Taurus PT-145 Millennium Pro Pistol


Style Compact Pistol
Frame Polymer frame, various finishes
Grips Fixed- 1 Dot front, Fixed- 2 Dot rear
Caliber .32 ACP / .380 ACP / 9mm / .40 SW / .45 ACP
Capacity 6/10/12 rounds
24 oz (680 g)
Length 6.125 inches (15.6 cm)
Barrel 3.25 inches (8.3 cm)
"6 grooves, 1:9.84"""
Trigger DAO
Safety "
Sights Manual Safety, Firing Pin Block"
Manufactured Brazil by Forjas Taurus
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Taurus PT-145 Millennium Pro Reviews

148 Reviews


Robert F. from Andrews, TX on Sat, 9 Jul 2016

I just bought a Tuarus PT104 .40 caliber. I had heard that it had a fairly wicked kick for a small gun with this caliber. I didn't think the kick was bad at all. I was able to keep the gun under total control and get back to target quickly between shots. My hands are just right on the handle with my pinky staying on the extension- I really like that! I don't have gigantic hands, but being 6'4"a lot of the small carry guns feel like tiny little toys. I tried other handguns in the same caliber and approximately the same size. My pinky finger slipped under everyone of their handles- HATE that!I had zero misfires, zero magazine issues (I use the 10 rds that come with the gun), zero issues of any kind. I pulled the gun out cold and shot in weather temps of low teens to zero in Montana- still no issues. This is my CCW gun and I'm really liking it thus far!

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Fri, 26 Feb 2016

jdo, I was going to suggest to you getting the 24/7 Millennium 15-rnd magazine, as it does give you a full grip on the little Millennium Pro. For concealment, it does want to 'print' a little easier, but I use a Kholster IWB holster that holds the pistol close to the body and allows for full concealment. The longer grip DOES help tame the recoil, actually does nothing to 'tame' the recoil, it allows you to better control the recoil! When you order the 24/7 15-Round magazine, it does not come with the spacer that fills in the grip to the bottom of the magazine, so you have to order that separately. If anyone needs the Taurus stock numbers to order them, let me know!

Ismael O. from Marseilles, IL on Fri, 26 Feb 2016

PS i found out the 24/7Compact in 40sw mags will fit the PT140. The 24/7"C" mag also gives you 11+1 in full and some more grip room for you guys with bigger hands and more comfort and thats a big thing when your at the rang! TTYL from JDO

Ismael O. from Marseilles, IL on Fri, 26 Feb 2016

went to the rang the other day and put 150 rounds down rang shot good for a little thing.I must say the kick back was more then i thought it would be but small gun small barrel and 40SW= kick lol but it will do the job that i got it for.

Ismael O. from Marseilles, IL on Wed, 6 Jan 2016

phantom11 that helped out verry much thank you i will look at that site and see what they got once agian thanks man!!!

Russel V. from Waipahu, HI on Mon, 4 Jan 2016

THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP PhantomII . I may hang on to it a while longer to see if the Gen2 is the norm atht is shipped. Thanks again, John

Ismael O. from Marseilles, IL on Sun, 3 Jan 2016

i am geting ready to buy this Taurus pt140 it will be the first taurus i have ever owned i am mostly going to use it with my CCL.Does any one know who sells a tactical rail mounted light adaptor or somting for the pt140??

Jeffrey M. from Hampton, NJ on Fri, 1 Jan 2016

PhantomII, Thanks for the feedback! I was thinking about the Fire Sights too. I heard nothing but good reviews on them. Little Bear Holsters made a custom abdomen carry that I love so I'll have to check to see if they will fit. You have me rethinking my options.

Douglas L. from Claypool, AZ on Tue, 29 Dec 2015

Traded a sccy cpx-2 for the taurus pt-111. So far I do believe that the pt-111 is a good gun.

Russel V. from Waipahu, HI on Tue, 15 Dec 2015

My PT140..... PT-OneFoTay is still running well. Time has come however, to send it in to Davidson's via my FFL guys and have it replaced. Time to start over and see if I can avoid the slide and rail issues this one had. Does not diminish function, but the worn rails do lessen my trust just a bit. That's why I ponied up the nucks to get the Davidson's Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Russel V. from Waipahu, HI on Mon, 2 Nov 2015

QUESTION: I have had my PT-140 for approximately three years. When purchased the SIGHTS were a major point for many folks; they did not like what I would call "combat sights" (two dots aligned front & rear. Most complained of the gun shooting LOW (which I believe was due to the users method of sighting). I read recently that Taurus changed the style of sights they use on this series of weapons -- but have not confirmed this as being fact. So ........ anyone know if they did in fact change from the HEINIE STRAIGHT-EIGHT style sights? One fellow said they went to a NOVAK style? THANKS!

Mike F. from Spring Hope, NC on Mon, 22 Jun 2015

No problem Grampa. My wife still uses her 357. She can now shoot any gun I have with confidence but ultimately, she simply trusts her wheel gun. It's a Taurus too by the way. I'm not too sure what reputation Taurus might be trying to come back from. Most people I know personally know Taurus as a good dependable gun at an affordable price. I have five Taurus weapons and have had no problem with any of them. They are generally not as refined on the outside as many of my other guns but that is where I expect them to cut corners. I realize you can always find plenty of gripes about anyone or anything on the internet. All I can do is go by experience. Sorry that your experience was apparently not what it should have been. It sounds like you should have been able to get a better answer to your question. For me though, I have now put over a thousand rounds through my Millenium with nary a single issue. I will start throwing some of my handloads through it now to see if I still have the same "luck". I'm thinking I will but my clips will be filled with tried and true until I run enough of my loads through it to ensure the same reliability. By the way, nothing wrong with the good ole 38 revolver. Everyone should have at least one.

Dewey S. from Charleston, WV on Sat, 6 Jun 2015

Evening! Well I shot my first few rounds today with this and not bad. I am used to the Glock 22C so, yes big difference with a .45. Question. Does the gun or the sights make your shots in a pattern that is below it's target? I was more off with this gun than my .38, or my 22C.

Anthony M. from Saint Albans, VT on Wed, 8 Apr 2015

Hi there. Ive got a PT745, and Ive got to say I feel like mine shoots "low and right"... Maybe its me being a lefty with too much trigger pull, but I'm skeptical. Definitely love the size of the gun for concealment, but not really a range gun. In my opinion anything beyond 10 yrds. is out of range for this piece. Too much caliber, not enough barrel. Kicks like a mule!

Nathaniel W. from Wallingford, CT on Sat, 14 Feb 2015

The handguns I currently own are a Ruger P95DC 9mm, a Sig Sauer P220 .45ACP, a Sig Sauer Mosquito .22LR. I decided to pick up a Taurus PT111 Millennium PRO 9mm for a smaller sub-compact for easier concealibility, smaller, and lighter than my others. I love it! The 12 round mag+1 is more than sufficient for most situations. I admit, I am a smaller framed guy, but the grip fits my hand as well as all of my other handguns. It is accurate, great for the money, and a perfect back-up gun in my opinion. The lifetime warranty is always a bonus also!

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Mon, 9 Feb 2015

TazJan2, Ron40 is right! The Williams Gunsite Co. makes their FireSight Fibreoptic sites to fit the PT111-145 and the Millennium Pro version. I bought a set for my PT140 Mil Pro and they work great. My old eyes can pick them up a lot easier than the Heine Straight 8 factory sites. I picked them up from "Cheaper Than Dirt" ( http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/SearchResults.aspx?catid=1134&site=All+Products&num=10&q=williams+fire+sight ) for the lowest internet price that I found. They are great sights...

Bob Q. from Eden Prairie, MN on Sat, 31 Jan 2015

With a 10-round mag and a short barrel, this pistol looked good for concealed carry, so picked up a .45 ACP in the Duo-Tone finish. Factory pics and descriptions don't do this finish justice. The combination of polished and blackened stainless steel on the slide looks good, and it should prevent holster rash for a long time. On my first firing I found out that the factory supplied Heinie Straight-Eight sights are just about useless with my old eyes -- in normal daylight firing it was impossible for me to "find" the front sight, let alone align it. The gun now proudly wears a set of Williams Fire Sights, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE THEY MAKE! For a close-in self-defense weapon this Taurus is more than adequate, but at 25-yards I find it firing low and to the left. Pumping out Pow'R Ball and HYDRA-SHOCK rounds at the defensive range of 6 to 10 feet, it's more than capable of doing the job that I hope it will never have to do.

Willie F. from Seattle, WA on Fri, 16 Jan 2015

I bought a mil pro .40 in Jan. It was recommended by a few co-workers. It seemed like it was what i wanted, small/slim enough for easy concealment but not so small it would get lost in my hands. I fired about 250 rounds no problems with function. I didn't like the trigger or the sights. Also it is set up strictly for a right handed shooter ( i'm a southpaw) something I should have considered before buying. The point of aim seemed a bit off but that may have been a sight issue. The groups were not as tight as I would like, but this wasn't a range gun. This is probaly a good option for some just not me. I sold it after a few months and hope to find something better suited for me.

Stanley J. from Denver, PA on Tue, 13 Jan 2015

Day off tomorrow and heading to the Police Dept to submit my CCW application. I am sooooo excited! Gonna hit the range on Friday too to check my sights since they've been fixed. Hopefully this resolves my left and low issues!! Again I would like to mention Frontsight in Pahrump, NV. They are running an awesome special for courses. You pay and they mail you a certificate which you can attend at any time. I would suggest if anyone wants world class training and would like to come to the Las Vegas area for a few days to jump on these offers!

Stanley J. from Denver, PA on Sun, 11 Jan 2015

Thanks Bladeskaterod! Just have to wait for my card! It's with me in my car whenever I go somewhere (legal in NV) and as soon as I get my permit it will be on me. I plan on some private instruction to work on my drawing from the holster skills and then will attend a 2 day handgun course at Front Sight in NV with in the next couple of months. I never though in a million years I would be doing this and loving it so much!!!

Taurus PT-145 Millennium Pro Questions & Comments



Coach1948 from Killeen, TX on Sun, 23 Jul 2017

Does anyone know where to get an under the barrel rail extension for a Taruas PT145 Pro? Need to go from 1 inch to 1.5 inches.

Gregory K. from Barksdale, TX on Wed, 13 Jul 2016

The first few times out, my PT140 worked perfectly. All of a sudden one day the clip started falling out when I fire a round. I thought maybe something was just gummed up, so I tore it down and cleaned it all up and lubed it. No difference. Has anyone heard of this problem and the fix, or do I need to just ship it back for repair? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Travis G. from Paradise, PA on Sun, 10 Jul 2016

I own this gun PT 111 in a 9mm 12+1 . I cant find night sights for it . That doent cost an arm and a leg . Im a disabled vet and dont have a ton of money . Rick

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Sat, 9 Jul 2016

Scarry44; You can't go wrong with the Taurus PT140 Millennium Pro! It is one of my favorite CCW pistols. I did have a little problem with the 10-Rnd mags, as my hands just did not get a good grip on it. A friend of mine had the Taurus 24/7 Millennium .40, and his came with the 10 & 15 Rnd Mags. The 15-rnd mag had a grip spacer -sleeve that fit over the 15-rnd mag to blend the grip to the base plate of the mag. I tried it in my PT140 and it fit, and worked flawlessly. It gave me the extra girp length that fit my hands perfectly. My friend did not want the 15-rnd mag (he's smaller in stature and wanted the "compact" frame. I bought a set of the 15-rnd mags and traded for the other set. LOVE IT! Don't have any problems with it at all, and I like it better than my Glock 22! SCARRY44, you'll not have any problems with this fine pistol, and it only gets better the more you use it! Welcome to the Club and the Forum!

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Fri, 26 Feb 2016

Just wanted to post a "General Comment" on the Williams FireSights: After having my firesights installed for just over a year or so, and about 2500 rounds of 40S&W pumped through it, the right rear sight pipe broke it's front 'crimp' and was slipping out through to the rear. I called Williams Gun Sight Co. and told them the problem I was having and wanted to know what the best repair option was and how much the replacement sight pipes would be. The sales rep that I talked with said that the best repair is to replace both sight pipes and that they would be sending me a replacement set of pipes at no cost to me. That was terrific, (now, I have had free replacement of failed items from various manufacturers before and it usually takes FOREVER to get them delivered). These replacement pipes were delivered to my home in 10-days, very reasonable in my opinion. Replacing the sight pipes was fairly easy and I used a soldering pencil to melt the ends, forming new clamping on the sight pipes. The replacement pipes were a little larger in diameter and required the use of smooth jawed needle nose pliers to 'push' the pipe through, and I don't think they will be coming loose anytime soon. I probably could have gotten away with not heat sealing them, but that procedure was recommended as the proper way to install the new pipes. WILLIAMS GUN SIGHT COMPANY WILL RETAIN MY BUSINESS!!

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Sun, 3 Jan 2016

jdo, I bought several different tactical lights through Sportsman's Guide [url] http://www.sportsmansguide.com [/url]. They started out as a surplus dealer and have branched out to having equipment made to their specifications. I bought my rail tactical light through them and they are not expensive, about half the cost as other dealers and of very good manufacture. If you don't like what you receive, they take it back and give full credit back to you. You'll want to look for as many [b] lumens [/b] rating as you can, if a light does not tell you the lumens rating, don't buy it! best is a minimum of 150 lumens and if you can, get it with the [b] cree [/b] led lightbulb and the ability to recharge the battery. Hope that helps a little...

Jeffrey M. from Hampton, NJ on Sun, 3 Jan 2016

PhantomII, Heck Yeah I'd like to know!! I may be able to avoid sending the pt145 to Taurus if I can adjust them!! Thanks!!!!

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Sun, 3 Jan 2016

JOLOW, Just checked on the Williams Firesights for the Taurus 24/7 and PT series that have the dovetailed sights. They now have a Windage and Elevation Adjustable sight! [b]#70969[/b][b] Fits Taurus PT111, PT140, PT145, PT100, PT745, 24-7's, Pro Series with dovetail on sights[/b] They run $62-63 at the Williams Gunsight website. You might be able to get them cheaper thru Cheaper Than Dirt or MidwayUSA, but these are new for 2011. Thought you'd like to know...

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Sat, 2 Jan 2016

JOLOW I don't know if they have different height front sights or not, but I just told them what my experience was and what the new front sight measured and when I received it, it was the right height and worked for me. I am thinking that Taurus put the wrong height sight on at first and the second sight was the correct one...

Jeffrey M. from Hampton, NJ on Sat, 2 Jan 2016

PhantomII Thanks again for the great info. At 6'4" and 285 I am glad I wasn't a bad guy! I'll give Taurus a call and see what they say. Williams front fire sights can be ordered with a different height front sight or did I misunderstand you?

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Sat, 2 Jan 2016

JOLOW Yep, I love the Kholster as it is the most comfortable holster that I have ever used (I am former LEO). Depending on clothing worn, I will carry a different weapon and wanted to stay with the same system on all. I can easily carry my G22 without printing while using a Kholster. I am sure that the Crossbreed or the new Galco clone holsters are just as comfortable, I just started using the Kholster first and stayed with it. I like their "no shit" Warranty too! I had an issue with my Taurus early on, it was shooting really low and the laser bore that I have showed it to be the sights, so I sent it off to Taurus and including shipping days to and from FL I had it back in less than 2 weeks! They put a new front sight on it and it fixed it. When I ordered my Williams Fire Sights, I specified the height of the front sight that they installed and have had zero problems since. Taurus Warranty was great, and they paid the shipping both ways Overnight FedEx! You being in FL with them, you should have no problems at all...

Jeffrey M. from Hampton, NJ on Sat, 2 Jan 2016

PhantomII Very good advice. I will do as you recommend. You must really love the Kholsters to own so many. Yeah, Jacksonville can get pretty hot but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I hope Taurus is easy to deal with! Thanks, Joe Jolow

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Sat, 2 Jan 2016

JOLOW If your front site is canted or tilting to the left, you need to have Taurus take a look at it to make sure it is not a milling error (you could have a local gunsmith look at it for an opinion). Any other sight will depend on the dovetail being milled correctly. The firesites that I got from Williams Gunsite are not adjustable, as they replicate the factory stated height of the sights. The backing of the Kholsters covers the whole side of the firearm so that there is no perspiration acting on the firearm. It is left large so you can customize the backing to your liking, and it does not affect the warranty of the product. The Crossbreed holsters are of the same concept, and when I was in the market for a holster system, I looked very hard at getting one of them. But like most guys who have CCW weapons, I have a big box of holsters that did not work out. Crossbreed was not offering a trial period and was very expensive, and I was given the address of Kholster (I live south of St. Louis), so I tried theirs, and I really like them. I have 5 different caliber/models that I carry and they all are set up the same. Me, I can't carry in the appendix (1 o'clock) position. I am 6'4" tall and weigh in at 285 lbs. It just is not comfortable for me, I carry at 3-4 o'clock position. It gets hot and muggy here in Southeast Missouri, but nothing like Florida! Man, I hated the heat and humidity that we had in South Carolina... Now over near Boca Raton you have less humidity, but it is still HOT during the summer! ~John PhantomII

Jeffrey M. from Hampton, NJ on Fri, 1 Jan 2016

PhantomII, Wow! I can't believe how large and round the Kholsters are. I guess its for even distribution of weight. I own a Cross Breed holster for an XDM Springfield 9 mm, but the upper leather is much less. Still a very comfortable holster too.

Jeffrey M. from Hampton, NJ on Fri, 1 Jan 2016

PhantomII Sounds like a great holster! The Little Bear Holster has a recessed clip which makes in very comfortable for abdomen carry. The inside is horse hide (sweat a lot here in Florida) with an outer layer of shark hide. I would have got the Armalaser rail mount but it just won't fit. As I was inspecting the Pt 145 I noticed the front sight tilted to the left of the slide! The rear sight is not much better. I am hoping the Fire Sights can be adjusted to compensate.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Fri, 1 Jan 2016

JOLOW I use a Kholster IWB holster that is great! The sights should not affect the use of any holster, as they are the same height as the factory sights. What I like about the Kholster is that it has a full leather backing that fully protects the pistol and you while carrying the pistol and has a Kydex pocket that is riveted to the leather. Has wide attachment clips that distributes the weight very well. After a few minutes you actually forget that you have it on. If you decide to order one, you get a full 90-days to decide if you want to keep it or not. Don't like it? Send it back and they refund your money completely! Here is a discount code to use if you do order one: 06-9433. Good for a 10% discount, and shipping is free! ~John PhantomII

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Fri, 1 Jan 2016

JOLOW, I didn't like the crappy Heine Straight 8 sights either on my PT140, I opted for the Williams Fire Sights and love them. The fibre-optic sights are a real pleasure for getting on target immediately, and they work well in subdued light too. For night sights, there are some sights that use Tritium powered fibre-optic sights too. Liked the Fire Sights so much that I put a set on my Glock also!

Jeffrey M. from Hampton, NJ on Thu, 31 Dec 2015

Dondew Thats funny, I traded a Sccy CPX-1 for a Pt -145 not to long ago. Never looked back. I love this gun EXCEPT for the really crappy Heine Sights. I will get a laser eventually.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Tue, 15 Dec 2015

SmokeJumper, you may wind up with the newer Generation 2 PT140 that addressed these issues. The Millennium Pro line was actually a generation 2 of the PT Millennium series, and the new PT Millennium PRO Gen 2 is supposed to be a really nice pistol. It is good that Davidson's has that Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Mon, 2 Nov 2015

SmokeJumper: From what I saw on the Taurus website, the PT140 still comes with the Heinie Straight Eight sight system. In fact it is the only pistol that comes with that particular sight. What I did was purchase a set of Williams FireSights and liked them so much that I bought similar types of sights for my Glock 22. They are easier to pick up and easier to shoot with. Also, I purchased the 24/7 compact 140 extended magazine and spacer from Taurus so I could carry 15 rnds rather than 10. Pricey but it does work!

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