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Stoeger Model 2000 Shotgun


Style Autoloading Shotgun
Frame Walnut, Camo, or Synthetic
Gauge 12
Capacity 4+1 shells
110.4 oz (3130 g)
Length 49.25 inches (125.1 cm)
Barrel 28 inches (71.1 cm)
2 3/4" and 3", Rifled Slug option
Sights Red Bar
Manufactured USA by Stoeger Industries
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Stoeger Model 2000 Reviews

4 Reviews


Albert C. from Whitmore Lake, MI on Sat, 30 Apr 2016

I just recently bought this shotgun. So far it seems good. No problems with it, accurate and reliable. Does anyone know if you can get a short barrel for it?

Jeffrey L. from Dearborn, MI on Wed, 16 Jul 2014

i bought mine new about 4 years ago, took it apart and cleand it before taking it out and i had alot of jams. about 1 of 5 would jam. but i keept working it, now i have about a million rounds through it. great for chucker and duck hunting had a few issues with it reloading in the extreme cold but that must have been the cold weather

Fernando K. from Lawn, PA on Thu, 10 Apr 2014

I purchased a 2000 for waterfowl hunting and occasionally trap or skeet. I tested it at the range right when I purchased it and it shot great and consistently. I just recently got into competitive trap and skeet so my 2000 has been thoroughly tested. To date I have put about 4,500 rounds through it. About two weeks ago the gun jammed during a competition, my third shot. I thought it was a bad shell but it was fine. It was the same ammo I always use. I clean my guns immaculately so I was a little surprised at the jam. But these things happen. During the competition it happened again. I stripped the entire gun down and gave it a good cleaning. It happened again. I took it to my gunsmith and neither of us could find anything wrong with it. We cleaned it yet again and the next day it was fine. A few days after that I had three more jams. Today while shooting my 2000 jammed every shot. I contacted Stoeger and though she said it was VERY rare the receptionist told me it has happened. She also said that they could replace it. Basically, you get what you pay for. Most competitive shooters don't use Stoegers and your average hunter will not put 4,500 rounds through a shotgun for quite a few years. I bought it new for $500 and for the money I am very satisfied. For frequent shooting I would not recommend but for your typical hunter on a budget it is a great gun. Happy shooting.

Donald W. from Emerald Isle, NC on Wed, 15 Jun 2011

I bought this as my first shotgon to shoot trap and for a field gun. This is the most reliable shotgun anyone could buy. THE WALNUT WOOD IS AS GOOD AS THE $2000 SHOTGUNS and just as dependable.I highly recommend this shotgun.

Stoeger Model 2000 Questions & Comments



Anthony C. from Rockingham, NC on Mon, 5 Oct 2015

i have owned my stoger for about 3 years now. i use it mostly for deer and duck hunting. I prefer this gun over any gun i have in my gun case. i have probably fired anywhere for 3 to 4000 shots through my gun with few problems. when i first got the gun it did have problems with jamin and not cycling the new shell.. me and the gun smith couldn't find any problems so we sent it back to benelli. they replaced the action bars and since then have preformed to top standerd

Wayne T. from Wynantskill, NY on Mon, 16 Jun 2014

i jsut got a stoeger and i dont like the big beed is the benelli have the same screw in beed as the stoeger if you no please let me no.

Emmett M. from Roberts, WI on Mon, 4 Jun 2012

bought a new 2000 prior to this duck season and have had it through the paces in some tough weather and quite a few shells. No problems as of yet but I have always used gunscrubber or an equivalent for cleaning the marsh mud out of the action. DONT DO IT with the stoeger, it will remove the camo. Other camo guns I've owned have not had this problem so I'm wondering if I got a dud finish. Regardless, I'll take a blemish or two for the price of a benelli.

Erik N. from Newtown, PA on Fri, 25 May 2012

Just a note-These 2000s need more break-in than your manual leads you to believe. They are a third or a fourth the price of a Benelli, after all. The action needs a lot of cycling to smooth everything out. Don't panic when you have some problems for the first couple of hundred rounds! Try leaving it heavily oiled and manually cycling the action about 1,000,000,000,000 times (just kidding) in the living room while watching tv. It made mine into a 100% reliable shooter. It really smoothed out the action. I also recommend using hunting loads-1.25 oz. or heavier-for the first couple of boxes. This gun begs to be shot, and shot a lot. I have not had one problem with mine. Just please don't have a fit if you have a few cycling problems at first!

Ronald Q. from Cranston, RI on Mon, 7 May 2012

Newf, I'm sorry to hear about your shotgun. It sounds like you may have gotten a lemon.

Lucas V. from East Saint Louis, IL on Sun, 6 May 2012

Tried my 2000 after oiling with silicone based oil. It jammed 4 shells in a row. I sent it back to stoeger. I bought a remington 870 pump synthetic stock and have a remington SPR310 o/u on the way.

Erik N. from Newtown, PA on Thu, 3 May 2012

I bought mine about a month ago. I took it apart and cleaned it-it needed it. Oiled it up and while watching a movie just manually ran the bolt back and forth about a gazillion times (however many that is). I have hunted with it on four occasions since, using 2.75 and 3'' shells with perfect performance. It had hard felt recoil when new-put on a Limbsaver recoil pad. That darn pad reduced felt recoil so much it was unbelievable. These are a new high-tech design with dual air chambers, all enclosed. It is also designed to reduce muzzle jump. If you buy this gun (which I would recommend) you need a Limbsaver! Just consider it part of the price. It went from a bruise-maker to one sweet soft shooting gun. I paid $379.00 for the gun and about $40.00 for the pad. Both worth every penny. I already hit pheasants better with my new 2000 than with my 870 that I have been shooting for 33 years! I'm glad I bought this gun.

Lucas V. from East Saint Louis, IL on Sun, 25 Mar 2012

yeah I cleaned it before using and after every use. I have since fired about 50shells and had two instances where a round has dropped back from the magazine tube but was not picked up and chambered. This condition is much more noticeable in cold weather, - tempertures. I now have a silicone based lubricant- 3 in 1 oil. I have cleaned and oiled the gun and will try it soon.

Lucas V. from East Saint Louis, IL on Sun, 26 Feb 2012

I was using 1 1/8 oz trap loads but mostly I use 1 1/4 oz game loads, 2 3/4". I contacted Stoeger about this and they suggest I use a silicone based gun oil when cleaning. I plan to put about 100 rounds through it soon to see how it performs. Any suggestions as to a silicone based gun oil?

Ronald Q. from Cranston, RI on Sat, 10 Dec 2011

From what I uderstand most autos require a break-in period to where you should be shooting hotter loads. What kind of shells were you firing?

Lucas V. from East Saint Louis, IL on Thu, 25 Aug 2011

I purchased a stoeger 2000 in Nov.06 for upland hunting. I have fired about 100 rounds and have had about 10 instances where the shell either never ejected or did not cycle the next round. It performs very poorly in cold wether and does not like light loads. It seems to fail me at critical moments when I need it to perform such as taking aim on a rabbit. Has anyone had a similar experience? I went trap shooting and fired 30 shells and had a jam. I fired another 20 or so and had another. Really frustrated. There does not seem to be a lot of info out there with regards to this gun and its performance. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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