Smith & Wesson Sigma VE Pistol


Style Full Size Pistol
Frame Polymer Frame, various finishes
Grips Integrated
Caliber 9mm / .40 SW
Capacity 16/14 rounds
24.4 oz (692 g)
Length 7.25 inches (18.4 cm)
Barrel 4 inches (10.2 cm)
Sights Dot Front Sight, fixed rear
Manufactured USA by Smith & Wesson
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Smith & Wesson Sigma VE Reviews

185 Reviews


extrabullet from Seattle, WA on Mon, 18 Jul 2016

Shot this baby back in 2009. Beautiful gun and very little recoil.

Sean M. from Stockton, CA on Sun, 10 Jul 2016

I’ve just purchase a S&W 9mm Sigma, next day went to a range and shot about 700 rounds in 2 days NO PROBLEMS…. never jams, easy to load and reload, easy to disarm and clean, and what is that about the pistol is heavy… it’s not heavy at all, and yes the trigger it’s supposed to be hard to pull, this specific fire arm doesn’t have a trigger lock so I like the fact that is hard to pull gives me more confidence to avoid any kind of accidents. This pistol is a good piece I totally recommended Steven

Lance P. from Blytheville, AR on Thu, 23 Jun 2016

WARNING DO NOT BUY! Thee worst gun that I have ever purchased! It jammed every other shot! Its a Cheap imitation Glock! No wonder Glock sued them...

Roger A. from Burt, NY on Tue, 10 May 2016

Shot my friend's Sigma 9mm at the range last week. Liked everything about it except that heavy trigger pull. He shot my Glock and noticed the world of difference in the trigger pull. If it was a lighter pull I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

Jerry P. from Metter, GA on Sun, 24 Apr 2016

I have read some reviews on this site. I own different name brands of guns. I just bought a smith & wesson sigma 9mm. I am familiar with glocks,sigs,eaas,more. I bought the 9mm sigma because I had a lot of 9mm ammo, no 9mm gun until now. I like larger caliber guns for the most part. I shot the sigma 9mm. Put over a hundred rounds through it. I like it. The "heavy trigger pull does not bother me". I had no problems. Well one, I have three mags, want more, need to know where the best price is for the 16 round mags? Any helps appreciated. I also like the ease when I clean those sigma mags compared to glock. Gocks mag. disassembly can be a wrestle. The sigmas are cake.

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Mon, 4 Apr 2016

I agree and I have way too much to do to play games here. I will stick to the form rules and ignor postings that are trolling. I will only respond to posts about the gun we are talking about. I have a Harley to get some saddle bags on and will not use my time to respond to attacks. Others will have to play alone from here on out. I stand by what I said about the Sigma, its a good gun if you can buy it for 200 and under. I had no problems with mine and wanted only to buy a carry/home defence weapon that was not real expensive and was left hand friendly. The M&P fit this well. I still love the way theSigma fits my hand.

Jack B. from Springerton, IL on Mon, 28 Mar 2016

I had this gun in 40 S&W for about a week, I sold it and got a Springfield XD 40. For the cost it was OK but I gave $100 more and got a like new XD. One issue that I had was the heavy trigger and it just didn't feel good in my hand. I removed the pigtail spring and it made the trigger pull just a little lighter but not a lot. If you don't want to spend over $325 for a gun this is the gun for you but you get what you pay for.

Shaun J. from Seattle, WA on Sun, 21 Feb 2016

I purchased the 40 cal sigma about 3 wks. ago. This is the first handgun I've owned. I read all the reviews and took a chance. I really like the gun I have to say. I have nothing to compare it to so maybe thats why. I dont know but I've fired about 300 rounds throught it so far. Getting very accurat with it and don't have a bit of problem with the trigger. Never jammed or had any malfunctions with it. Its so unbelievably easy to brake down and clean I could do it before I even received the gun.

Henry C. from Grandview, TX on Thu, 11 Feb 2016

i would and do carry the sw9 for protection... i have had the sw9 for over a year now shoot every weekend.... never a malfunction..... the only prob i had was bad ammo..... but then again i clean and oil my gun after a day at the range... my 1st semi-auto pistol love it thinking about buying one for my wife i would trust my life and her life with the sw9

Mark M. from Wagener, SC on Tue, 2 Feb 2016

I have had this sigma for about 4 years. it is the worst pistol i have ever had in 50 years. in the last year i sent it back to sw 3 times. 1st the guide rod tab broke off and jammed the slide, 2nd the side slide tab that hold the slide open broke off, 3rd the trigger spring snapped off during firing. i never abuse my weapons. I ask sw to replace this gun, i said to them 3 strikes and i am out. i do put many rounds thru it, may 4-5 thousand. I would never use this weapon for a self protection gun. just for range time only. i am sure many of you never had this problem, but would you carry this for protection? I did change the striker spring and also with a wolf guide rod and spring which helped. now i carry a springfield compact 40. thousands of rounds, no malfuctions or breakage.

Samuel H. from Mount Prospect, IL on Thu, 3 Dec 2015

I replaced the striker spring with the Wolfe 3.5lb spring. I replaced the guide rod and spring with the Wolfe stainless guide rod and spring combo. I also removed the butterfly spring on the trigger and all I have to say is, this is far from the same gun anymore. What a difference. 500 rounds later and not a single malfunction.

Alexander T. from Derby, NY on Tue, 1 Dec 2015

I purchased one of thease last year after two of my older guns began to fail, I can't complain because boath guns were 20 years old. So I sold them to a gun store and bought the Sigma because I wanted a reliable firearm. It came with two 16 round magizines plus two the store added plus S&W was offering 2 mags and a $50 rebate. the whole kit, six mags one new pistol for $335.00 includeing tax. The trigger pull is stiff but I can get used to it. I think it is a decent duty/defence gun not a target pistol. I can carry it reasonably. I like it over all.

Jaime M. from Simpsonville, SC on Tue, 1 Dec 2015

Bought a SW9VE two days ago for my armed security gaurd course. This is my first handgun purchase. Has been an excellent firearm. In two days have put 200 rounds through it. Only issues was the first 30 rounds kept jamming. Oiled and cleaned it and was fine after that. Paid $350 for the weapon, 2 boxes of ammo and an extra mag at my local gun shop. Great deal for the price.

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Fri, 30 Oct 2015

Wow, can you whine a bit more? LOL Or can I get because I said so? Your last post made not one point and only served to show you have no point. Yes the term price point was coined by you, lol NOT!!!. Your a joke, not a good joke but a joke non the less. My point is very valid, if someone is looking for a gun for self defense and they are not gun nuts and do not have much if any extra money [ thank you George Bush for the BS economy] Then a Sigma is much better than no gun, for that matter if say a single mom who works 3 of those Ws uniquely American jobs to make ends meet [barely] than even a Lorcin zinc job would be much better than no gun at all. That said that same buyer that needs a gun but does not even want or maybe like guns would be well served with a Sigma. The gun is not perfect few if any are. But it is a reliable gun that does the job and does it well, hard trigger pull and all. If someone can not pull the trigger of a Sigma then they should look for 22s because the 9 or 40 would break their wrist. As for the price of the sigma, I paid 250 for my gun after rebate factory new. I see them at the gun shows and I was just at one last weekend for 275 to 289 give or take. I am going to another next week end and will look for the SD to see what they are going for and to play with one. For me I would go the next step and buy a M&P if that were my only gun. The reason I bought the Sigma is for 250 I can throw it in my boat or truck and not worry that I am scratching the finish of a 500 plus gun. And I do not have to worry that its not going to go bang when I pull the trigger. That said I sold my Sigma for exactly what I paid for it and bought a SR9 for about 100 more. I did this not because of any stigma, stigmas btw are for idiots who use stereotypes to judge things and people. Like you whitehead. I bought the SR9 because it was slimmer by about 30% than the sigma, held one more round if I remember correctly, 17 vs 16. And it was more left hand friendly being ambi, safety and mag release. The SR9 is very accurate and is almost there with the PT92, but a bit more concealable. For those of you who want to buy a gun for self defense and do not want to spend a lot, the Sigma is a great choice, if you can get it at a great price point due to the new line of S&W so much the better, if you can get the SD and like it for the same price as the Sigma go with that, but if I found a used sigma that was going for 200 and was in good condition I would not hesitate to grab it, you will be well protected.

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Fri, 30 Oct 2015

Whitehead your room temp IQ is showing through brightly. Your grasp of the English language is amazingly bad, along with your syntax. You start your bankrupt rant by saying that the MSP is not 275 then go immediately to what the big discount houses sell for. Last I saw the Sigma MSP was 359 I believe, but only fools pay that. The SD that I read about MSP was 549, I do not know what the SD can be had for as its too new. But I can tell you that I see them new at gun shows in the KC area for 275 to 285 regularly without any trouble. I also see some idiots trying to get 425 out of them, but that’s for fools like you. So the difference is from S&W MSP 125 give or take. For some on a fixed income that does not have the funds to throw on a gun and it’s the Sigma or your favorite Lorcin, then I would say the Sigma is a great gun for the money. Now if the SD comes down to 350 at a gun show vs. a Sigma at 289 or 275 the extra 75 may be a lot for the money. I have never held an SD and can not comment like you on things I know nothing about. If the SD comes down to 40 to 50 dollars more and offers a good trigger pull like the M&P than it seems to me without holding and shooting one that it may well be a better price point than the Sigma. The Sigma is far from a bad pistol and is reliable and accurate with practice of the heavy trigger. Time will tell if the SD price comes close to the Sigma. The Sigma will decline in price also as some move to the SD if it is that close. So the gap may hold at about 125 or so. In the end there is nothing wrong with the Sigma as long as buyers understand the trigger pull. Other than that it’s a fine pistol and even that can be made 80% better. You have created a false dilemma that does not exist, you make it an either or situation and I have not said it was either or. I have said the Sigma is a fine pistol that you have not shot nor owned and it does have a very heavy trigger pull. I have not commented on the SD and it does seem interesting and may very well be a better buy in some situation than the Sigma. If you see a Sigma and an SD side by side with only 50 dollars apart it may be that the SD is a much better buy. For the person that only has 250 to spend on a used Sigma and cannot find an SD for that the Sigma is an excellent gun for protection. I would not feel like I was not protected if I had a Sigma and someone broke into my home. Would it be my first choice that I have enough resources to buy what I want? No but neither would the SD, for reliability the Taurus PT92 has never had a FTF or FTF for me and I have owned two. I sold one and when my brother bought his I could not help but buy one to replace it. It is more accurate than the Glock by a mile and is more gun than anyone needs. Price point new around here is about 425. I paid 400 for my AFS new with 4 mags and a case. Dealer needed to move some inventory. I have never paid MSP in my life, that’s for room temp IQs. BTW whitehead, what’s the fascination with my mama, did she not service you enough when you had to pay to get a little?

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Thu, 29 Oct 2015

Whithead sure has a lot of hatred for a pistol he has never owned. I doubt he has ever even shot the Sigma. The Sigma for the price which can be had for 275 to 295 unless you buy at a rip off store is a very good entry level pistol. If offers a high degree of reliability for the money. Great ergonomics, for whithead thats comfort and fit. I doubt that the new SD is going to be competing for the same buyers that the Sigma is shooting for. The sigma is a great gun for the money and there is nothing out there that gives you more bang for your dollar. A similar gun the glock that offers only a better trigger pull will set you back double the money. For those that do not have it to waste the Sigma is a great investment. I never could understand why whitehead comes here to talk smack against the sigma. You would think it smacked his mama or something, but some people just have to hate something, makes them feel big. BTW, I just sold one of my excellent 5906s and purchased a PT92 AFS with rail. I can shoot 3 to 4 inch groups at 75 feet with two hands and 6 inch with one hand. This is an excellent gun and even though I own a Beretta 92 I would take the frame mounted safety over the slide mounted one that Beretta offers in a heart beat. You also get the life time Taurus warranty. And you save about 250. Cant beat that.

Ismael O. from Marseilles, IL on Tue, 27 Oct 2015

hey all you sigma fans thought you might wanna know that smith and wesson has started the SD line of striker fire pistals and the truth of it is.Is a sigma on steroid and that means a better trigger and a true wever style rail for flash lights and tactacl lazers it also comes with a nice cool new look that i will add to the sigma page for ya all to see or go to smith and wesons web site for pic and info.BUT the best thing of all its the price is just around 30 to 60 bucks more then the sigma line.I also have a heard from many gun smiths and dealers that it will take the Plentiful siga mags in 40 and 9 hope this info helped some one out there

Peter N. from Baden, PA on Tue, 6 Oct 2015

i have owned my sigma .40 for 3 days now. i have fired about 500 rounds through this little gun and not a single misfire or jam. it is incredibly easy to field strip and clean (i can disassemble and reassemble with my eyes closed at this point) i love this gun. my only complaint is the trigger pull is hard but after shooting rifles all my life the hard trigger pull is easy to get used to. for the money it is a great starter handgun for someone looking to get into an easy to clean and use gun. i would recommend this gun to anyone looking for an inexpensive handgun, its nothing compared to my .45 but for a .40 it does quite well

Bill F. from Haleyville, AL on Wed, 23 Sep 2015

Great gun had almost two years and luv it

Maurice S. from Boerne, TX on Mon, 21 Sep 2015

I had one of these in 9mm for about 3 months. It shot excellent and fed any ammo. It was pretty concealable and decently accurate. The grip fit my hand perfect. This is the best mid-range price gun on the market. I wish I had mine back.

Smith & Wesson Sigma VE Questions & Comments



Pedro B. from Auburn, MI on Thu, 23 Jun 2016

Very easy to change the trigger pull and parts available-not expensive and easy to do. Have about 3000 rounds thru my Sigma 9mm- NO PROBLEMS!!! ate every thing I put in it but I went over it before taking to range. polish the feed ramp or have a gun shop do it. Use the factory mags only. Groups better with the ammo from USA Ammo FMJ than anything else. Side by side with a glock at range. Sigma loads the mag easier, almost 2X the capacity and shooting a few rounds, you learn to where you can take up the trigger pull if you dont want to modify it. I use an speed loader to load the mags Have had some Sigs that jammed and working on the mag fingers and feed ramp fixed the feeding problms. Have never had a failure to fire or eject with this Sigma. Groups tight at 20 yds. This my experience with it. Every weapon has its own "personality". from a single shot 22 to M105's.

Courtney B. from Highland Falls, NY on Wed, 25 May 2016

My Dad purchase a Sigma 40S&W. He shot it for the first time today and every time he loaded a just loaded mag and cocked the gun. It couldn't fire the first round. The firing pin would hit on the side of the prime instead of the center. Has anyone had this problem with their pistol?

Walter C. from Perryville, MD on Thu, 7 Apr 2016

Here's some of the research about the Sigma that I've come across and may find interesting. 1) Pistols produced from 1994 to 1999, the original model with the 4 1/2 inch barrel were horrible. I think even Ed can agree on this one. 2) After 1999 the VE series appeared with the shortened 4 inch barrel and accessory insert molded into the frame. These are the two features someone looking to buy a used one should look for. The weapon was clearly better after these changes. 3) In 2004-5 there appears to be an actual rise in demand for the weapon and far less complaints and there is evidence that there were production changes by S&W. Whether this was by price point or an increase in percieved quality remains to be seen but it was probably both. It's virtually impossible to identify a post 2004 pistol except by serial number and a used purchaser should look for a relatively new buy. 4) In looking at the reliability issues a number of things become apparent. -The weapon worked better with experienced shooters than newbies. Nothing unusual in that but the effect may have been more pronounced. -It was ammunition sensitive and that the cheaper, foreign made, and steel and aluminum cases didn't work as well. -Magazine quality was reportedly erratic and was ultimately corrected. I'd recommend new factory mags for a used weapon period. -Freshly cleaned and properly lubricated weapons worked very well but overlubed, underlubed or dirty pistols were much more prone to failure. Nothing unusual there but we're not talking about your mother's H&K either. This last point is where S&W went wrong and probably to a large extent corrected the mistakes in the pistol which took them ten years. The choice of an untreated stainless steel slide in a entry level pistol is curious. It was also unusual in that it was never treated to decrease friction. For instance the Tennifer process in the Glock and the Melonite process in the M&Ps slides not only face harden the steel, but decrease stretching and friction. I strongly suspect that Smith knowing that it would be an entry level pistol used untreated stainless steel for corrosion control and to decrease price. The real problem with the untreated stainless steel happened along the interface with the frame inserts where galling occured. A combination of poor quality control in frame manufacture and the untreated stainless stretching caused galling problems leading to the multiple problems with the pistol. Properly lubricated weapons didn't have this problem and the oil prevented galling as the slide steel stretched that fraction of a millimeter that made all the difference. It probably explains why one pistol would would work perfectly and another would never function well. S&W probably slowly recognized this and corrected this either by changing the steel, treating the steel and/or correcting the frame manufacturing process and materials. Food for thought.

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Wed, 6 Apr 2016

This got me to thinking about a NAA gun I wanted and I just bought today a NAA 22 long rifle. It fits one of the areas that the Sigma fits, inexpensive. I have the 22 short but I have wanted a LR for a while and bought one through Buds guns. 180 shipped to my FFL. Not the best gun for SD but it fits into a pack of cigarettes and no one knows its there. As with the Sigma its better to have any gun than no gun. When I sold my Sigma I took a call from a guy who did not know it was a striker fired gun. He told me that all SF guns were junk and he would not have one in his home and if given one in an attack he would throw it at the perp instead of shooting it. Now thats old school. LOL.

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

Now purchasing one for a Car or Boat etc, that I can understand. Id rather lose a less expensive weapon if it were ever stolen, plus I'd have my main carry weapon just in the event there were any problems. Also in a confined area such as in or around a Car, you probably would only need the 1st chambered shot anyway. At a bare minimum it would allow you a few extra seconds to get out your main carry weapon.

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

I don't put top shelf tires on my car or bike. I look for the best deal I can get. I will give you a gun I would not want to have for CCW that I own. A Bauer or another I own a NAA 22 short. But if for some reason thats all I had its better than a sharp stick. The Sigma is much much better than either of these guns. My Bauer had never not went bang when I pulled the trigger, but a combo of being under powered and a bit difficult to fire accurately would not make it my first choice. But I did carry my NAA on a bike trip from MI to WA and I did feel a bit under armed when on Crow Indian reservation and a couple of drunk Native Americans were starting to get a bit out of hand I felt like G.A Custer since we were not very far from where he met is end. LOL. My first line of defense is to not have to get into a position to need a gun. Don't make myself a target. Its not a guarantee that I will not need a gun but it has not failed me yet. Another good use for the Sigma is if you can buy it cheap to keep it in an area or car ect that you do not want to throw an expensive gun. A boat, hunting truck ect. I have a Firestorm 380, its a Bersa but I paid 169 for it new and that darn thing is one of the best guns I have ever had as far as doing what its supposed to do. Its as good as any of my Walther's and I have Nazi German, West German and American lisc. Walther's.

Walter C. from Perryville, MD on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

But we're back to what works all the time and what doesn't. The Rossi is cheaper but works all the time. Do you put cheap tires on your Harley to make a point that you're one hell of a shopper? My guess at 80 mph you don't give it one seconds worth of thought.

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

If all I could afford was a knife its better than nothing, if I can only afford a 22 its better than a knife ect. A single mom that could care less about guns would be armed fine with a 38 rossi or a Sigma. Although a person who has little experiance with a gun should stay away from a Pistol and keep to the simple wheel gun.

Walter C. from Perryville, MD on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

It's sorta like parachutes. You can choose a Katana or a T7 but it matters when it does. What's your ass really worth?

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

I was just in an discussion with people on the can forum. I was just approved for a NFA can and many said that I was buying a cheap can. Bought a TAC65. The seller let me put it on my Walther p22 and it sounded fine to me. Many said I needed to pony up another 300 for a prodigy or AA, Kodiak ect. I looked at them, shot them and I could not hear the difference. It reminds me of all the clap trap in the 80s when there was a audiophile craze. I could not hear the difference in a 150 dollar turn table and one with a 50000 dollar cartridge.It becomes the kings new cloths. In my case I am not a can geek, so for what I will shoot why should I spend an extra 300 on a can that I will shoot a few times a year and can not tell the difference in? I also just bought a new MP3 player from Sony for 75 dollars. Its not an Itouch or Ipod for 300, but it plays movies, MP3 music, is 8gb and has FM plus some other goodies and is more than I need. No I do not have an Ipod or Itouch to flash around but flash never really impressed me.

Walter C. from Perryville, MD on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

The weapon was so bad they couldn't cut it down to 380 caliber and make it work. That's a simple engineering problem. Gloc is right. Dependablity is job one for a defensive weapon. In the scheme of things a blowback weapon works better than the Sigma.

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

I really don't know the answer to that. It's probably because I can afford a more expensive weapon and I have never looked at it in the same light. Whenever I have purchased a weapon my number 1 concern has always been reliability. If I couldn't afford it and intended to carry it, I would most probably have purchased an inexpensive Revolver instead of an Auto..

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

I agree Glock, but don't you think there is a place for guns that are inexpensive for people who are not gun nuts like us but feel the need for self defense? This to me is a place guns like the Sigma fit in. When I bought my first Walther PPK for 500 in 1985 the dealer told me he recommended a FIE. It was cheap and used the same 380 round and in his words did not cost a weeks pay. I wanted the Walther because it was a Walther, but for someone who wanted a gun for self defense and was not a gun nut I can see the FIE being a fine gun for that purpose.

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

I apologize for the comments I made! I am just a firm believer that if you are going to own a weapon, for your own sake be sure it's a reliable weapon.

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

First off I never said that the Sigma was a top shelf gun. But I totally disagree that I would give up my CCW or feel like using a rock before carrying one. I think you are using hyperbole to make the point and that is fine but in reality, someone who does not have the money to blow on a 4 or 5 hundred dollar gun would not be at any real disadvantage with one. Do you think that any cop would laugh if you pointed one at him because it would not fire? I don't really think so.

Wayne D. from Centralia, WA on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

You think edteach is bad, try posting that on Smith and Wesson's forum. There seem to be a lot of people who, for some reason, think the Sigma is the second coming of Col. Colt. I gave my Sigma away for free, to a friend who wanted to start shooting handguns. He traded it (+$) for a Beretta M-9 as soon as he figured out why I gave it to him. Maybe we got lemons. I mean, it was accurate and you get used to the trigger and all but, it was Smith and Wesson's failed attempt to make a Glock. The M&P is a fine pistol.

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Tue, 5 Apr 2016

N8, If you have read this crazy battle that has been going on here, all I can ask is you don't provoke these guys again. We finally have achieved peace here! lol Thank's!

Lorenzo C. from Minneapolis, MN on Mon, 4 Apr 2016

Wow - thought this forum was about Sigmas - what is going on? SP2022 is a much better gun....a bit more money sure, but worth every penny even on a tight budget. Sigmas are (poorly) reverse-engineered glocks.

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Mon, 4 Apr 2016

Glock9, I think that the rant of Wayne Lapierre's ranting about a "Massive Obama conspiracy" to act like he is for the second amendment so he can really destroy it makes gun owners look stupid. This guy has national attention and has made himself and us look like moon landing deniers. What next that Obama is really an extraterrestrial that is trying to disarm the US so they can take over the world? I think WL has been smoking the same stuff as Whitehead. This is why I left the NRA and will not join.

Eduardo L. from Athens, AL on Mon, 4 Apr 2016

Whitehead seems to like being taunted. I bet he has his boy friend step on his nuts when they are alone at night. LOL If your boyfriend is over 18 its child molestation. Whitehead says that there is a link to the ATF from guns being sold on CL. OMG this guy is an idiot. Really, its illegal to post a gun for sale on CL? So Armslist which is craigslist for guns must be totally illegal. LOL. This guy is so dumb his IQ would make a very cold room temperature. But he is from Texas so we have to give him a handicap.

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