Taurus 24/7 Pistol


Style Full Size Pistol
Frame Polymer frame, steel slide, various finishes
Grips Fixed- 1 Dot front, 3-Dot F/S rear
Caliber .32 ACP / 9mm / .40 SW / .45 ACP
Capacity 10/12/17 rounds
27.2 oz (771 g)
Length 7.125 inches (18.1 cm)
Barrel 4 inches (10.2 cm)
"6 grooves, 1:16"""
Trigger DA/SA
Safety "
Sights Manual Safety, Firing Pin Block"
Manufactured Brazil by Forjas Taurus
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Taurus 24/7 Reviews

142 Reviews


TaterinTexas from San Jose, CA on Sat, 16 Dec 2017

I have had my 24/7 Pro ( .45 ACP ) for 6 years, and have been very pleased with it. I've put 1500 to 1700 rounds through it over those years. The only problem I have ever had was when I used some cheap reload ammo and it stovepiped three times. I gave it a good cleaning and used only quality retail ammo afterwards and have never had the problem again. It does have some trigger travel that took some getting used to, but once I did, not a problem. I love the way it fits my hand. I get that many will feel like it is cheap-o compared to a Sig or HK, but I still think the accuracy and reliability are both good. This is a very good pistol for the money.

Alfred N. from Brush Prairie, WA on Tue, 3 May 2016

I have the long slide version with a 5.25" barrel. This is one great gun!!! I can't say enough of it. Great value for the money. It is comfortable, accurate and reliable. I bought it brand new in a box and shot 500 rounds through it without a hick up. It came with 2 10 rounds magazines and i bought 2 17 round magazines. I will trust my life with it.

Lionel F. from Accoville, WV on Thu, 21 Jan 2016

I've had my 24/7 .45 quite some time but barely fired it after buying it. But after reading these posts I decided to take it out for a good workout and experienced some of the things mentioned here. I slammed the magazine just slightly harder than usual and it chambered a round. I understand that won't cause it to fire but it makes me feel awfully uncomfortable. Two or three times a round hung up, not jamming but causing me to work the slide. All this in maybe 5 magazines. I put it down and went back to the revolvers. My cheap ass Sigma .40 may have a stiff trigger pull but has never done any of that stuff. It shot well. but I lost trust in it as a carry weapon.

Gregory H. from Jacksonville, FL on Sat, 9 Jan 2016

Ok, I just traded in my 24/7 OSS DS45B12. Anyone who has an oss should probably check under your slide near your striker pin. at the rear of the shiny rectangular block you will see a spot that looks like there is a pin in it. Check between the rear of the block and that pin for the metal cracking!!!!!!!! Sent it in to taurus for fix. Got it back in a couple months. sent in gun with novak 3 dot sights but came back with heinie 8's and the barrel and guide rod sticking out of the gun!!!!????!!!!!?? measured slide at 8 and 1/8 inches. 24/7 oss is 8.25 inches long. did the homework and found 24/7 pls is 8 1/8 long and comes with the heinie sight. So apparrently Taurus put a pls slide on my oss called it fixed and shipped it back. Do any of you think I am unreasonable if I find this to be unacceptable????? Traded to a springfield 1911 a1 loaded operater, I will never purchase taurus again. ps gun would have rated excellent before customer service problems entered the picture!!!!!!!

Harrison H. from Kerman, CA on Fri, 18 Dec 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, After extensive study, I have created my WISH LIST OF COLLECTIBLE PISTOLS. There were several criteria used to compile this list. They are: A) For Self Defense…(not target shooting, tactical competition or plinking) B) Best meet the standards of Power, Recoil, Capacity, and Concealability C) Employ some (if not all) operating features such as: - Fixed or Rotating Barrel, or Rotating Bolt - Striker or Conceal Hammer Fired - Double Action Only or Modified Double Action Trigger Mechanism - Manual Safety and/or Decocking Mechanism - Uniqueness of Operation - Auto-Feed of cartridge - Placement of Levers and Buttons - Use of laser D) Many of the pistols listed have been rated as desirable handguns to own E) Discontinued or Limited Availability WISH LIST OF COLLECTIBLE PISTOLS 9mm - Beretta Px4 Storm, Type C-------------$500 9mm - Boberg XR9----------------------------$1000 9mm - Grand Power K-102R-------------------$1500 9mm - HK P7 M13----------------------------$3000 9mm - Smith &Wesson M&P-------------------$600 .22WMR - Kel-Tec PMR30---------------------$400 .380 ACP - Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380----$400 5.7mm x 28 -FNH Five-SeveN USG-------------$1200 .40 S&W - Mauser M2------------------------$500 Any commentary on the above choices would be much appreciated. Idlethyme

Howard N. from Naples, FL on Sat, 7 Nov 2015

Hi ckpolaris, Taurus actually sells that magazine slamming pistol loading happening as a feature. My colleague and I own 24/7 and that happens too. I have a colleague who also owns a M&P 9mm and this also happens whenever he slams the magazine in

Claude B. from Sunnyside, NY on Sun, 18 Oct 2015

I've owned this gun in a 9mm for a few years now, and love it. No real issues with feeding, that couldn't be attributed to bad ammo... The question I have for you all is: sometimes, about 20-30% of the time, when inserting a full mag the slide will release by itself and chamber a round. So far it has fired off the round while doing this (not too worried about that, but you never know..). Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone know of any real safety issues by this event occuring?

Mitchell R. from Pike Road, AL on Fri, 14 Aug 2015

my 24/7 pro worked great right out of the box.shoot any thing you put in it,unlike my piece of shit Glock that you have to put super premium ammo thru.even quit cleaning it and it still spits lead like a champ.have gone back to cleaning it spotless, just let it get dirty to see what it would do.9 mil Pro long slide might be next

Todd E. from Huntingdon, PA on Fri, 14 Aug 2015

I bought one as "homeowner's insurance". Took it to the range and fired a box of 50 Winchester rounds through it without a single problem. Another box or so I hope to get my accuracy a tad better. Mostly it's a problem with me flinching. The recoil was less than expected, but still...it's a .45. Bought it on sale at Academy for $299. Very good purchase. I also bought a box of 20 JHP rounds, but the salesman said with a .45 it's more like...well...overkill?

Boyd J. from Ringgold, GA on Fri, 7 Aug 2015

I bought a 24/7 .45cal as my first semi-auto. I had to upgrade from my .38 special as a hunting sidearm, as we started seeing more and more hogs at my hunting club. I never could get the consistency I wanted out of it. The final straw was when I took it to the outdoor range at the club - outdoor temp was about 45 degrees. I buddy of mine came along with his identical Taurus (except more chrome). [b]Both guns began to stovepipe rounds identically and failed to feed![/b] Additionally I broke my firing pin on a misfeed. I sent my pistol back to Taurus and and 7 weeks later got it back. Lessons learned: 1. Brazilian made Taurus's probably aren't designed for cold weather - [i]remember both pistols jammed identically[/i]. 2. Because of number 1, I can't depend on the Taurus for self-defence - including a charging hog. 3. Sold Taurus for $300 to a friend (and I told him everything above). Bought a Glock 23 with Tritium sights and am completely happy. Taurus is an ok revolver. I won't buy another semi-auto from them.

Jerry W. from Vale, OR on Sat, 2 May 2015

Glad I never had any major issues with my .45 OSS. I've heard a lot of comments going both ways. The Novaks were nice and straight out of the box. Had some feeding issues with any more than 5 or 6 rounds. Cleaning the mags out and polishing the feed ramp took care of that. Mags were super dirty after 100 rounds, probably should have checked them beforehand... After a year and a thousand rounds, mine is doing great. Five bullets for mine!

Jacob S. from Indianola, MS on Wed, 29 Apr 2015

Update: After Taurus repairing my 24/7 9MM for the 5th time I am confident they were successful. I've fired 1,000 rounds through it and it is functioning perfectly. It is moving back up on my list of favorite pistols. I've been using my own reloads and loading them light for practice and it cycles great and not a single problem. In the interim when my 24/7 was blowing up on me my Ruger SR9 became my favorite but I'm going to re-rate the 24/7 as 4 bullets.

Troy I. from Bend, OR on Tue, 28 Apr 2015

I love this gun. it has always been good to me, granted when i first got it i had to put pretty hot reloads in it so it didnt jam and would cycle all the way through. but otherwise it is pretty accurate, very large magazine, comfortable to hold, and not alot of recoil (in the 9mm) and the duotone finish is really nice.

Eugene P. from Ocala, FL on Wed, 24 Dec 2014

Hi guys and gals, My Son's each bought a Taurus 24/7 in .40 S&W and have had not one single failure with exception to one. First let me say that after 1000s of hand loaded rounds through each of them not once did either mis-fire or jam. Accuracy is pretty good but not quite that of the XD or the 92s. The one failure both guns have experienced is the double action feature. I haven't gotten too excited abou8t this problem as it only causes a problem if you have a mis-fire. But even if you do all that must be done to re-cock the pistol is to move the action 1/16 of an inch or less and it is ready to release the firing pin again. At some point in time I will be fixing this problem and will inform those who own one what has caused the failure. At this point in time I am convinced Taurus has a weak part in this function beiong both 24/7s have experienced this problem and a pretty close intervals regarding times fired. Inoticed some of you have had problems with particular brands of factory working reliably in your 24/7s. I have only put a couple of boxes of factory through these 2 and didn't have a problem. But, history has proven to me that factory is not 100% reliable. I've been hand loading for better than 25 years and have yet to experience one single problem or failure. Factory most often will fail due to a primer not being seated deep enough. However, numerous other factors have been found to cause varying problems of which none were related to the primer. Brass having been produced with incorrect dimensions, bullet seated too deep or shallow, and even an occasional powder charge missing, or incorrectly metered. I once bought a Glock 17 from a friend back in the 1980s that was as reliable as a broken wrist watch for the previous owner. But after I bought it and began hand loading for it I never had one single jam or mis-fire. With regard to that firearm, the previous owner tried just about every brand and quality of factory made and still had constant jamming problems. This pistol proved to only function well with high pressure loads. However, later Glock issued a recall on that model and if memory serves me well it was to replace the main spring or reoil spring is what I think it is referred to. I never sent mine in for repair and never had any problems and never bought factory ammounition for it.

Alan S. from Irving, TX on Thu, 27 Nov 2014

120 flawless rounds down range in the new 24/7 tactical 9mm. Zero malfs. Decent accuracy, still getting used to the grip, very different from my Ruger 95. I used cheap mfs fmj. At about 30 feet I kept them all in the head and chest with the occasional flyer outside the silhouette but still on the paper. Couldn't quite get any really impressive groups but I was pretty buzzed on caffeine and some dude had a 44 mag hand cannon in the lane next to me. Looking forward to my next trip to the range or forest.

Jacob S. from Indianola, MS on Tue, 14 Oct 2014

Finally someone having problems like me. I have a 24/7 in 9MM. Bought it nearly 2 years ago. I've sent it back to Taurus 4 times now for the same problem. It's been with them more than with me. I have had 4 failures now where the firing pin assembly has blown out the back right in my face. Luckily I always wear safety glasses. I've used a variety of new factory ammo, CCI Blazer (blew up), Federal AE (blew up), Fiocci (blew up), Lawman (blew up), Remington UMC hasn't blown up yet but the slide cap has come off which is usually a sign that it is going to fail. I have $150.00 invested in shipping this gun back to Florida 4 times now and I think I'm just going to write Taurus a sad letter and put the gun on the shelf. Unless they replace it which I doubt because I've asked them to the last 2 times to no avail. Others have suggested I get it repaired and sell it to someone else but I'm afraid I couldn't live with myself if I did. I'm very disappointed because I really like the gun. That thing can drive tacks and it feels great. But if my life depended on it I'd rather be carrying my Ruger SR9 or Beretta 92. Which is exactly what I do. I have 2 other Taurus pistols, a 1911 45ACP and a Millennium Pro 9MM and both of those work fine. My recommendation? Sorry, don't buy a Taurus. Not because 99% might be good but as far as I'm concerned Taurus' life time warranty isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

Curtis E. from Johnstown, CO on Thu, 2 Oct 2014

stan, did Taurus ask you to ship any of the remaining ammo to them as well? Not sure about the failure? I can say that I have a Taurus 738 and i never had a single problem from the little gun and one day stopped by a gun store and purchased a box of Independence ammo, which i had never used or heard of before. went to the range and had 10-12 failure to extract/eject from that box of 50. i thought i might have a problem as the weapon had around 300 rounds through it at that point. the next range trip went back to Remington UMC , fired 100 rounds with nary a problem, since have fired several brands of ammo and no problem at all. Just curious about this brand of ammo.

Wallace F. from Oley, PA on Fri, 29 Aug 2014

I bought my 24/7 a month ago and think its a great gun. i went to the gun shop fully prepared to buy a S&W sigma 9mm but when i heald the Taurus it felt perfect in my hand with the ribber grip. It had a rail and a more extream look like an M&P or XD. I was so pleased with how it looked and felt i didnt even notice it was a 40cal, it didnt matter much i was on the fence about getting a 9mm or 40cal anyway. So now a month and 300rds later, I love this gun, the power of the 40 is awsome i shot 3 boxes each of independance 180gr fmj and American eagle 165gr fmj with zero jams. I kept centermass groups at 25yrds with a strong cross wind. this gun is fun to shoot.

Lance J. from Mercury, NV on Wed, 27 Aug 2014

Would have to say for the price not bad but the thing I hate about this gun is the trigger pull is very long. I shot about 250 rounds before I got the hang of it. This gun shoots alright and you are getting it for a great price but i will have to end it with you get what you pay for it feels cheap, good budget gun and not a bad hide away gun for in the house

Billy O. from Lebanon, TN on Mon, 11 Aug 2014

Hi all I have had mine for 5 months now I have only sent 50 rounds down the pipe and it was flawless I love the trigger pull it is smother and lighter then my bosses HK p30 he just bought its 900 and mine was 369 go figure it is a very fun to shoot I will keep it in my truck when I get my CPL

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Lionel F. from Accoville, WV on Sun, 10 Jul 2016

Thanks for the tip fatmax. I will definitely try that. I have been using only Winchester, but will get some Remington and see how they do.

Emilio L. from Metamora, MI on Thu, 26 May 2016

I bought this pistol for home defence and so far like it fine. When I first got it I bought winchester rounds. 3 of 50 rounds jammed. Shot 150 more rounds of the winchester for a total of 11 jams. Thought that I had bought a piece of crap then bought 200 rounds of remington rounds. Zero jams of the 200. Not sure of all the other issues I've read about. Ide give this gun a 4.5 of 5 rating.

Javier S. from Staten Island, NY on Thu, 5 Nov 2015

had a problem with my taurus so called customer service. what a rude awaking that was. i know why the gun was cheap it because the co could care less about its customers so no money is spent they rely on cheap labor so you get a cheap product the old saying holds true if you feed them peanuts all you will have is monkeys and the several cust serv calls i made thats what i got

Jacob S. from Indianola, MS on Mon, 19 Oct 2015

Hi ckpolaris, I remembered that happening with one of my pistols but couldn't remember which. I tried it with my 24/7 9mm and sure enough when I really slammed the mag in with the heal of my palm the action closed chambering a round. The gun naturally didn't discharge but it did startle me even though I knew it might happen. I don't know what is causing it but just thought I would let you know that yours isn't the only 24/7 that does that. There's a few posters here that might know the cause.

Leslie C. from Foxboro, MA on Mon, 19 Oct 2015

Had my 24/7 pro 45 for about 4 months. Shot little until today. Accurate feels great, but could not get one mag thru without FTF. Cleaned it again same result used FMJ and JHP. No jams just would not feed have to rack the slide. In addition when a full mag is inserted the slide releases automatically some of the time. Scared to death to send to Tarus, as many nightmares I have read, any help out there. Mags are less than 4 months and a couple have never been loaded so I doubt the springs are shot. Thanks,

Ray V. from Riverdale, NJ on Tue, 11 Aug 2015

A friend of mine that I shoot with a lot bought a 45 24/7 and we went to the range for some fun-he had winchester ammo. This pistol is a unreliable piece of crap. Big time feeding issues-jammed so much I lost count of the times. We took it back to his place I first checked the mags-the spring has to be installed correctly and one of his tow mags had the spring in backwards-we havnet been back to range yet due to massive snow storm will update-fyi my son in law has a cheaper model in .40 and has fired over a thousand rounds through it with no problems. I think they put the same springs in all the mags and it dont handle the .45 well.

Nicholas Q. from Duncanville, AL on Tue, 28 Apr 2015

I've been trying to choose a 45 over the past few weeks, I want to spend under $500 and I don't buy used guns because most of the time they have problems, I really like the Ruger P345 and it gets excellent reviews, But the Tarus 24/7 has better features such as the bigger mags, $70 cheaper price, longer 5 inch barrel, abd the DA feature is really cool, but not as good relibitly reviews, I think I'm going to get the Ruger because it seeems to be a bit more reliable even though it only holds 8 rounds and has a 4" barrel.

Buddy O. from Dunnellon, FL on Tue, 3 Feb 2015

As to the adjusting of the site, same thing happened to me. Also, the orange sticker was missing from the front site. I called and asked what the deal was and they said it probably got out of adjustment from the cleaning. I am assuming they use some type of soak and vibrate type cleaning system or something to cause this but not sure. So I asked them to send another front site sticker and they told me no but I could just paint it or get some colored tape or something.

Jacob S. from Indianola, MS on Tue, 3 Feb 2015

Well my last post was 6/28 regarding my 24/7 that was repaired for the 5th time. I've never been able to get through more than 2 magazines before it failed. I'm happy to report that I have successfully fired 250 rounds and it is still in one piece. $150 in freight later and I think Taurus has actually fixed the darn thing. I'm not so happy about the shipping costs but at least it now seems fixed. Except the sons a biches adjusted my front sight from where I had it dialed in at. Oh well, minor problem. I'm gonna burn another few hundred rounds before I re-rate this gun though. Happy shooting!

Ralph H. from Saint Johnsbury, VT on Fri, 23 Jan 2015

I agree with Brian, Didn't mean to rubb anyone the wrong way I just know what my experience has been.

Buddy O. from Dunnellon, FL on Fri, 23 Jan 2015

Honestly, no reason to argue. I think anyone reading this should be able to pick out the truth from the pudding so to speak. Taurus customer service will tell people that they have to pay for the shipping themselves to send it in for warrantied repair work, both sides have established that. On the other hand, one side says to ask for a supervisor, or the way I would put it, start raising hell. So that one person has said it worked for them that way and they did not have to pay for shipping in the end. Either way, the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. A customer should not be expected to jump through hoops, to be satisfied with a guaranteed in craftsmanship product. Regardless of who wants to argue what point, anyone thinking of getting a Taurus and reads through this page will understand what they may be in for should they decide to buy a Taurus.

Randy I. from Fairbanks, AK on Fri, 23 Jan 2015

Can we get along? Can we all just get along? Guess I've been fortunate. The only 2 firearms I ever had issue with were a .25 ACP I had years ago, and a Grendel .380. Sold the .25 and scrapped the Grendel for $80 as a parts gun. My GI issued .45 used to field strip itself and had no lands and grooves, but I didn't own it.

Buddy O. from Dunnellon, FL on Fri, 23 Jan 2015

cpt, my experience is quite different from yours. I had registered my gun with Taurus online and even called to make sure I did it right. I only owned my gun for about a month or two brand new when I had to have it repaired and they still told me I had to pay for shipping, that they simply do not pay the shipping there, only back. Perhaps I could have raised hell with them and maybe I could have gotten them to pay but thats just not really my nature. In the future though I would if needed but would rather try a different company that does not have near the reputation for factory defects even if I have to pay more. Even if the shipping was free, why go through the hassle and risk of a sub quality and unreliable product? Not to say all Taurus' are bad but the chance of getting a bad one seems to be much higher than some other manufactures. I still love my Mill Pro but I will turn to the higher end companies for future purchases.

Buddy O. from Dunnellon, FL on Thu, 22 Jan 2015

Yeah, thats why I decided to give up on them, it seems like there is a big gamble when you get one, either it will be great or crap and you got to pay to get them to back up their warranty. I really wanted to like them but its just not worth the trouble.

Ralph H. from Saint Johnsbury, VT on Thu, 22 Jan 2015

All I know is Taurus want me to pay for shipping it back for Warraty service. Not happy about this , dont get me wrong, But I have never had a Firearms company ask me to pay for shipping to return a defective handgun, Fex next day runs about $65

Dwight J. from Las Vegas, NV on Thu, 22 Jan 2015

Finally had to send my 24/7 pro 9mm in to taurus for repair. Cleaned it every way I knew how, even with the gun scrubber. heard it will take about 4 weeks or more to hear anything. Is that true for warranty repair service?

Ralph H. from Saint Johnsbury, VT on Thu, 22 Jan 2015

Have a 24/7 40 b that fails to cock/ engauge sear anyone else seen this problem

Randy I. from Fairbanks, AK on Mon, 12 Jan 2015

Draw and Shoot. Important training I've learned to do in my garage. I use the same rig for my 24/7 that I use with PT-145. Although the weight and balance differ, I bought a 24/7 in air-soft. Dimensionally the same as my .40 24/7. I've been practicing to get my muscle memory honed. I do drills for about 15 minutes with the air-soft and draw-acquire target shoot. Then I do the same with my 24/7 with a snap cap down the pipe. Since range rules do not authorize live fire to protect others and myself from myself, this is a solution. I'm in a city pretty densely populated and will have to travel beyond the suburbs for live fire. Pray for m,y toes!

Jonathan A. from Sandusky, MI on Sun, 4 Jan 2015

I own a 24/7 OSS in .40 s&w with 5.25" barrel. I trust my life with this weapon since i carry it not only for work, but concealed as well. I have put over 2000 rounds through it with no malfunctions what so ever. My ammo is a mix of federal 180gr fmj and Remington 180gr jhp. never any problems or failure to feed. even ran 600 rounds through with out cleaning and still no problems. not sure why others are having issues but i love this gun and wouldn't carry anything else except a 24/7 OSS in .45ACP

Jacob S. from Indianola, MS on Sat, 3 Jan 2015

I got my 24/7 back on Friday, the same one repaired for the 5th time. On my 2nd call to customer service the person I spoke to must have got mine to the front of the line since it only took 2 days to get it back to me. I've only shot about 20 rounds so far so I don't know if it's going to hold together. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

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