Taurus PT-99 Pistol



Style Full Size Pistol
Frame Steel frame, blued/stainless finishes
Grips Rubber
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 10/17 rounds
34 oz (964 g)
Length 8.5 inches (21.6 cm)
Barrel 5 inches (12.7 cm)
6 grooves, 1:9.84
Trigger SA
Safety Manual Safety, Firing Pin Block, Hammer Decocker
Sights Fixed 1-dot front and 3-Dot F/S rear
Manufactured Brazil by Forjas Taurus
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User Manual Download PDF

Taurus PT-99 Reviews

57 Reviews


Ernest C. from Chanhassen, MN on Fri, 16 Oct 2015

bought mine in 89? paid 315.00 otd,man how times have changed. it has been a fav.of everyone's every time we go to the range. ONE SOLID GUN, NO COMPLAINTS ABOUT TAURUS. eats everything and is very accurate . LOVE THIS GUN . the only thing you must remember to do is replace the locking block every 5000 rds or so.

Jasper E. from Brighton, CO on Sat, 5 Sep 2015

I got a stainless PT99 last week from budsgunshop.com It was like $456 with free shipping. It's the PT92 with adjustable sights. So far it's a dream. I thought it only came with one 17rd magazine so I bought 2 Mec-Gar 18rd magazines. It came with 2 17 round mags so now I'm set with 4. I got Pachmayr Signature Finger Groove grips for it for like $28. Model 05043 which fits the newer PT92/99 that has the decocker. It's the smoothest shooting weapon I've had so far. Currently I'm looking for a stainless low profile laser to add to it's front rail. I don't know what I'll get after this baby. I standardized on 9MM to keep ammo prices low and of my 4 9MM's this is the king of the hill. - Joe

Jeremy O. from Lawton, OK on Tue, 7 Apr 2015

Yes Ranger6 the Taurus is still a secret for most, but it has been ranked in the top five handguns by some experts. I really like mine. Its heavy duty and bang on as far as being right on target.

Owen H. from Murphysboro, IL on Mon, 6 Apr 2015

The Berretta M-9 is my service weapon I have carried and used for many years... I recently purchased a Taurus-92 AF and I must admit I like the Taurus more. The positioning of the safety/de-cocker is idea in comparison to the M-9, and I will swear by my Taurus is somehow more accurate. The price is great. Anyways I am a fan of my new Taurus!!

Ryan C. from Mountain Center, CA on Sat, 3 Jan 2015

I must have lucked out, mine shoots at point of aim, at 50 ft. little low, closer-up and a little high at 75 ft... Guess i better try 50 yards, and see what happens... Let you all know...

Travis L. from Columbia, PA on Sat, 3 Jan 2015

Definitely a good buy. I picked mine up last year for $420 and have yet to have a single jam or hiccup 600+ rounds later and it won't as long as you're not a limpwristing it or not keeping it clean. Action is smooth and gets even smoother after a few hundred rounds. The SA trigger is nice and smooths up as well with some use. At first I didn't like the sights but they're growing on me. Shoots pretty low at about 10-15 yards it seems but 25-50yrds is better. Hogue grips are a definite buy for this one and doesn't need much else

Ryan C. from Mountain Center, CA on Fri, 2 Jan 2015

RagTop, First, was the range ammo reloads? If so, try a box or two of Remington or Winchester, FMJ, 115/124 Gr. (You don't need the big bucks stuff) at 15 yards, the 92 should be right on... I have a 92 & 99, there both right on at 50 ft... as for reading glasses, Try a over the counter like a pair of 2.0 or 2.5, I use the 2.0's great, can see target and sights... One reason I only shoot "Combat" any more...

Phil R. from Carson City, NV on Sun, 14 Dec 2014

I have the stainless steel model without the gold accents. I encased the black grips with hogue grips and added a laser to help my tired eyes. Good luck w/your new pistol .It's a good reliable weapon and cleans up real easy.

Gerald E. from Beachwood, OH on Thu, 27 Nov 2014

I just got back from the range with my Taurus pt92. I fired 150 rounds of PMC and Atlanta arms ammo. It was 100% reliable, like my Beretta 92fs. and more accurate than my Beretta. It shot smooth with a great trigger. Beretta has a one year warranty, Taurus has a lifetime warranty. And I like the safety lever on the frame better. Both are great guns. But, for the price I'll take the Taurus.

Ryan C. from Mountain Center, CA on Mon, 24 Nov 2014

The 9mm like the 45ACP, is basicly for a 5 " barrel, Little shorter and you lose a little power FPS & FTlbs,,, Taurus makes some find toys, Both in 9mm & 45ACP, If you want a Com-Pack I would go with a 45...

Ryan C. from Mountain Center, CA on Mon, 13 Oct 2014

johnw: First of all the screwws should have never fell out, But since they done did, All you need a a small tube of (Loct-tic) (Purple) Don't think i spelled that right, But ask any Hardwear store... Taurus is a fine firearm, There all im buying now a days, Don't lose hope, just because of a screw....

Jeffrey J. from College Park, MD on Mon, 13 Oct 2014

I purchased a NEW Taurus PT92 stainless gold with rosewood grips. I took it to the firing range and shot three rounds and the grips fell off. I took it back to the store that I purchased it from and they replaced the screws. I took it back to the firing range and shot seven rounds and the grips fell of again. I took it back to the store and was told that this was a common problem with this model. I sent the gun to Taurus and they kept it eight weeks before I finally got it back. When I talked with Taurus in Miami Florida they were very snobby and rude. I was considering buying a Taurus "Judge" but because of the way that I was treated by their customer service I will NEVER by a Taurus again. Its a real shame because the few rounds that I did get to shoot , the gun had a good feel and was extremely accurate at 7 yards. Now it just sits in my safe, I'm reluctant to take it back to the range but I am considering selling it. I took it back to the store that I purchased it from and they offered me $200.00 less than what I paid. The kicker is that the store new of the defect when they sold it to me so they too will not get any more of my business. Their only response was that "most people just glue the grips on..... no thanks.

Felipe F. from Punta Gorda, FL on Sun, 12 Oct 2014

I just bought a used PT-92 AFS. $250. According to the ser # it's a 1991 model. It does have the decocker safety that I think came out about that time. This is only the second 9mm I've ever owned. The first one about 22 years ago. Took it to the range and shot about 80 rounds through it. After shooting a Star PD, a 25 oz .45 for 18 yrs, all I can say is, this gun is absolutly boreing to shoot. Runs smooth, almost no recoil, stays on target, repeted double taps are effortless. Whats the fun in that? But seriously, I really like this gun. It's a little heavy (34oz) for everyday carry but will make a good first-grab gun for the dresser drawer. One thing I don't like is the sights. Inside they seem ok. But outside in sun light I have to look hard and they're still not easy to see. Maybe it's just me. The new Taurus 92's I've looked at have much better sights. But... It's just a handgun. Shooting this gun at normal defense ranges is just a matter of raising the gun, pointing and shooting. Every shot on target. With 9mm ammo around $10 bx/50 at Wal Mart, I'll be shooting this gun often. In fact my little Beretta Bobcat in .22LR may get a break from plinker duty.

Curtis E. from Johnstown, CO on Sun, 5 Oct 2014

Windward the removal of the firing pin on the 92 & 99 is a bit more complex than with a 1911. I removed the pin from my 1987 model 99 when i first purchased it and cleaned it and the channel, since that time i never remove the firing pin from any weapon to routinely clean it. I simply take pressurized gun scrubber and spray the devil out of the firing pin hole and any other areas that i can't reach by hand. never had a problem, but if I did then i would remove it but no need to bring on heavy work if you don't need to. the only reason that i did it to begin with is the unusual amount of heavy grease that is inside most Taurus pistols for shipping. This I believe is one of the prime reasons that many have problems with an out of the box Taurus , they simply do not clean them properly. all mine tick like a fine swiss watch, never miss a beat. I placed a picture of my old 99 on the board above.

Sergio S. from Brunswick, GA on Thu, 18 Sep 2014

Purchased a used PT 99 AFS two weeks ago in excellent shape and have been to the range twice. Seems like a pretty reliable and accurate gun. Love the feel and balance. $ 400 with 4 mags How did I do?

Kerry B. from New Washington, IN on Tue, 26 Aug 2014

windward45acp, the 99 has adjustable rear sights and the 92 has fixed rear sights.

Wayne L. from Nashville, TN on Mon, 25 Aug 2014

What is teh difference between a PT92 and a PT99? I have a PT99AF 9mm that looks like picture 2 under the PT99 group above.

Kerry B. from New Washington, IN on Fri, 25 Jul 2014

Its a great Pistol, better than my beretta M9 due to the Locked and Cocked carry option. Also I put a pachmayr tactical grip glove, a UTG laser, and a Mec Gar 20 round mag. I where is in a shoulder rig. With a 20+1 capacity I have no need for a reload... I posted a pic of it above

Shane H. from Chester, VT on Thu, 22 May 2014

I seen the PT92AF with the rail at a local gun shop yesterday for $429.99. It is used, but looks as though they never fired it. Is that a good price or is it a little high? I bought a PT99AFS a few years back. It came with an OWB holster, Houge grips, magazine pouch, 2 magazines and a lockable pistol case. All for $355 out the door. I ended up selling it which I instantly regretted and now I want another.

Shane H. from Chester, VT on Thu, 22 May 2014

I seen the PT92AF with the rail at a local gun shop yesterday for $429.99. It is used, but looks as though they never fired it. Is that a good price or is it a little high? I bought a PT99AFS a few years back. It came with an OWB holster, Houge grips, magazine pouch, 2 magazines and a lockable pistol case. All for $355 out the door. I ended up selling it which I instantly regretted and now I want another.

Taurus PT-99 Questions & Comments



Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Tue, 27 Oct 2015

Took my Taurus to the range. At 25 yards two handed I was keeping 5 inch groups at POA. The gun is spot on and more accurate than most shooters OFTB. Trigger is crisp. This gun is as good if not better than the Beretta 92 which I own. The only down side is that they are now getting a bit closer in price to the Beretta than they once were. I can't recommend this enough to anyone thinking of buying it. If anyone knocks it they are idiots who have no experience with the gun.

Jonathon A. from Tulsa, OK on Sat, 17 Oct 2015

took my son for his 1st range visit with the 92 stainless; he fell in love with it and the sport. he shortly began grouping well. i'd say he may just inherit it.......not!

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Fri, 16 Oct 2015

I just sold my S&W 5906 a great gun and am now looking to buy the 92 to replace one I sold last year. I thought I could get one for under 4 but thats a bit easier said than done. So far I have found one with three mags for 4 ss AFS with rail. I may go for it. I liked the smith I loved the Taurus. Even the Taurus haters and there are some out there will not have much bad to say about this gun.

Lowell F. from Colonia, NJ on Sun, 7 Jun 2015

Is this gun for sale? The pearl handled Taurus PT-92 in the photo above. If so, can someone tell me how I contact the seller? Im looking for this exact gun, but all I can find for sale is the 25. Any help would be appreciated!

Jonathon A. from Tulsa, OK on Mon, 13 Apr 2015

All the comments are well spoken...the Taurus 92 is quite friendly. I own several Taurus products, and yes Jrat a well kept secret. Some of my buddies have started purchasing this Mfg, and i will again

Joshua C. from Lake Creek, TX on Tue, 7 Apr 2015

Ranger6 - Thanks for your serivce to our country and enjoy your Taurus.

Jeremy O. from Lawton, OK on Tue, 17 Feb 2015

I need to know the lube points on my 92. I usually lube cites for Berettas

Curtis E. from Johnstown, CO on Tue, 13 Jan 2015

yep, Kentucky Windage has been used for what ?? some 250 years or so! anyway thats a good way to fix the low shooting and as long as you use the same weapon and remember that then all is good! The one thing that i find in talking to and shooting, watching other people shoot is that when they shoot range ammo , sometimes these are reloads , sometimes new factory but almost always 115 grain in 9MM and they are either adjusting their sights or bitching about shooting low! well in reality, what does it matter? the object is that your CARRY ammo hits on target, thats what this is about! in a self defense scenario putting the bullet on target multiple times! not shooting the center out of piece of paper! as long as you shoot groups with your practice ammo does it really matter where the rounds hit paper? No, not unless you are trying to impress someone at the range. Now if you are shooting as a target shooter, well then you should have purchased a weapon with adjustable sights to begin with. virtually all my range ammo shoots different than my carry ammo, cuase it is either a different weight or it is PLUS P ammo. but when i drop the carry ammo back in the gun its dead on target! thats what i want! manufactures have been making the Taurus and Beretta for decades now and with the same sight setup, so they more than likely have the system pretty much worked out, its up to the shooter to do their part. and yea i know at least one or two of you are either snipers, range safety instructors or kin to Daniel Boone! But for us mere motrtals the weapons work pretty well!

Orlando E. from Richmondville, NY on Tue, 13 Jan 2015

I've now put another 50 rounds through the PT92 and I just adjusted the front sight position when I aim to compensate for the 115 grain range ammo. We had the low strike point problem with both me and my son (a LEO) shooting the gun, so I'm forgoing the bench setup and accepting the new sight positioning as a solution. Besides, he and I shot the center out of a target on Monday with his Glock 17 and my PT92. It was great. The only rounds that didn't strike the 9 or 10 zone were three through the head that I coudn't resist as my last three rounds. I'm lovin this gun!

Curtis E. from Johnstown, CO on Mon, 12 Jan 2015

Its very possible that Taurus has changed the spec ammo on the 92, as I mentioned in my previous previous post! Of course the best way to make sure is to either check the manual or the taurus website. I have a 1987 model 99 and at that time both the Taurus and the Beretta was designed for 147 grain Nato 9 mm ammo. In any regard as mentioned these are self defense weapons and if you want exact accuracy out of a fixed sight weapon (regardless or manufacture or caliber) then you must use the ammo that the weapon was designed for. In the case of the model 99 then the adjustable sights can take care of accuracy in the 115, 124 & 147 grain projectiles. MOST 9 Mm range ammo is 115 FMC and it will print low with a model 92 taurus or beretta. of course many other things account for shooting low as well, such as shooter faults. the only true way to check accuracy of either the ammo or the shooter is off a bench with sandbags or a ramsom rest.

Felipe F. from Punta Gorda, FL on Mon, 12 Jan 2015

My PT 92 shoots slightly and I mean very slightly higher with 124gr than with 115gr but still a little low @ 15 yrds. But thats with two different brands of ammo so I can't say for sure that there really is a differance. I have not tried 147s yet. I've learned to look at the sights differently to get the gun to shoot where it should and don't consider it a problem. I don't shoot in competition with the pistol; all I need to do is be able to hit a life size target a few feet away. Double taps into a paper plate @ 15 yrds is no problem with this gun. But I understand some shooters want more. If the 92 was designed for 147gr bullets then Taurus should change the limit they show in their Metallic Pistol manual. It shows 124gr FMJ @ 1225 fps. Type-o? You can view it or down load it from their website.

Curtis E. from Johnstown, CO on Mon, 12 Jan 2015

Perhaps some did not read my post below about the Taurus Pt 92 or the Beretta 92, they are designed for 147 grain nato ammo! now if you have a model 99 (adjustable sights) then you can adjust the sights for 115., 124 or 147 grain projectiles as well as standard velocity or plus p rounds. see there is a great deal more to adjustable sights than just looks! Now impact of a 115 grain projectile and a 147 grain projectile is going to be somewhat different. as for low powered range ammo , actually lower powered rounds will shoot higher than higher powered rounds out of your weapon, so you guys seem to be thinking backwards here. You of course can file the front sight down on the 92/99 to raise point of impact but i am very hesitant to do this on a weapon that is designed like the 92/99 as the front sight is not replaceable, so if you mess it up you pretty much eat it! try the heavier round for accuracy and see if it doesn't print closer to the target.

Orlando E. from Richmondville, NY on Thu, 1 Jan 2015

I've now taken delivery and put 100 rounds through my new PT92AFS. It shoots low at 15 yards, but that may be because I was using the low powered 9mm ammo from the local indoor range. I was using a full torso sillouet (sp?) and everyting was in the 9s. The gun shoots really consistently if you adjust the aiming point. I had to aim just below the throat to hit the ten oval in the center of mass. And the sights are big enough that I can see them without my reading glasses. The gun is real smooth, with a minimum of recoil. I love the thing.

Curtis E. from Johnstown, CO on Tue, 16 Dec 2014

rag, it should be an excellent weapon for you! Mines (99) is a mid eighties model an still can light up the target at the local range if i do my part! My problem with it is that it just never gets shot and so I need to get readjusted to it to get it to perform at its best. The 92 & 99 models were originally set up to run 147 grain projectiles out of them, and with the 92 fixed sights this may be your most accurate bullet weingt. i use 124's in my 99 but the sights have been adjusted to that weight. Enjoy!

Orlando E. from Richmondville, NY on Sun, 14 Dec 2014

Just to touch base with you guys, I made the decision to purchase the Taurus PT92SS and I'm waiting the 10 day "cool down" period (as Homer Simpson said "But I'm mad now!") to pick the gun up. I'm now wondering if the stainless pistol really does look like a "pimp gun" as my LEO son noted. Hey, at least it isn't the SS pistol with the gold safeties and pearl handgrips. I'd heard some complaints about the blued guns discoloring after being fired and was trying to avoid that issue. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I was also originallly trying to beat the CA DOJ list by purchasing the PT100 out of state, but decided to be a good citizen of the People's Republic of California and buy the approved 9mm instead of the much more dangerous .40 cal. version of the same identical gun. Go figger. The state knows what's right (or left). I can't wait to get my hands on it. The 1924 vintage .380 Remington 51 that I've been shooting lately is too nice a gun to put wear and tear on, and it is practically devoid of sights.

Curtis E. from Johnstown, CO on Thu, 27 Nov 2014

The Taurus 92 has i believe been in production longer than any other auto Taurus, and there is a very good reason for that! simply the design and function work! When Beretta designed this weapon for police/military duty they designed a vey strong reliable weapon, then Taurus took that weapon an improved some of the original design considerations (like the safety position). Taurus has made quiet a few changes to the design over the years and most parts from early 92/99 will not interchange with more modern models. the basic pistol remains the same however. I have a model 99 that I have owned since the mid 80's and its still clicking along being very accurate and reliable to this day.

Phil R. from Carson City, NV on Thu, 27 Nov 2014

Ditto you will love the PT92 it was my first entry into the spray and pray group before that I was strictly a wheelgunner. I put a laser on mine and it is deadly accurate.Cleaup and reassembly is a snap and the price won't break the bank.

Ryan C. from Mountain Center, CA on Thu, 27 Nov 2014

You will love it, only draw-back is it will not fit a Barretta M-9 holster with the rail, Unless you take out the tension screw... I'm hoping they come out with the Seper holster for the 92 with rail... Anyway, Good Luck...

Gerald E. from Beachwood, OH on Wed, 26 Nov 2014

I just picked up my new Taurus pt92. Mine has the tactical rail. Fit and finish is great. I haven't shot it yet. But, I'll rate it after a trip to the the range.

Hector K. from Orlando, FL on Sun, 23 Nov 2014

@ cpt16b: Thx bro to take out time. Well we have lots of weapon shops here and all brands available so gun or ammo or acessories is no issue except my budget which is arnd $500 for a concealed carry.To make it easier fr u to chose fr me i will giv u list and u vote from 1-5 stars :) ? And yeah if theres a 9mm cal full sized gun and a 9mm cal sub-compact, i understand tht long barrel is more accurate but does it also affect the range? Like does da bullet in both go da same distance or da hammer of full sized gives more torque?

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