Sig Sauer P239 Pistol


Style Compact Pistol
Frame Black Hard Anodized, Nitron Slide
Grips Black Polymer Factory Grips
Caliber .357 SIG / 9mm / .40 SW
Capacity 7/8 rounds
29.5 oz (836 g)
Length 6.6 inches (16.8 cm)
Barrel 3.6 inches (9.1 cm)
Trigger DA/SA
Sights Contrast, SIGLITE¨ Night Sights available
Manufactured Switzerland by Sig Arms
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Sig Sauer P239 Reviews

47 Reviews


crok from Fort Lauderdale, FL on Sun, 6 Nov 2016

Ever wonder what sort of reviews to actually trust when online ? the Formula is ultra Simple; dozens and dozens and dozens of different users or reviewers all say positive things. I mean can all these positive reviewers be written by one source across dozens of websites? So let us put this a different way, how can so many websites be "rigged" to say 'great' things about the Sig Sauer p239 ? my answer is simple they cannot all be rigged... And another thing about reviews is like personal recommendations, research has proven if you are happy with something you will tell a few people, but if you feel dissatified you will tell dozens and heaps of people you are unhappy. So this translates into almost 100% of users of the p239 simply love this pistol. If people disliked this gun surely someone would say so, but check online; basically EVERYONE LOVES this weapon. Remember if people feel deceived they will post negative reviews but most people expect good things for their hard earned gold so few people would post positive reviews if they were happy. This means for every good review you find many many others simply loved what they bought. I have spent a lot of time over hundreds of reviews to find the "perfect" compromise 'pistol'. Simply no matter what you need a pistol under 25 yards for then this gun will do it; and do it reliably and cheaply in 9mm. 9mm is the perfect compromise round for this compromise pistol, but simply one weapon to rule them all. No matter who you are in Real Life (or who you "think" you are in RL) you will never ever ever "out-shoot" this one gun. AND... If you cannot end a gunfight with 7 rounds then you have no business carrying a gun in the first place; it is so easy to pack a 2nd tiny mag, or better yet carry a Ruger sp101 357/38 3 inch as your GoTo Revolver... Why buy multiple guns when you can buy the best best best guns ever made that the average income can afford??? Simply learn one gun and use it for anything you can imagine so you get as perfect as you can be with it; heck maybe your spouse will be happier if you stop bringing different guns home even :) So... yes you could actually say the Sig Sauer p239 is a "martial aid" to 'wedded bliss' ;)

Christopher E. from Westmoreland, TN on Sat, 18 Jun 2016

Please......Let me speak of this BAD ASS!!! My issued service weapon is a Sig 226(9mm). My old personal is a S&W mp 40 cal., I put hundreds of rounds through it. I traded that in for a used Sig p239(40) which I shot for the first time today. To make it short and sweet, I am a former Marine with much love for many types of guns. The only way I can describe this beast is "cadillac." I have not carried off duty yet so I could not give insight on comfortability. But as for accuracy, 7 for 7 hearts exploding....

Jordan N. from Unicoi, TN on Wed, 9 Dec 2015

I recently purchased the Sig Sauer 40 cal SAS Gen II and was very pleased how it felt in my hand. I fired 150 rounds this evening and was impressed on how accurate it was. All center ring with no sight adjustment. Being able to take a weapon right out of the box and have great results shows that Sig Sauer makes an impressive weapon. I own a p230 and a p228. The p239 will be my everyday CCW.

Shawn Q. from Canton, TX on Wed, 22 Jul 2015

chs32: For CCW I have several options in SIG, HK, Kahr and Glock. As much as I like them all, none of them fit my hand as well as the SIG P229 and P239. Both of them have exceptional ergonomics, balance, great triggers, unquestioned reliability and extremely accurate. In winter months I carry the P239 most often and the P229 occasionally, or the HK USP Compact. Both the P239 & P229 feel like part of my hand when I shoot. The P239 in SAS/SRT, except for the addition of Hogue grips, needs no tweeks or add-ons that tend to disturb the balance, smooth SAS lines and smooth draw characteristics. Just dry fire it and/or shoot it 500+ times for additional smoothing of the trigger. You will then have a perfect pistol. Like you, I don’t find the Crimson Trace to be that useful for a CCW – especially in an urgent point-and-shoot self defense situation -- where I don’t expect there to be the luxury of time to pick up the red dot. A home defense weapon is a different scenario. Concerning magazines – use only SIG mags, if possible. Mec-Gar is fine, since I believe SIG still outsources OEM mags to them for the P220. I save the Mec-Gar mags for range use and have had no malfunctions. In hot summer months, I have to switch to the lighter, slimmer and smaller Kahr PM9 for pocket carry, or the CW9, or PM45 for IWB carry. But that’s another story.

Clarence G. from Tempe, AZ on Wed, 22 Jul 2015

I've decided to start carrying for various reasons. In my normal, methodical approach, I've been researching caliber and weapon choice. I've chosen 40S&W for my first piece and recently went to a rental range to try different guns. Specifically, I was thinking the Glock 27 would be my choice. I tested the G27, a Springfield XD, Kahr PM40. None felt quite right. I have large hands. All of these tended to pinch low on the thumb and were just not really fun or comfortable. I still had one more rental left (2 for $10), so I decided to try the P239. I hadn't researched it or heard anything about it, so it was really just a whim and not even on my radar. I was pleasantly shocked. Really fun to fire with far less apparent recoil. Totally comfortable and fun, with none of the pinching I had felt before. In addition, I found that I was far more on target than the other three I tried. Bottom line, I just ordered the 239 40 Gen 2 in Nitron. The one I tested was a regular 239, but it seemed appropriate to get the SAS version. Anything else I should know, think, or consider about this auto? I tend to like things tweaked, improved, etc. Any special work that makes the 239 even sweeter. Aftermarket mags? The Kahr had crimson trace laser, but I found it really distracting more than helpful (it was also loose and 5 inches off target). If I like this, what else might I like? Thanks Charlie ... more » « less

Arthur E. from Almond, NY on Fri, 3 Jul 2015

Although I'm convinced that the H&K P2000sk (in .40-DA/SA-decocker) is the carry-gun for me, I could not resist the great reviews of the Sig p239. I purchased a 9mm (DA/SA), added the Hogue wrap-around grips and headed to the range. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I also brought my H&K P-30 (also in .40) to compare the shooting experience. Accuracy of the Sig p239 was on par with my H&K at all distances up to 25 yards. I have small/medium hands so the ergonomics of the p239 (with Hogue grips) was right on!! The best part of the sig p239 is the trigger. After just 50 or so dry-fires and about 50 rounds the trigger feels very nice. In DA mode there is more side-flip as the trigger releases than on the H&K, but with practice that goes away. The H&K has a longer, heavier but smooth trigger. I have to say that the Sig p239 is a keeper. I am so impressed with the trigger that I sent my H&K p2000sk off for a trigger-job LOL. Can't go wrong with either weapon, IMO, one is not better than the other, just different.

Dallas M. from Enoree, SC on Thu, 23 Apr 2015

This is by far my favorite carry gun. Mine is chambered for 357Sig. Zero issues ever, and considering I have had it over 9 years and lost count of how many times it has been fired - I would recommend it to anyone. The 357Sig round is a hot little number. It packs a lot of punch without much of a kickback. The shot groups are tight which is aided by the ease of holding it and sighting in on a target. The sound is quite impressive as well as the shells being ejected over 10 feet. If you haven't given this gun a try - do so. If you haven't tried the 357Sig load in a smaller framed gun such as this, you are missing out.

Frank G. from Prosperity, SC on Fri, 9 Jan 2015

just got my Sig P239 back from the Sig Custom Shop, had a Short Trigger, SRT & than brought a set of new grips. The gun is 9mm and now it shoots the way the gun was intended to shoot. Sig should have the SRT system in all of their guns. The wood grips, especially in Florida, keeps the gun from slipping and the rounded shape keeps it from printing under a shirt in the hot days (hey, wait a minute, all of the days are hot except for the three days of winter that we get each year See photo above 10 of 10

Dwight K. from Taylor, ND on Sat, 3 Jan 2015

This is my all-time fav 9mm and a superb target gun, especially at 15 yards and beyond! It shot like a winner right out of the box and I use it as a carry when my clothing permits. (Other times, I carry my Glock 26 or Kel-Tec PF9.) My P239 has CT laser grips but no other accoutrements... I would recommend this Sig to all out there! BTW, I have small hands and am small-framed and yet have zero problems handling this pistol or most any other that someone gives me to try out at the range (.347s, 44mags, 45 ACPs...bring them on!)... And still other attributes?...This Sig is super easy to field strip/clean and is a truly elegant weapon! -drpdw

Frank G. from Prosperity, SC on Sun, 26 Oct 2014

I like to switch between my 3" 1911 and my sig 239, both in 9mm. My sig 239 holds 8 in the mag + 1, unless I use my extended mag (sig of course) which will give me 10 in the mag +1. Using this configuration with the extended mag is difficult to carry in the summer in Florida due to the printing of the extended base. In the few days of winter under a coat, not as much of a problem. I brought the extended mag from SIg and it was the same price as the regular magi's.

Benjamin R. from Ocean City, MD on Sat, 25 Oct 2014

Capacities are: 8-9mm 7-.40 & 7-357SIG. Plus 1 . Link: My everyday CC is the SAS Gen2 Two-tone in .40S&W . Thousands of rounds through it and not 1 issue! "To Hell and Back Reliability" you can believe in.

Frank G. from Prosperity, SC on Fri, 24 Oct 2014

Hello and welcome your 239 is working correctly. It is a DA /SA so when you load and use the decocking you are now in DA. It is a great gun and one that I carry in a sparks VMII iwb or a purekustomholster in the owb. Also have a Don Hume for owb. That I would be willing to sell or trade (send pm if I interested ). happy shooting

Chester V. from Seattle, WA on Thu, 2 Oct 2014

I just bought a new Sig Arms 229. Very solid and tight gun. I am not as accurate with it as my Glock 23 but it's an excellent pistol and I would highly recommend it.

Frank G. from Prosperity, SC on Sat, 13 Sep 2014

Hello to all, Just ordered a new holster for my 239 (Black Ops Pro) from: Take a look when you get a chance, his work is Awesome! This rig gives you the option of IWB or OWB. Almost 27 different positions. Cost is low for the type of holster you are getting. I also have coming AN IWB from Andrews leather (McDannials) to try out. I almost never carry IWb due to the heat and humidity in southern Florida, but I am looking for a holster that I can change off with when the temperature goes up / the rains come. Will report back and will send an update photo. I have alos gone to gloss black aluminum grips from Hague for my 239. photo should be posted later in the day. Happy shooting

Frank G. from Prosperity, SC on Thu, 4 Sep 2014

hello to all Went back to the range yesterday, same 239 and same 3 mag's, changed my grip a little and had no problem with the slide staying open. I also used the same ammo at the range. Thanks to all that helped with their ideas. Happy Shooting Gary

Clyde M. from Sandy Hook, CT on Sun, 31 Aug 2014

Thanks for the thumbs up i am grateful -BUT someone cancelled it out already!!! I sent you a PM from Sig .I am more interested in guns than the reputation thing Thanks....

Frank G. from Prosperity, SC on Thu, 21 Aug 2014

To All Here is a problem that occurred at the range yesterday. I loaded three mag's with American Eagle and started my double tap exercise. at the end of each mag, the slide DID NOT LOCK OPEN. this has never happened before and the only difference is that I changed the grips to a pair of HOGUE Aluminum grips (very nice by the way). I plan to call Sig on Tuesday (Monday being a holiday). But if anyone on the site has an idea or solution, I am all ears (or eyes as the case my be). Thanks

Frank G. from Prosperity, SC on Wed, 30 Jul 2014

Looks, like everyone have a 239 in 40 cal., well since I had sold my Kel-Tec 9mm PF9 (I thought it would be a good carry gun, but the trigger!). I decided to get the SIG 239 in 9mm. OUT OF THE BOX...what a great gun. I have run about 500 rds through it with out a problem. Found a friend at SIg and brought a few mag's + one 10 rds. Carry Critical Defense in it and the only thing is the standard trigger. I find that it has a little travel but that will be easily fixed with one of Sig's short trigger assembly (which they say can be user installed). I currently switch off carrying this with my 3"Kimber in a Don Hume holster. Sam Andrews of Andrews holsters has a new rig that is easy on/off the belt without dropping your pants and I am waiting for it to arrive. Mine came with SIG night sights at a great price NEW and except for the trigger, I guess there is nothing else to get for it (ah, Yes GRIPS). Summary: Overall one of the best non-custom guns that I have ever purchased and a regular favorite.

Brady K. from Dubach, LA on Mon, 28 Jul 2014

I have been shooting the p239 40 cal at the local range and love it! I am going to buy one, but what is the difference between the P 239 40B ($625), the p239 40ccp ($720), the p239 bss ($675), the 239 40 tss ($720). Any info is greatly appreciated, even just your opinions :) thanks, Teresa

Dwight K. from Taylor, ND on Wed, 16 Jul 2014

This is my all-time-fav range gun! (I have the German-German model.) Right out of the box, I shot a 1 1/2-inch grouping at 7 yards, and now, after I shoot out the X on the silhouette target, I aim for the little guy in the left-hand corner!!!! Whereby I shoot both DA and SA, I personally prefer SA for more accuracy with this Sig. I have small hands yet, can hang on to this fine weapon with no problem whatsoever. This is a superbly-crafted weapon which is a pleasure to fire and is scary-accurate! IF the Sig P239 were smaller (or, I were larger), it would be my #1 CCW. BTW, I also shoot a Glock 26, Beretta Neos .22LR, and most recently added a KelTec PF-9 to the family. -drpdw

Sig Sauer P239 Questions & Comments



Fred S. from Coventry, CT on Sun, 19 Jun 2016

I was issued a Sig 9mm by the State i worked for when semis were just beginning in the 90s. i had little faith in the thing. Sigs are a heavy gun (with many parts), which becomes a brick after 6-7 days of 8-16 hr shifts. The Glock G-23 (.40) became my favorite 'duty' sidearm, light & few parts. On Duty, you are sent into trouble (no options). Handguns need to be reviewed for "Duty", "BUG", "Home Defense", "Concealed Carry", "Sport", "Hunting", etc., etc. Such is the reason I need a 2nd gunsafe. the ideal CCW will differ from the ideal duty arm. Carry comfort vs stopping power means compromise (like seasons). Then, there is that pesky "budget" thing. In 24 yrs of County/State/Fed LE in 'active' jurisdictions, I never needed more than 3 rounds. For off-duty & CCW, I've never needed more than one round, but would never carry less than 5 rounds.

Harlan K. from Galion, OH on Mon, 9 May 2016

dpenny, I think you have made a wise chioce. I carry my 239 concealed but I dont carry my 226 because it is a bit large to hide, but if you are expecting to carry a full frame then the 226 is Sigs icon and a very reliable, accurate weapon. Good luck Hotrod

Drew D. from Rugby, ND on Fri, 29 Apr 2016

Brainchill, thanks for the post it was very insightful. I have made my mind up and I have went with the Sig 226. Thanks for the advice!

Bryan N. from Stevenson Ranch, CA on Tue, 26 Apr 2016

Truthfully (and I know some biggots will disagree) but you can't really go wrong with any of the choices that you've listed ... It's mostly just important that you know the differences. The HK and Glock that you listed are full size handguns with where the P239 is a compact single stack model that unlike the other two is well suited for CCW type use. A full size USP and Glock 21 are quite large. I'm going to assume that since you said .40 you meant the Glock 22 though and not the 21 which is actually a .45. Depending on how you prefer it the Glock and Sig do not have manual safeties. In saying this the Sig is a DA/SA meaning that you can de-cock it to fire the first round in dual action mode which gives that first round a longer/harder trigger pull and make it less likely to be activated accidentally. The Glock "safe action" puts a lever in the trigger assembly and makes it safer but still it has quite an easy trigger pull (again this isn't good or bad it's a matter of your preference) The HK, depending on the trigger group you choose, can be either dual action only, lem (law enforcement assisted dual action) or DA/SA ... the DAK and DA/SA models can have a manual safety and decocking mechanism. In terms of capacity the large frame HK and Glock models will hold from 10-15 rounds (depending on where you live and regulations) where the Sig model will only hold 7 (because the 239 is a compact model .. you could choose a P229 or P226 for higher capacity retaining the rest of the features) Personally I have one of each and I love them all. I would really recommend that you go to a local range that rents guns and try them out and see which feels better in your hand and to fire but quality wise all of them will serve you well for many years I hope this was helpful.

Drew D. from Rugby, ND on Fri, 11 Mar 2016

Can anyone give my their advice, I have a choice to make and I would to know what are the pros and cons of Sig 226 vs. H&K USP vs. Glock 21? I am looking for a 40 cal home defense weapon. Thanks

Shawn Q. from Canton, TX on Fri, 12 Feb 2016

Hotrod: You made the right decision. You don't want to sacrifice grip and feel just to have the CT Laser grip. IMO, the laser for concealed carry self-defense is over-rated and it is better suited to some home defense scenarios. By that I mean, in a concealed carry self-defense situation -- you will only have time to pull your P239 then quickly, point-and-shoot. Only in Hollywood does the bad guy wait to allow you time to acquire and focus the red dot on his heart.

Harlan K. from Galion, OH on Tue, 19 Jan 2016

Every time I shoot my 239 I love it more. My wife and I both carry 239- .40, she is just as happy with hers as I am with mine. I have recently aquired a Ruger LCP to replace my S & W airweight when I just dont have the room to carry a larger weapon but anytime I wear jeans and a big T shirt, the 239 is in the Galco Gun Leather! The C.T. Laser grips were not available when I purchased the 239s so I went with the Houge grips because the factory grips are awkwardly thin, I would like to hold a 239 with the Lasergrips to see how it feels but I really like the Houge grips and would sacrifice the laser for a more comfortable hold. I highly recommend this weapon for personal protection, in either 9mm or .40 Good Luck Hotrod

Peter L. from Fruitland, ID on Tue, 19 Jan 2016

I have bought various pistols to satisfy my need for the "perfect carry pistol" for me. Each to their own, of course. At one time I owned a Sig P239 SAS, .40, two tone, Gen. 1...with the wood grips and the DAK trigger. No longer made. I sold it to a friend. Big mistake! I have tried to buy it back....but, no, he realizes what he has....I wished I did before I sold it to him. LOL! So...I just purchased a new Gen 2 version, SAS, .40 cal, with the DA/SA SRT trigger and a decocker. Hasn't arrived yet....but, I know THIS TIME I came back to the correct pistol for me. And....for those that don't know this....and if you are a Crimson Trace Laser grip fan.....they now have a great grip for this pistol WITH built in finger grips. It's a wrap around with the activation in the front center. I have it on the way. The Model is LG-439. Go to and you will pay THE lowest price for the grips. $254 plus approx. $9 shipping. I know this grip with the laser will make this pistol an outstanding carry pistol. Hogue style grip with the Crimson Laser...all in one!! The quality and ease of handling, cleaning and accuracy are about as good as it gets for this size pistol in the P239. Take care!

Ernest H. from Elon, NC on Fri, 25 Dec 2015

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I have owned a Sig P229 and have been carrying a P239 in 40 cal for years, LOVE them. But in my desire for something smaller I bought the Ruger LC9.......and all's I can say is, what a sh*tty trigger. And Sigs attempts at the DAO/subcompact market, the P290 has been a reputation hurting disaster. How bout it Sig, time for a high quality DA/SA subcompact?!?

Harlan K. from Galion, OH on Thu, 23 Jul 2015

I have the Houge grips and factory SigLite sights on my 239- .40, no other mods and my opinion is that I have the perfect CCW. My wife carries one identical to mine and loves it as much as I do, niether of them are SAS nor do they have the SRT but I still think they are just fine like they are. Great choice! Good luck Hotrod

Chester D. from Burket, IN on Wed, 22 Jul 2015

chs32, I don't like telling a person what mods they should get anymore than telling them what gun they should buy. I completely agree with your approach to deciding what gun to buy and I also completely agree with your choice. I have a 239 in .40 S&W as well. Some of the popular mods are a Short Reset Trigger (SRT) Kit, Crimson Trace Laser Grips, After market sights if you didn't opt for the SigLite Lights. I've equipped mine with the Crimson Trace Laser Grips, and TruGlo TFO Sights.

Harlan K. from Galion, OH on Wed, 8 Apr 2015

Just recieved my P239 .40 back from Sig, I had them do the "Sig Service Plan" which is a full cleaning, replaced springs & pins that are worn, and new Siglite night sights installed all for $139.00. Great deal since the sights alone are $125.00. This is my CCW and I have absolutly no complaints. I would recomend the P239 for personal protection to anyone. It is a little heavy compared to a Glock 27 .40 but I think that helps out a little with the felt recoil. I am not putting down on Glocks at all, they are nice weapons as well, I just prefer the Sig. Hotrod

Chester D. from Burket, IN on Sun, 4 Jan 2015

haryr2000... The 2399SAS2T is the P239 in 9mm with the SAS contours, two tone. The SAS contours yield more rounded front and rear corners of the slide. The 2399TSS is P239 in 9mm, two tone. Aside from being two tone, it identical to the conventional P239.

Glen C. from Fairview, TN on Sat, 3 Jan 2015

Hello. I am new to this forum. I am very impressed with the P239, but I have a question. I am looking at the SS model 2399SAS2T. However, I came across a very similar model, which is 2399TSS. The specs are almost identical, except for one thing - the SAS2T is listed as around 27 oz. whch the TSS says around 17 oz. Can this be true? Is the lighter one using a polymer frame? I cannot locate the TSS model on the Sig site, but several dalers seem to have it for sale NIB. Thanks for any comments. Harry in NC

Chester D. from Burket, IN on Tue, 30 Dec 2014

grip... What is you impression of the SRT by just dry-firing? Can you post some pics with the new grips? I know there are some nice looking grips out there but I opted for some Crimson Trace Laser Grips on my 239.

Frank G. from Prosperity, SC on Tue, 30 Dec 2014

My P239 just returned from the Sig Custom Shop. Have a new set of walnut grips, an SRT and short trigger. Will be at the range on Friday and a report on the SRT to follow.

Chester D. from Burket, IN on Sat, 25 Oct 2014

Does anyone know how to get a hold of the moderator or webmaster? I haven't had any luck getting my account lined out. I also wanted to point out the P239 capacities are incorrect. I know the .40 S&W holds seven in the mag and I imagine the .357 Sig is the same. What is the 9mm capacity? 9 in the mag?

Robert L. from Powell, OH on Sat, 25 Oct 2014

thanks cbruster and girphoto. Hoping to get to range this weekend.

Chester D. from Burket, IN on Fri, 24 Oct 2014

scgamecock... As griphoto stated, the decocker takes the 239 out of SA mode and puts it in DA mode. It is functioning as it should. Congrats on the 239, they are excellent concealed carry pistols and glad you decided to join the forum

Frank G. from Prosperity, SC on Fri, 24 Oct 2014

Thanks I stand. Corrected. Between work and my 1911's I am. Now back to carrying my 239. I forgot tha you did answer and the gun will go to Sig on wednesday for the srt onky. Thanks again Gary

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