Sig Sauer P229 Pistol


Style Full Size Pistol
Frame Various
Caliber .357 SIG / 9mm / .40 SW
Capacity 10/12 rounds
32.4 oz (919 g)
Length 7.1 inches (18 cm)
Barrel 3.9 inches (9.9 cm)
Trigger DA/SA
Manufactured Switzerland by Sig Arms
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Sig Sauer P229 Reviews

85 Reviews


Richard G. from Two Harbors, MN on Tue, 31 May 2016

I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I don't think you should bash an entire line of gun just because you're unhappy with the particular gun you own. The slide on my gun fits slightly forward of the frame on the back of my 229 as well. This does not effect the operation and quality of my gun at all. I can feed this gun anything and it will eat it right up. I've never had a single jam even with cheap ammo. Shoots just as accurate as the day I bought it and I've put thousands of rounds through it. To hell and back reliability. Enough said.

Al N. from Owensboro, KY on Thu, 26 May 2016

I owned a P229 and sold it and now years later purchased one and did not inspect it as I had to wait 6 weeks to get it. Not inspecting the P229 was a big mistake as the new owners of Sig in my opinion have let quality go the wrong direction. My P229 has the worst fit of the slide to the frame that is beyond of any quality standard I have seen. At the rear of P229 where the slide and frame should line up like they do on other brands my slide sits forward of the rear of the frame leaving a ledge large enough to balance coins on. Over 4 weeks a go I wrote to Bill Lutton, VP Engineering about the fit of my P229 and have not received any thing from him. Since Sig does a lot of contracts with government agencies my view is that the went back to the old quality statement "Good enough for government work". It is my mistake for not inspecting the P229 before handing over the money, if I had I would not have wasted my money on what I consider an inferior quality firearm. I've owned S&W's, Colt's, Beretta's, Ruger's, Walther's & Taurus handguns and all of them the slide to frame fit was flush at the rear leaving no lip to balance coins on.

Raul M. from Mount Prospect, IL on Wed, 6 Apr 2016

I am so impress with my p229 equinox that I went and got me the p229 platinum elite (check out the pics) . Hopefully this will hold up to my expectation. Have not tried it to the range yet but Im pretty sure itll do good. Wish me luck my friends!

Elbert I. from De Lancey, PA on Tue, 16 Feb 2016

bought the 229 enhanced elite in 40. love it, you dont even notice the larger beaver tail. I have smaller hands and it feels comfortable in my hands. the only change i made was moved the mag release to the right side to use my trigger finger since i had a harder time releasing it with my thumb due to my smaller hands. works sweet that way for me.

Richard G. from Two Harbors, MN on Thu, 15 Oct 2015

Best decision ever! I bought my 229 as my first handgun. Never once have I had a single issue. Easy takedown, cleaning and general use. The de-cocker on it is one of my favorite features, and an accidental discharge on the 10 lb. DA is beyond unlikely. Accurate right out of the box! Got mine in .40 S&W and I love the round. Will be a true fan of SIG for life! Had it for a year or so now and cycled over 1000 rounds of different ammo without one failure to feed or jam. A definite recommendation for all.

Ronald C. from Evanston, IL on Wed, 8 Jul 2015

Ive had my 229 for about a year now and i wouldnt trade it for any other pistiol out there. My wife can chamber a round de-cock the lever and throw it in her purse and not have to worry about it going off. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Alan R. from Midland City, AL on Mon, 27 Apr 2015

I bought a P229 after much research and I definitely made the right decision. This gun is flawless. You feed it anything, point it and it goes bang. The most accurate gun I have ever shot. It has the SRT trigger, which is a little too light for my taste so that, plus the weight rule it out for carry IMO but besides that, this is a superb weapon and I would bet my life on it. I love this frikkin' gun.

Shawn Q. from Canton, TX on Mon, 23 Feb 2015

wharbin: The SIG 229 does not require a manual safety. Instead, it has an automatic (always-engaged) firing pin lock that does not unlock until the trigger is pulled fully rearward, either in SA or DA. This allows one to safely carry the 229 with a round chambered providing instant readiness -- since the 229 eliminates the need for a manual safety. The SIG 229 de-cocking lever lowers the cocked hammer safely into the safety intercept notch without having to touch the trigger. With the hammer down and the firing pin locked, the double action feature and the absence of a manual safety make it easier to get off a quick first shot. Or, you have the option to cock the hammer and fire single action until the magazine is emptied. Together, the features described above make the 229 safer to carry with a chambered round than a revolver -- when most gun owners trust a revolver in that carry condition.

Chris I. from Sidney, TX on Sat, 5 Jul 2014

ds... I believe the DA trigger pull is 10 lbs and the SA is 4 lbs. The DA pull is very smooth and not overly lengthy. The reset into SA is nice and short and has a crisp trigger break. I really like the stock trigger on the 229. IMHO one of the best DA / SA triggers out there.

Todd M. from Anaheim, CA on Tue, 18 Mar 2014

Just picked up my P229 Elite with the SRT. That trigger is awesome. Will give it a full report after the range tomorrow. Picture is posted.

Todd M. from Anaheim, CA on Wed, 5 Feb 2014

My 9mm slide is lighter than my .22 slide. The 9 slide is stainless and the .22 slide is aluminum.

Tyler C. from Hemlock, MI on Sat, 10 Aug 2013

was wondering?? is the top half of the p229 lighter in color than the bottom half, on a standard black p229??

Will D. from Sudbury, MA on Fri, 5 Apr 2013

You should go with the P239. Its still the compact size that the P232 is, but it has the same round capacity of the P229. The frame is more familiar, and its price is that of the P232.... My opinion... i like a full size, or a sub-compact OVER a compact any day. I like having a little extra room for grip instead of not having enough. And it gives it a more combat pistol appeal instead of a purse cap-gun. The P229 is a little less bulky than the P226, which makes P226 owners a little envious. But must I say, you should definitely consider the P239. I think its got what you're looking for.

Bart H. from Boynton Beach, FL on Wed, 12 Dec 2012 first trip to the range was a success. The DAK was a little difficult to get used to after the LEM trigger on my HK, otherwise it was flawless. Handling with the 155 gr. hot loads was not bad at all. The 180 gr was like a pussycat. Five stars for the 229... Here's an update, bought a 5.11 paddle holster - it seems sturdy enough, but minimal retention. This is a CCW pistol anyway, so it should still work out. A Bianchi model 3 holster came with the gun, and seems like a solid IWB holster. Any other ideas for a good belt holster?

Fernando C. from Saxonburg, PA on Fri, 30 Nov 2012

Boy, I don't know... have NO experience with that. The P229 I have is a 9mm... but I think the .40/.357 thing is the same as a .357/.38 with a revolver... I've heard from enough SIGers that you CAN... and if you say SIG CS said you can, I would think it's so... but if I used my gun for a 'living' and my life truly depended on it, I sure-as-hell would confirm this BEYOND any doubt. Talk to some LE agencies/officers in your area, they'll know.

Fernando C. from Saxonburg, PA on Fri, 30 Nov 2012

Got my first SIG today (P229) to add to my CZ collection... It IS a great shooting gun... For me, the looks are GREAT, the fit is PERFECT, and went thru 200rnds at the range, a VERY, VERY ACCURATE, FLAWLESS gun... Totally lives up to the SIG reputaion... But there's still 'something' about that CZ feel which I love!!

Gerald E. from Beachwood, OH on Mon, 15 Oct 2012

I've owned alot of handguns over the years, including a number of sig's, two P226's, one P220, P228 and P229 in .40s&w, also had the .357 sig barrel with the P229. I fired each of these alot and never had any problems, with any of them. this is the only firearms maker I can say this about. I've had a few problems with following: Glock, HK, Colt, springfield, beretta, Ruger, Star, Llama and Taurus.

Daniel I. from Bronx, NY on Tue, 24 Jul 2012

Try a Galco Southern Comfort. Its a nice IWB holster thats real comfortable. I use it with my 229 40 sw and with my mosquito. LA Police Gear has it for around $45.00 Happy shooting

Andre S. from Ridgefield, WA on Sun, 1 Jul 2012

I got this gun friday and shot 400 rnds on saturday. I only have exp. with a sigma and kel-tec, so my opinion may not count for much, but this is a bad-ass gun. I got it in the 9 because I plan to take some courses and the ammo is cheaper and it shoots like a dream. Recoil is N/A and I really like the S/A trigger. D/A is nice and smooth also. I didn't have one problem with jams or extracting. Accurate as I'll ever need, too. Gun's a little heavy loaded, but I'll deal with that. Can anyone suggest a good IWB for it? I bought a Desantis speed scabbord and it's great, but I'd like to go IWB.

Chris I. from Sidney, TX on Mon, 4 Jun 2012

To all... I've noticed (you may already know this) that if you rate the pistol, your postings go under the reviews section. If you don't rate the pistol, your postings go under the comments section. If you have a general question or comment, I would not rate the pistol and keep your postings in comments section.

Sig Sauer P229 Questions & Comments



Steven B. from Port Orchard, WA on Mon, 2 May 2016

I never leave a weapon in a vehicle, period. As far as the house, standard layers of defense include, A) Badass Redbone Coonhound B) Revolver C) 12 Gauge. Not in any particular order. The expensive weapons are tucked away. My Sig 1911 TacOps can often be at hand.

Russell C. from Chambersburg, PA on Mon, 2 May 2016

SW-Insured; You say a guard dog is NOT a reliable defense - I'd like at least one of my 4 dogs to be trained that way, but I can't afford it. IMO a good guard dog would scare/shred to hell out of any perp! That being said, if anyone (human or animal) comes near my house @ night, my dogs go ape, alerting my wife & me. If Gloc9mm doesn't mind me reading between the lines, I think he means he'd keep 1 or 2 guns readily available in case of intruders & the remaining firearms in a safe.

Shawn Q. from Canton, TX on Mon, 2 May 2016

Gloc9mm: Certainly weapon security is an important issue. Your post implies that you keep all of your guns in a safe and have no home defense gun immediately accessible. Several questions come to mind, such as: When intruders crash through the back door of your home one afternoon, will your wife, from every room, have an [b]unobstructed[/b] path to the safe? How many seconds elapse before she can retrieve a gun from the safe and make it ready to fire? Intruders will wait while she opens the safe, then shoot her. While running to the safe, are there children left defenseless? Substitute you and your wife in the last question. If, during the night, you are surprised by intruders/burglars making their way toward your bedroom, can you arm yourself within 2 seconds? Obviously, there are many other possible scenarios where not having quick access to a home defense weapon will leave you or your wife, or others defenseless. A guard dog is not a reliable defense.

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Mon, 2 May 2016

Weapon security is a very important issue. Anyone who owns more than 1 carry gun really should have a safe that IMHO, should not be able to be easilly carried away. Years ago I used to leave Pistols in scattered areas around my home for defense, but always felt uneasy. If the home isn't broken into, any weapon can be taken and gone for who knows how long until it's noticed?? Then besides how I'd feel, also your ass is in a sling as well if someone uses it. You can purchase a used safe relatively cheaply compared to what you might lose in a robbery. I personally don't believe in leaving anything of value, and especially a weapon inside an unoccupied vehicle.

Derrick T. from Montgomery, MN on Sun, 1 May 2016

Yes, we live in a very good nieghborhood but you're correct in leaving a beautiful Sig in the truck, so it will be replaced with a differant weopon.

Derrick T. from Montgomery, MN on Sun, 1 May 2016

Had my 229 (357 sig) out today and it still shoots like a dream. Can't beat the quality and reliability. It rides in my pickup 24/7 Desktop

Richard G. from Two Harbors, MN on Tue, 27 Oct 2015

You won't be disappointed. The State Troopers in my county are actually issued the 229. The only complaints they have come from the Glock lovers. They just want their Glocks lol. Other than that they like the ease of use and dependability. Again, good luck. Also, I forgot to mention that I got my 229 for about $850 with the night sights. Which is well below the MSRP listed on their website. So don't be too sticker shocked.

Josh S. from Union City, NJ on Tue, 27 Oct 2015

Thanks again for the quick reply. Yeah i'm carrying that HK by force not choice. Our department just got a new chief and the policy is being changed to allow us to carry our choice of weapon from a department approved list. I'm leaning really hard toward the sig but I won't be 100% sure until I get my hands on one.

Cary C. from Walpole, MA on Tue, 27 Oct 2015

I have the same issue. The Sig will not feel too big for your hands. IMHO Sig will be a better all around gun for you in reliability and ergonomics than the HK

Josh S. from Union City, NJ on Tue, 27 Oct 2015

Thanks guys I really appreciate the feedback now another question. I have medium to small hands in my opinion. I've seen alot about the grip being bulky. I currently carry the HK usp .40 which I find on the large size for my hands and wouldn't want anything wider than that. Weight is not an issue it's just the bulk of the grip that is the problem. Any experience with the HK to give a comparison. I will be venturing out to put the Sig in my hands to see for myself but just wanted to get a little foresight.

Richard G. from Two Harbors, MN on Mon, 26 Oct 2015

lpd- what cach said is pretty much it. Although you can also get the base 229 with the night sights and the SRT trigger upgrades for a slightly cheaper price than the elite. I personally don't like the longer tail on the elite. You can also find about whatever style grips you like online on ebay or amazon. They aren't cheap but they aren't necessary either. Either way you will be getting an excellent gun that will not disappoint! Good luck!

Cary C. from Walpole, MA on Mon, 26 Oct 2015

The elite comes with feature like the short reset trigger that will cost you 100$ or so extra on the base model. This is a big plus for a lot of duty carry, gunfight situations. The Elite also comes with Sig night sights included. My guess is you are going to be working at night at times, don't you want sights that are going to help you adapt to those conditions?

Josh S. from Union City, NJ on Mon, 26 Oct 2015

Looking for someone with experience with both the 229 and 229 elite to justify the extra $$ for the elite. I have zero experience with sigs but will possibly have the choice of carrying my own firearm on duty and like the looks and reviews i've seen on the sigs. Only majors I can see from pics are the grips and beavertail safety but someone please educate me further.

Jeffrey M. from Hampton, NJ on Tue, 18 Aug 2015

Hey SirG!, Happy to know you are still in the Sig family. Looks like Sig took real good care of you! Good luck with your beautiful new P229!!

Raul M. from Mount Prospect, IL on Tue, 18 Aug 2015

Got my replacement grip screw from SIG..good customer service. They've send me grip screws for P239 instead because they are a little bit longer..problem is they are too long and it sticks out inside the magazine well. Went to local hardware store and bought some appropriate washers ( chose a ruubber one for flexibility)...put a little dab of locktite per Hotrod911 recommendation....BAM!..good as new..seems rock solid. Will go to the range this weekend to test it.

Roy W. from Hollister, OK on Tue, 18 Aug 2015

Thanks Doriadiver. Yep, Break Free CLP is some good stuff. Try M-Pro 7 for solvent needs! SirG

Douglas I. from Omaha, NE on Tue, 18 Aug 2015

Yeah SirG, just discovered Brake Free myself on the recommendation of a friend. WOW! That stuff is amazing! Sorry's BF for me from now on. Hope you LOVE your new pistolo.

Roy W. from Hollister, OK on Mon, 17 Aug 2015

Just got a P229 today. I cleaned it with Break Free CLP, let it sit for a bit, wiped it down, lubed the rails specifically again, reassembled, and cycled about 220 times. Very smooth, no snags or drags at any point. Fit and finish is excellent. Sights are square and straight. Trigger pull is smooth. [url][/url]

Raul M. from Mount Prospect, IL on Fri, 14 Aug 2015

Thanks Hotrod911..Ill try to do it once the spare screw shows up. Some recommends using the P239's grip screw instead because they are slightly longer...any comments..anyone.

Harlan K. from Galion, OH on Thu, 6 Aug 2015

Maybe a small dab of locktite on the threads would help. I had a hand grip come loose once on a Smith & Wesson 22A and locktite fixed it. Good Luck Hotrod

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