Springfield 1911 Micro Compact Pistol



Style Compact Pistol
Grips Wooden
Caliber .45 ACP
Capacity 6 rounds
24 oz (680 g)
Length 6.7 inches (17 cm)
Barrel 3 inches (7.6 cm)
1:16 LH
Sights Fixed Combat
Manufactured Croatia by Springfield Armory
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Springfield 1911 Micro Compact Reviews

32 Reviews


Clyde M. from Sandy Hook, CT on Fri, 25 Sep 2015

Don't want to be a smart..... but did anyone mention your grip?? I have quite a number of 1911's and several sprinfields.... and have never had an issue... althoug i have seen others have issues and the vets always ask them about their grip.. one has to have a very firm grip on these much more firm than a glock or xd... just thought i would mention it.

Carey J. from Eagar, AZ on Sun, 5 Apr 2015

I just purchased a Springfield 1911A1 Full Size. The most beautiful gun I have ever laid my eyes on. I haven't had the chance to shoot it (Will be doing that this Saturday) but for the looks it is great. Will give a better review once I have put a couple hundred rounds through it.

Angel L. from Ford City, PA on Sat, 3 Jan 2015

Thanks for the info, first time I had any problems with it in this gun, normally have it in my full size 1911, not sure if it was the mag or man.... before I send it back I'll run some more rounds through it.

Kurt A. from Buffalo, NY on Thu, 1 Jan 2015

A bought a Stainless loaded model a few years ago, and it has been a smooth shooting and extremely reliable. The only problems I had with it were chambering some JHP rounds from a fully loaded factory magazine. I have since switched to Wilson Combat magazines and alleviated this issue. Trigger pull on mine is about 5-6 lbs if I were to guess, but is very crisp. Slide to frame finish is not the tightest, but good and even in the back. I have almost 3500 rounds through mine, (about 1/3 factory and the rest my reloads) and I only recall having a stovepipe malfunction or two, in addition to the FTF of first round JHPs (TAPs, HSTs, and Gold Dots) from the factory magaines. Springfield boasts a Lifetime Warranty and great customer service. I personally don't recommend this as a carry piece, as they are between 38 and 40 ounces, the latter being the SS model. Of course, die hards will work around the weight. I have carried it and it wasn't pleasant. Accuracy is great, but not top notch. Or maybe I am not capable of top notch accuracy. Standing off hand, I have put 3 holes touching eachother at 20 yards as my best groups. I don't see a need to have a more accurate pistol than that, at all.....especially if it might sacrifice reliability. Comparable models to the Loaded are the Kimber Custom II and Taurus PT11. I have personally shot a few hundred rounds out of a Taurus with no issues, though I can't comment on them. Kimbers are excellent guns, but reliability through my experience has been hit or miss.

Thomas E. from Montclair, NJ on Fri, 12 Dec 2014

I have had my Springfield 1911 A1 for about 3 years now and let me tell you it is my absolute favorite gun to shoot. over the first 300 rounds you should not even consider shooting hollow point through these guns just to ensure that you have "broken" it in before feeding it the real meat and potatoes. I have approximately 3600 rounds through mine and after about 350 it hasn't jammed on me since. The greatest thing about this gun is the history, I don't know about you, but I grew up hearing stories of the infamous Colt 45... Well they weren't talking about the one Wyatt Earp carried, they were talking about the 1911. I have shot ball ammo through mine, regular hollow points, and +P hollow points and it handles all flawlessly. I took it a step further though and replaced the factory grips with Hogue wrap around finger grooved rubber grips to really make the stainless steel pop with the black rubber contrast. As i said earlier, this is my favorite gun to shoot and would love to buy another one if i could find it for the price i paid for my first one ($549 at Academy).

Gary K. from Southfield, MI on Tue, 23 Sep 2014

This is the best value for your money grasshopper. This 1911 yould make me feel all warm and cozy inside on a night in 1945 Okinawa. I own the 'Loaded' model and it smokes all types of blocky hollowpoints like Obama smokes deficit spending reciepts. This gun stays coked, unlocked, and ready to rock under my mattress with a Crimson Trace lasergrip. This thing is pretty accurate too (as any quality 1911 is). It will make even the most ignorant ape of a thug flee in fear at the recieving end of my Pow'rballs.

Ismael O. from Marseilles, IL on Fri, 4 Jul 2014

WELL GUYS!!! i found my 1911 after looking and found a firestrom 1911 goverment DLX mod. I also found out that the firestorm modles is also part of bersa like a gmc/Chevy type of deal! ..I did a good bit of reaserch and only found good to great things about this firearm and for 470 dollers ""NEW"" you can't go wroung. i went out to the rang with a friend the other day that owns 4 1911 from a lesbaer to kimbers and springfeild and my cheap 1911 stayed right with them 1000 to 3000 doller fire arms so if ya looken for a great gun give it a look from JDO

Ismael O. from Marseilles, IL on Fri, 23 May 2014

well guys i am going to have to ask you some more qustions lol......I went to my friends gun shop and I just cant get my self to spend 500$ + dollers on a pistal but hears the thing he has a High Standerd 1911 m1 for 260 used in good shap.Should i go for it or is that not a good 45 1911.I know they make great 22's and also in ww2 thay made 50 caliber machine guns.But is there stuff any good now? and my friend says he has no info for me because its the first one he has ever had in his shop. Any one got some input?? thank ya all from jdo

Justin D. from Thornville, OH on Mon, 19 May 2014

My Mil-Spec 1911-A1 is my favorite handgun. I have owned it for a few years now and it has never failed to fire, jammed, failed to eject or misfired. It has functioned as it should with every squeeze of the trigger. Mine is a parkerized GI model and I have only replaced the grips with standard wood. It is accurate at defensive ranges and easy to handle. It feels great in your hand and seems solid unlike polymer pistols which feel almost too light and top heavy. This design is pure class and historically significant, I highly recommend buying one to everyone who asks me about mine. Mine was $401 payed when the first shipment came into the local gunstore and I have zero regrets.

Otis B. from Rockaway, NJ on Sun, 6 Apr 2014

ive had my mil spec for about 4 years and I love it. the only thing i changed is the grips that i found online...tactical looking skateboard grip feeling goodness. I also buy wilson tactical 8+1 mags. for the price point and for the reliabilaty.....sorry for the spelling.. i tyred@@@!!!

Gerardo A. from Dyer, TN on Thu, 13 Feb 2014

Well, I've had my springfield 1911 for over a year now. Once i got about 250 or so rounds through it, i had no more failures. The gun is incredibly accurate at defensive ranges. At 15 yards, i get 1.5-2 inch groups with varying ammuntion. For anyone who is having concealment issues with this gun, try the Blackhawk Sportster holder. With this combo, people cant usually tell i'm carrying unless they look really closely. the holster is only $25 dollars at most gun shops that i've seen it at. Also, it's a paddle holster, making it easier to put on/take off. I also recommend getting a set of hogue rubber grips. These will help the gun fit the had a bit better, making group sizes shrink.

Nicholas G. from Hampden, ME on Thu, 13 Feb 2014

I have the G.I. model in SS with the presentation grips. I love the fact that it's tough as nails and is just as dependable as a Kimber or Colt for 1/2 the money. I paid $600 for it NIB at a local gun show and it has gone on several ATV rides and plinking sessions with never a failure. It's been my experience that most guns made today fit this description due to better manufacturing standards and when a gun fails to fire or jams, it's usually the ammo or the springs are starting to wear out. There really isn't a reason to be paying $1000 or more for a defensive gun unless you compete with it or just like the prestige of owning a gun with someone's name on the side of it. This Springfield shoots great and I have no problem putting my trust in this gun if, or when , the time comes.

Ivan C. from Las Vegas, NV on Sun, 26 Jan 2014

This is the Mercedes of hand guns. The accuracy is amazing! The recoil on the .45 is great, and I hve never ever had a jam. The omly cons are it is really heavy for a compact, I have full size guns that are lighter, it's not very comfortable to carry all day. I also have a buddy who carries it everyday and the finish is starting to wear out.

Clyde M. from Sandy Hook, CT on Wed, 10 Apr 2013

just traded for a 1911 A! and took it out to shoot with my SIG 220. I was using two sand bages at 25 yards and I'm not kidding or boasting and I'm not a great shot... but the first two shots were in the little orange bullseye of the standard 25 yard target and touching. I was shocked silly and tore doen the target and kept it! This was a wow considering I was shooting cheap white box Win ammo from Wally world... This pistol was and is a wonderful surprise!

Clarence R. from Merritt Island, FL on Mon, 4 Mar 2013

Sweet action and nearly flawless function. Over the past two years I have had only to FTE. Not my carry piece, but I love the look and feel, a great range gun. For carry I choose the glock(27 or 21), period.

Louis S. from Woodruff, WI on Thu, 17 Jan 2013

I just bought a SA 1911 Ultra Compact for CC and I am very excited about it. The guy at the gun store actually talked me out of a Kimber Ultra Carry b/c of the lifetime warranty. I will probably take it to the range early next week and put 50-100 rounds through it to try it out. It is my first 1911 so I am pretty excited about it. I will let you all know how it runs after I put a few rounds through it. 5/5 bullets so far!

Trent C. from Colorado Springs, CO on Tue, 1 Jan 2013

Just got my TRP and aired it out with 200 round. Just perfect, ate every type of ammo feed it, the 10 ring was so void it looked like it was hit by a 12 gauge a 5 yards. This is one hell of a shooter. I have two Kimbers, this is better.

Gerardo A. from Dyer, TN on Sun, 2 Dec 2012

I just picked up a full size 1911 Loaded in the parkerized finish. With the exception of my old man's Gold Cup, it's the most accurate gun I've ever fired. It definitely beats the Glock I use for a duty gun. I'm using this gun for off duty carry because it is slimmer than my XD and fits better in the Uncle Mike's holster that I have. My only complaint for this gun is that it failed to feed 4 times in the first 100 rounds I put through it. I figure this is just because it's a brand new gun. Also, I wish Springfield would offer a left hand holster with their packages since finding left handed holsters is somewhat annoying. I have to wait until Thursday to pick up my paddle holster from Gander. All in all though, a great gun for an awesome price. I'll probably get one for my girlfriend eventually too.

Billy I. from Oak Grove, LA on Mon, 12 Nov 2012

Just bought one of these in stainless. Jammed left and right for the first 150-200 rounds, then she losend up and started rocking.

Bart H. from Boynton Beach, FL on Tue, 12 Jun 2012

I just sent my 1911 A1 Loaded back for repairs. The plunger tube popped out from the frame. All I can say is WOW...their customer service is excellent. My gun was back in record time. Before it went, I would give it an A just due to its handling. Now, I give the whole company an A+.

Springfield 1911 Micro Compact Questions & Comments



Dana T. from Oklahoma City, OK on Sun, 20 Dec 2015


Josh S. from Union City, NJ on Sun, 25 Oct 2015

what seems to be the best going rate on the loaded champion and where? I would be most interested in the ss version.

Cedric W. from Grafton, WI on Thu, 24 Sep 2015

I have had a springfiield long slide .45 for a year now and love it. It was a little difficult at first with loads till I cleaned and greased it first time and used meta gun grease instead of oils and have gone 1500 rounds since..reloads/winchester/remmington...etc, and had absolutely zero problems. Hope this is any help and happy shooting to all.

Jack H. from Mahopac, NY on Tue, 7 Jul 2015

In the interest of full disclosure, some of the ammo that I used were reloads. It did not seem to matter though as I had the same problem with the factory stuff as well. Also, my Glock swallows the reloads without a hitch.

Hans M. from Pleasant Valley, NY on Tue, 7 Jul 2015

@JeffSeanPray, Wow, that is not good news. There is a magazine called Gun Reports (gun-reports.com) that gave the model you bought an A rating. Which is hard to get from that magazine--no ads, no lies. I am torn between a 1911 style and XD 45. But not happy to read your problems. Down this thread is a guy who sent his firearm to the manufacturer and wrote he was happy with the repair...

Jack H. from Mahopac, NY on Tue, 7 Jul 2015

OK. I have been carrying a Glock 30 and/or Glock 21 for a number of years now and would be reluctant to ever step outside with anything less than a .45. Call me crazy but I think that if I am going to do something, I prefer to do it right the first time. Many of my co-workers are avid fans of the 1911 design and after having attended a number of Gunsite courses, I decided to break with tradition and purchase a Springfield Armory 1911 A1 GI Model. It is a basic, no frills model but I have been told that they are good shooters and that I can ad whatever aftermarket modifications appeal to me down the road. Unfortunately I have to report that after taking it to the range, I am completely disappointed with my new purchase. I fired approximately 200 rounds of FMJ and had probably 20 – 30 malfunctions. The most common was that the slide would not move all the way forward and had to be bumped back into place. I have spoken to a few “experts” and have received a number of suggestions ranging from using more lubrication to replacing the mainspring. I am not quite ready to give up on Springfield’s version of the venerable 1911 but I am a bit shocked that a major manufacturer would sell a weapon that was not ‘out of the box’ ready for service. Any help I can get here would be greatly appreciated.

Angel L. from Ford City, PA on Tue, 30 Jun 2015

Odd, had the same problem with "spitting the brass" and yes JHP's, went to my local gunsmith/store his recommendation is shoot more, can't aurgue with that, and find the right HP's it likes. I found that most of the time its the mags and so far with the exception of the stock mag it loves 8 rd Para Mags with a little stronger spring. This Mag switch seems to resolve the feeding issue. Like any machine, the achieve the optimum performance you need to find the right mix of elements to run it. Still love the pistol.

Jonathon A. from Papillion, NE on Mon, 29 Jun 2015

Like any gun,the Springfield 1911-A1 Champion has its quirks.For instance,mine is picky about which JHPs' it likes the most and the way it spits brass (sometimes back into yer face) can try yer patience.But over all I give this weapon a thumbs up.I carry it most days as my primary,my BUG being a S&W 640.I hear alot of folks say its too cumbersome for a day to day CW,but here in the mountians of northern Oregon its not an uncommon sight.

Angel L. from Ford City, PA on Wed, 3 Jun 2015

Wow, just received my Champion back from Springfield, looks great and it only took 3 weeks.

Angel L. from Ford City, PA on Mon, 25 May 2015

I hope so, will keep you posted as the process proceeds

Carey J. from Eagar, AZ on Mon, 25 May 2015

Ardy45, yes they probably have the best customer service out of all of the gun makers. They don't ask questions they just fix the gun. Great company Springfield is.

Angel L. from Ford City, PA on Mon, 25 May 2015

E-mailed Springfield and they advised to send it back to them, I was impressed with their customer service I actually talked with the person that I e-mail. I noticed the problem on Sunday, FedX it to them and now its Wednesday and they have it. I hope they can resolve the problem, I was really starting to get use to the pistol. Again, really impressed with the customer service so far!!!!!

Angel L. from Ford City, PA on Sat, 23 May 2015

So I have been shooting my champion for 5 or 6 months now and all of the feeding problems have gone, it handles all of the mags I put in it and it shoots really well. Was cleaning it yesterday after day at the range and noticed the finish not wearing off of the frame but coming off to reveil a dull metal like finish under the OD exterior finish. Has anyone else had this problem?

Wayne D. from Centralia, WA on Thu, 14 May 2015

If I had to choose between my 1911 and my XD-45, it would be the XD.

Hans M. from Pleasant Valley, NY on Wed, 13 May 2015

Thanks to "will carry" and JMKPM for your thoughts. Now, I am back to square one. Everyone loves there XDs and XDms. Dang. If I bought a Sig it would be a 1911 style, not a DA/SA. I guess I just have to shoot the striker fired XD and see if it's for me. Sounds like it is. Maybe I could solve my dilemma by purchasing a 1911 style .45 and a XDm.

Wayne D. from Centralia, WA on Wed, 13 May 2015

I own a Springfield XD-45. It never jams, it's accurate, comfortable in the hand. It is my daughters favorite gun to shoot. It is my go to gun for zombie attacks. I have never shot a SIG in 45. I have shot SIGs in 9mm, 40 and 380. A lot of people love them. I also have a XDm-40 which I enjoy shooting. It has never jammed either. It's a little large for concealed carry but it's my number two zombie gun.

Jason F. from Allyn, WA on Wed, 13 May 2015

hoplite, I've shot Sigs before and they don't come close to Springfield XD's. See if you have a range near you that will let you test fire both. If not I'm sure if all you do is hold both you will know the Springfield just feels like it is a extension of you. Take a look at the Springfield forum on this site. You will see everyone loves them. Go to the Springfield sub compact or any Springfield XD's

Hans M. from Pleasant Valley, NY on Mon, 4 May 2015

I am going to buy a .45. I am considering a Sig Nitron Carry or a Springfield. I am looking at the striker fired XDm .45 as well various 1911 style Springfields. Any suggestions or experience that would help me decide?

Drew F. from Home, PA on Sun, 15 Feb 2015

Gentlemen, I am looking for either a small of the back holster or a hip holster for my 1911 micro compact. There are so many sites that I cant be sure which one to buy. I already carry the gun at work as a second gun on my ankle but want a holster to carry off duty. Any help will be much appreciated.

Angel L. from Ford City, PA on Fri, 2 Jan 2015

Mike5560, interesting on the feeding problem, went to the range this weekend and shot a couple of hundred rounds. The only feeding problems I had was with a Wilson Combat Mag. As for a CW I like the fit of the full size...like the size of the champion, not the greatest CW but I don't carry all of the time. As for accuracy once I got used to the trigger pull, 20 to 30 feet I had some nice groups enough to feel I made a great purchase.

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