from Nebraska City, NE on Sat, 2 Jul 2016

Hey, can anyone help me out with an ongoing PPK/S problem? Interarms gun from early 80's. Problem is a type of FTF. It appears the loaded chamber indicator pin ends up on top of the case when the slide is closing, causing a jam. Seems to happen with FMJ as much as with HP. Hotter ammo seems to work a little better. I have a few hundred rounds through it, and it may work better, but still seems to happen at least once a box, used to happen every other mag. I keep it super clean and well lubed. Love the gun, but it is not reliable enough for carry. Next step I was going to try was Wolff springs. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Nolan S. from Seattle, WA on Thu, 12 May 2016

Can a person purchase the WALTHER PPK/S 380 ACP ENGRAVED and use it to shoot instead of just keeping it as a collector gun? Is there any reason a person couldn't keep and use this as a gun to take to the range and shoot all the time?

Roy F. from Blackwood, NJ on Mon, 25 Apr 2016

@mightyfofaad... ...man this sucks. Can't get too pissed ennymore... Th' cardio-plumbin's beginnin' to act up! ...just can't get th' breaks... Th' doc desires that I tone it down a few notches. Funny, how we all here are fairly agreed upon the martial-preparedness of the armed citizen under the great Second Amendments' protections...However, Ma Nature has a Martial Plan of her own... ...and she always, 'wins'. Ma never waits for any congressional approval- or, ennyone elses'- for the matter. So's I gots ta give my raving rants a rest for a while...possibly a lo-oong while... However, this way, I may still sneak-in a beer & a fine Habanos or Romeo & Julietta(short Churchill) every now'n'then...

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Sat, 9 Apr 2016

Thanks, I read what you wrote in a past post. I have actually tried that and just about everything else I can think of with it. I had no problem with the PPK, so if it were that I'd assume I would have no problem here?? I did have a problem with a Beretta in the past with that happenning though. It's really no big deal, I normall carry either my Glock, 1911 or a Ruger Wheel.

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Sat, 9 Apr 2016

I thought you both wrote very informative posts! I have noticed Moose just requires a bit more reading in his! lol The PPK(s) is probably one of the more popular weapons on the market due to the "Sir James" movies, especially with newer gun users today. It's a beautiful, sexy gun, and I loved the Interarms PPK I had owned many yrs ago. I never had any problems with it. Unfortunately I sold it and later regretted doing so. I didn't belong to any sites like this at the time, (Hell, I've only owned a Computer for about 3 yrs now! lol) and I purchased a new PPK's and never even realized it was then, and now being produced by S&W till after purchase. (Now that I'm retired I pay closer attention to details. I never was one for researching anything, If I liked it I bought it! I didn't intend to carry it so I was even less attentive. It was more of an impulse buy at a Show) Anyway, after shipping it back to Smith several times for FTE/FTL problems and them never quite fixing it correctly, it now resides in my Safe and hasn't seen daylight now in yrs. When I think of the weapons that I own that one just seems to skip my mind, I tend to blank out costly errors! lol At the time every other person I spoke with that had one was experiencing the same problems. I have no idea if S&W has improved the design since, (Why they messed with it I'll never know??) but it was/is the least reliable weapon I have ever purchased. Still happy to own it just for it's looks, but I realize not everyone can afford to do things like that so I figured I'd add my story!

Kirk V. from Ladera Ranch, CA on Sat, 9 Apr 2016

@ SittingMoose ... yeah I know it's not YouTube. As I said before, your 3:16PM post on 6/25 sounded like a rant ... like you were getting some crap off your chest ... I thought that was funny; the way you sounded so angry. (*) So when I said "Feel better?" I meant it like ... now that you've got that off your chest ... do you feel better now? :-) (*) You know, like an angry "Letter to the Editor."

Mark W. from El Centro, CA on Thu, 7 Apr 2016

Just a quick update on the Walther PPK/s .380 that I have. After a slight polish on the load ramp, some new grips and alot of attention to the oiling, The Pistol only jammed 1 time out of 100 rounds. I think that a little more use will "break in" this lil Pistol. WIll I buy another Walther ? No. I do not feel the price paid for this Pistol warranted the cheaper quality I have experienced. I would have been happy to pay $100 more had the Quality been there. Of all the Pistols I have, This Walther is the only one that has Jamming problems. I have tried mulitple different loads and it seems that Hornaday are the ultimate choice for the Walther PPK/S. I guess I will put it in the back of my gun safe & tell my Grandchildren.. "Thats what James Bond used" Im afraid that I cannot trust my Life to the unreliability of the Walther. Hopefully in the future Smith & Wesson will bring the Walther back to the prestige it once had.

Kirk V. from Ladera Ranch, CA on Fri, 1 Jan 2016

@ SittingMoose ... What we have here, is a failure to communicate. LOL. Sorry, but what I was referring to, was you, letting off steam in your 3:16 PM post on 6/25/2011. :)

Roy F. from Blackwood, NJ on Fri, 1 Jan 2016

...MightyFoFaad... No. Azzamattauhfact, I 'feel' terrible. And I think things are gonna be a pain-in-the-ass. My ability to work the anvil is gonna be limited to probably one blade. I'd hoped the steroid injections th' doc gave me woulda helped... Alas, not as I'd wanted... Abated a lotta pain tho'. But 'swingin' the hammer' at my forge-- Yeow! Impacting the anvil-- $@#&*%!![i]hurts[/i]!! God. I'd give a seasoned rams' left testicle for a power-hammer!! The hassle is: I must do all this from a laying position on mats in one of them CT Tractor store garden-wagon... The knife I'm making will be a Damascene Bowie made from the old cylinder of my S&W M586-- Which was the victim of too much stock-removal in a chamfering-job gone bad...(never said a Dremel actually [i]replaced[/i] a milling-machine)...and 6 tool-steel chisels fitted into each chamber... I'll let the pattern develop as I draw-out the billet. I may twist it in th' vice for a Caduceus effect... w/o pissin' off the spirit of Aesculapius too much. The handle of sugar maple(NY off. tree), brass guard, rivets, copper wire and brass pommel... Gonna be a little something to remind my kids of my existence after I'm outta here... This Blade, M586 Smithy .357 a 'refined' Davis .380 and my [i]made[/i] trusty PPk; "Sting", so sculpted, are to hopefully remain w/'em ... Otherwise...it gives me something to do... lee___radio... I've found the Winchester SXT Personal Defence .380, 95gr. JHP- for myself, the best 'carry' cartridge... If, they can be found... They're like the Black Talon... Makes the .380 hit [i]hard[/i]! Cuts a big hole after penetrating bad-guy clothing... The next best are Federal Hydra-Shok JHP Personal Defence .380, 90gr. JHP. . Walther advises [i]not[/i] to use +p or +p+ loads through the PPk... I'll take their word for it... The Yankee PPk has troubles enough... I've been shooting those Remington umc 95gr. ball for target... The .380 would work well for re-loadin' I'd think...

Jonathan S. from Laurinburg, NC on Fri, 1 Jan 2016

you got a good point moose... not to worry, i trust God over my gun any day.

Kirk V. from Ladera Ranch, CA on Thu, 31 Dec 2015

@ lee___radio What I mean is to rest the gun on the bench, preferably with the barrel over the forward stop which often has a "V" notch to rest the barrel; especially at indoor ranges. The idea is simply to immobilize the gun during recoil so there is no upward movement (or rotation) of the gun during recoil. Don't worry about aiming the gun. You just want to see if the gun still has feeding problems when movement is eliminated. Next ... everyone (hopefully) gives their new gun a thorough cleaning before using it. But you'd be surprised how few people bother to clean the magazine as well. It too comes greased up & often with dirt and/or metal shavings which aren't necessarily visible to the naked eye. Take the magazine apart & give it a thorough cleaning, just as you would with your gun. Even if that grease doesn't give you a problem initially ... it soon will as grease is a magnet for dirt of all kinds.

Kirk V. from Ladera Ranch, CA on Thu, 31 Dec 2015

To Dremel, or not to Dremel ... what was the question? :) Yes, a Dremel in skilled hands attached to a knowledgeable brain can be a wonderful tool. In inept hands attached to an empty head ... well, let's just say those [i]REPLACEMENT PARTS[/i] can be quite expensive. :(

Kirk V. from Ladera Ranch, CA on Thu, 31 Dec 2015

@ Odiwankenobi I've been an NRA Certified Rifle & Pistol Instructor for 38 years. That's right, I'm an old coot. As you may well imagine, I've seen many shooters that have feeding & ejecting problems ... that aren't always the fault of the gun ... but rather the fault of the shooter. Now without seeing you or your gun, I can't make a definitive diagnosis, but, the PPK/S is not known for feeding & ejection problems. So ... let's consider a few other factors. Sometimes, just changing your brand or type or weight of bullet will eliminate your jamming or stove piping. Feeding problems can also be caused by a defective magazine that's holding onto the rounds too hard, or a weak spring or grabby follower may too be a problem. Finally, [b]"YOU"[/b] may not be holding onto your pistol with a firm enough grip. If you are letting the pistol rotate in your hand (it doesn't take much) you are in effect dissipating the the spring & recoil forces necessary to cleanly feed & eject your ammo. Verifying this is easy. Sit down at the shooting bench, & with a two hand grip, hold the gun down on the bench & fire off a full magazine. If suddenly, you have no jams (don't feel bad) the problem is you! You'd be amazed how often this clears up the problem. On the PPK/S, another indicator of a loose grip is if you find the hammer coming back & biting the webbing between your thumb & pointer finger. Good luck.

Roy F. from Blackwood, NJ on Wed, 30 Dec 2015

...good ol' Dremel. I've stated it B4... ...an' I'll state it again... Dremel's a pocket-size milling machine...

Jonathan S. from Laurinburg, NC on Tue, 29 Dec 2015

such helpful info! thanks guys a novice like me would have never guessed. :)

Jerry R. from Philadelphia, PA on Tue, 1 Dec 2015

Odi: A few posts down there are some nice wood grips mentioned on Grips4Guns.com Also, I took a dremel tool to mine in a big way. Polished every part of the slide, barrel and frame that came in contact. Plus I polished the heck out of the feed ramp and a little into the chamber. What a huge difference. No more jamming. I would also only use a light oil and no grease. Hope it improves for you.

Mark W. from El Centro, CA on Mon, 30 Nov 2015

I bought a Walther PPK/S last year. Not Super Impressed with it like I was with my Ruger P95. The Walther is a neat lil carry gun but seems to have jamming problems out of the box. Maybe I need to run 500-1000 rounds thru it to solve this but out of the box, Jamming every few rounds was not a great impression. Also, I would love any information anyone has on rubber grips (not wraparounds) for this gun. The Plastic grips that probably cost 3 cents was another huge turnoff for this Pistol. at $525.00 I think rubberized plastic would have been a bit nicer. The Pistol shoots nice & very smoothe when it doesnt jam. For the size it is very accurate at 5-25 yards. It is probably one of the best looking Pistols I have, being all Stainless & very low maintenance. Cleaning/Field stripping is simple & requires no tools. All in All, This is a very good Pistol, but it does have a few flaws that I would like to see corrected from the Manufacturer. The cheap plastic grips could be upgraded, The jamming could be addressed and the sights could use a little upgrade. I would be willing to spend the extra money for this gun and feel very confident carrying it were these upgrades made. I think it is the perfect size for a Carry, very comfortable, just needs to be a little more reliable in Dire Need situations.

Jerry R. from Philadelphia, PA on Mon, 9 Nov 2015

We should all remember that it was a .22 round that almost killed President Reagan. Hit location trumps caliber, but it is nice to have lots of caliber too. Especially for us guys that want everything :-)

Jerry R. from Philadelphia, PA on Mon, 9 Nov 2015

Limp wristing is a problem with several guns I have and caliber appears to be of no consequence. I have a Walther P22 that is really sensative to limp wristing, and also my Glock .40 when using range ammo. Proper grip and stance has a lot to do with it also. Go to www.tdiohio.com and click on media. These guys have some good videos on gun handling, stance, grip, etc... I have learned a tremendous amount from these guys.

Charlie S. from New Windsor, MD on Sat, 7 Nov 2015

Mine is an Interarms-made Walther PPK in .32ACP. I've owned the gun since 2000, when I first got my CHL, and it's been my primary (along with a Bersa Thunder380) concealed carry weapon. To me, this is the perfect CC gun, because that is what it was designed for, lo those many years ago (the 1920s) by Walther for the German undercover police, to their specifications, and the Walther engineers did a very good job. It has taken every kind of ammo I've put through it without a burp. Only problem I ever had with the gun is one instance when it would stovepipe on me every now and then. Took it to the smith, who could find nothing wrong with it. He did suggest that I make sure and keep a firm grip when firing, as a not-so-firm grip on the weapon would cause it to stovepipe. And sure enough, that was right about the time I started getting arthritis in my gun hand. Yes, .32 is not much of a "manstopper" caliber, but I figure if I ever need to pull it, it's going to be at a very close range no more than 10-15'), and the Federal Hydro-Shoks I generally keep in the gun will get the miscreant's attention.

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