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Mossberg 500 Persuader Shotgun


Style Pump Action Shotgun
Frame Blued Steel, aluminum receiver
Stock Synthetic
Gauge 12
Capacity 8 shells
136 oz (3856 g)
Length 0 inches (0 cm)
Barrel 20 inches (50.8 cm)
Multiple length interchangeable barrel
Cylinder Choke
Trigger SA
Safety Trigger
Sights Bead
Manufactured USA by O.F. Mossberg & Sons
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Mossberg 500 Persuader Reviews

32 Reviews


Eric R. from Willow Springs, IL on Mon, 11 Jul 2016

I got to take mine out last week and destroyed a milk jug at 25 yards. It really seemed to operate and function fine. Now for accessories!

Bret S. from Pismo Beach, CA on Mon, 11 Jul 2016

Just got one for christmas with a pistol grip. I love this gun. Mossberg is always my first choice. One hell of a gun to own! Took it to the shooting range for the first time this weekend my hands a little soar but deff. awsome!

Teddy R. from Pomeroy, OH on Tue, 22 Mar 2016

Got the Tactical Persuader with ghost ring sights. What a great shotgun. Manageable recoil and quite accurate with rifled slugs. You can't beat the price either!

Austin L. from Garland, TX on Fri, 18 Mar 2016

I bought my Mossberg 500Persuader/cruiser and added the the forend Grip From Cabelas for 37.00 and it makes this my go to gun of choose. The forend grip makes it such easily controlled piece of deadly hardware

Derek I. from Malta, ID on Thu, 3 Sep 2015

Good shotgun for the price. Just lay that front bead sight on whatever you want to hit and pull the trigger. If you use the heavier loads (not target loads), then it isn't a fun shotgun to shoot. You'll have sore shoulder. Otherwise, as shotguns go, it's made very well.

Jason V. from Cincinnati, OH on Thu, 27 Aug 2015

My favorite shotgun and my #1 go to gun for home defense. Great capacity, reliable, easy to maintain and good value. There's really not much to say about this shotgun except you can't go wrong with the persuader.

Thomas M. from Adamsville, AL on Tue, 18 Aug 2015

After many hours with gun magazines and looking at posts and perusing tons of websites I chose a Mossberg pump 20 gauge w/ an 18.5" barrell w/ a flash suppressor and 5+1......... not shot it yet, pretty much going crazy but it's minus 8 here to day and the weekend will bring warmer weather. This is my week of firsts. First pump shot gun ( my first was a 20 gauge Mossberg bolt action with a 4 shot clip) first post here and first time I joined the NRA. Looking forward to answers to my questions concerning guns. Your and mine. I have owned my Glock 17 about 10 years. Bought it from a police officer fried. And I own a Beretta .32 Bobcat. I hope to soon purchase my first rifle and will for sure make it an AR-15 or the like. I also would like to own a .380 for concealed carry ( along with the Beretta ) and Judge or the S & W's version and I'm looknig hard at the ones with the lasers......... I need advice now though on a flashlight/laser combo for the Mossy. Well enough blah blah blah for now. Thanks and well met. Steven

Vicente B. from Philadelphia, PA on Mon, 22 Jun 2015

I agree with rocket; this is my first line of defense as well. Mine also has the pistol grip, which I actually prefer. There are few weapons out there with this value too.

Ramiro M. from Bonita, CA on Thu, 18 Jun 2015

I like poll on How many agree the Mossberg 500 persuader 20 in bbl 8 shot pump shotgun is great home defence gun . I have this gun and use the pistol grip. fire everything thur it, from slugs, to 000 buck, 00 buck also found Low recoil shells of 00 & 000 buck. And had comfort in the pistol grip hand. And I had fire total of about 25 shells and the slugs had biggest kick but still with pistol grip I had good control. fired 3 shot rapid with pump. I found the low recoil 00 &000 buck shells very comfortable and accurate at 15 feet shells 9 pellets hit center mass, I was told at the range that 00 buck , that each of 9 pellet was size of a 38 cal bullet . so the taqrget I was hitting with all 9 pellets was like being hit all at once with 9 38 spl bullets. For home defence I have to say this is got to be the most effect. If the pump action sound of racking a shell sound alonge is intimadating enough to make most to run. thoese who are stupid enough to stay and give me know choice will be taken out, and best part still have 7 more rounds left for any straglers. so how doothers feel about this mossberge Persurader 500 pump? and for home defence and other uses they found to use it.

Ramiro M. from Bonita, CA on Sun, 24 May 2015

So what is the general poll yes the Mossberg Persuader 12ga pump 8 shot both 2 3/4 an 7, 3 in shell ? Comes with pistol grip and stock . I have found Mossberg to be a very decent shotgun and good price and I know few friends have 12 gauge long 28' vet rib double bead site and love it for hunting. As for persuader 18 " or 20 in bbl which I forgot to mention also comes with slug barrel also. I shot every load thur it with pistol grip 00 buck told 9 large pellet each size of a 38 spl bullet so one shell like being shot 9 times with 38. and if use low recoil rounds not big kick I think great home protection shot it close at rage and all the way down lane still turn target into shreds I would say agree it is if intruder just hears the pump action rack sound would most sane person run for there live for breaking into a home. Also the 28 : bbl pump vent rib double bead great hunting gun and also while barrel long still this would be decent home protection for there price there nice shotguns and warranty great. I saw a persuader pistol grip with heat shield 20 in barrel 8 shot fellow at range fire it so fast , everyone at rage stop to watch the flame come out not to forget the blasting sound . But he racked of off 8 shells in seconds. 2 ND shell already blew away the target and he just wanted to see how fast he could pump fire 8 shell and it was fast and very intimidating demo what damage this gun can does . Most impressive display, and very serious action look with the heat shield shoulder strap He said he has fire 100's round and no action jams from slugs to #9 bird shot.

Taylor W. from Blue Point, NY on Sat, 16 May 2015

I have shot one of my friends never liked it, first off he has a 18 in mariner with a shot stock. this gun is unreliable not sure what they did wrong but it jams when you shoot hot loads or real short target loads too. also the pump disengages during firing, not sure if that is a "feature" but should not happen. also has a crappy choke, compared to an old m870 and my legendary Ithaca. bottom line he got it cheap it should not rust but only works about 80% of the time. this is very sad as various US military personnel use similar weapons. all I can do is pray they are safe and the military buys them better ones soon.

Reynaldo M. from Greenwood, DE on Sun, 29 Mar 2015

I have the persuader with the 5+1, 18" barrel. I bought it used as my first gun. Put a folding stock with ammo holder on it, very nice. I have found it fun but sometimes painful to shoot the 3" mags out of. Thats the price of having the power of 10 pistol shots in one. The only problem i've had is, when getting down to the last shot in the tube, it sometimes won't load. If i pump it very hard back, it usually does, but sometimes will fall out. It is my #1 home defense gun, loaded with the first shot #4 3" buck (41 pellets .25 cal), then 00 buck (15 pellets) then the rest 000 buck (10 pellets). 2 slugs, 1 #4 bb, and 2 00 on demand from the stock.

Albert N. from Valatie, NY on Tue, 10 Mar 2015

I own the moss 500 persuader with the 7+1 capacity. Very nice shotgun. I have fired a variety of OU and SS as well as a good number of semis and pumps and the moss 500 stands up to them. For the price you really can't beat it. Works well with the factory full stock however I have found that either the 6 position adjustable stocks help the the gun be much more manageable and quick to aim. Also works nice with a pistol grip although that take practice to get accurate enough to rely on it in a defense situation IMHO. Its durable and reliable even after the thousands of rounds I have thrown threw it. Only thing I don't care much for on the gun is the forend has a tendency to rattle quite a bit, idk if that's just a problem with certain models but it was like that out of the box and I have heard of the "problem" before. That being said of the numerous shotguns that I own or have shot once again IMHO nothing can match the moss 500 in affordability, ruggedness and enjoyment. Very solid buy.

Ramiro M. from Bonita, CA on Mon, 26 Jan 2015

I would have to say I like the Mossberg 500 models. price is right and this has been that way since was young field hunter of waterfowl. Back then hunters said they like the Moosberg. And For home protection Persuader is nice looking gun and like one other post 00 buck is like shooting 9, 38 cal size bullets , I doublt one will miss with this and stopping power sounds like it reliable. I think that if had to this will get the job done in stopping threat and there is no worry of any bullets going thur walls like a pistol ammo with fmj , even though I woiuld prefer hollow points less chance go thur walls. How do others here feel about the Moosberg 500 persuader as over all gun given various sistuations. I have checked them out in storte and the prioce right ,. and the gun rep is good I would feel safe with it' and its stopping power.

Rick P. from Nekoosa, WI on Sat, 6 Sep 2014

My mossberg 590a1 fired flawlesly 2 3/4 inch shells are the best for me 3 inch shell were ok but way to much recoil i paid $479 a great buy for me brand new.

Carl O. from Greentown, IN on Tue, 26 Aug 2014

Bought my 8rd Mossy 500 used at a local gun store. It had only a pistol grip, and the blue on the feed tube was swirled rather badly from repeated use. I put an ATI top fold stock on and a pistol grip forestock (it looks just like the Tommy gun forestock, but polymer) and headed to the range to test out this so called "indestructable" shotgun. I practice the rapid double tap to ensure lethality, and was capable of firing this gun very fast with minimal practice. HOWEVER after about the third trip to the range a pin on the slide sheared off and the arm would hang up and bind, making cycling almost impossible. We managed to fix this with a set screw, but the design of the slide disappointed me because it is a very small pin. If you notice on the Maverick models they seem to have resolved this issue with a MUCH larger pin, but as for the never 500A, I am not sure. Also the gun is chambered for 3 inch shells (which I would prefer to use on the man who kicks in my door) but you have to be easy with them and rack the slide slower or they hang up and cause the elevator to stick. If they added about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of room I believe it would work fine. Other than that I would say that the Mossberg 500 is a great shotgun, especially for use as an "in case I need to" home defense 12GA.

Allan P. from Fremont, NC on Mon, 17 Mar 2014

This is my fist shotgun. Proudly made in the USA! Paid $269 + fees. Kicked hard with 3 inch shells, most 2 3/4 inches recoil is managable. I have shot several brands of ammo, after 400+ rounds 0 problems. Smooth action and easy breakdown. Not too light nor to heavy for a 12 gauge. Mossberg 500 probably has more adaptations, add ons, and customization than any other shotgun. It will shoot reliably out of the box. Very reliable shotgun. Purshase it 02/2009. Great shotgun to start with (for the price). Love the 8-round capacity. Its not as elegant as some other guns, but I want a gun that I won't be afraid to use scratch up and shoot, not a show piece.

Chase B. from Scammon, KS on Sun, 9 Feb 2014

i have a mossberg835 3.5in field w/28in bbl.,but i wanted a more tactical model.i bought a 24in smoothbore slug bbl.,choate extended mag[2rds] and some polymer pistol/forearm stocks,bingo! a breaching gun."SCOUTS OUT"

Gerald E. from Beachwood, OH on Fri, 1 Mar 2013

Great gun, at a great price. Mine has an 18" barrel with full buttstock and I also have the pistol grip. It holds 4+1. I use 2 3/4 #4 buckshot for home defense. I also like low recoil 2 3/4 00 buckshot

Joseph M. from Lincoln, ME on Sat, 16 Feb 2013

I just bought the parkarized finished model with the 20"barrel and long magazine. Came in box with extra pistol grip wich has it's own sling stud. I bought it to put in my kayak as I do a lot of island hopping were bears and wolves live, but don't want my nice $800 custom 686 going in the drink if I capsize on the big water. This gun is perfect for me, Mossberg is a great gun company, and among, if not the best of American shotgun manufacturers. The parkarized coating has helped a lot so far in preventing rust, and the extras in the box were top quality. Can say NOTHING bad about this gun. Even internal parts were completely coated. Very worth the extra $100 dollars for the coating. We will see how it holds up to these harsh northern winters, and snowshoeing.

Mossberg 500 Persuader Questions & Comments



Carl A. from Buffalo, MN on Tue, 28 Jun 2016

would definitely want one of these for christmas!! ---

Eric R. from Willow Springs, IL on Mon, 16 May 2016

I was called today that my Christmas present arrived. I'm getting a Thunder Ranch. Pretty excited, but not going to be able to play with it until 12/25.

Dylan I. from Springville, NY on Tue, 22 Mar 2016

Ive got the regular 500 with the gold trigger. It came with a wood stock and wood forend 28" ported barrel. I have ordered a black synthetic forend for it, a blackhawk spec ops knoxx stock with cheek rest, an 18" barrel from Mossberg, and ghost ring sights for it. I cant wait to get all the equipment and get it all installed.

Vicente B. from Philadelphia, PA on Tue, 6 Oct 2015

Anyone got any advice for different sights for the 500? Open sights night sights? Thanks.

Buddy O. from Dunnellon, FL on Wed, 19 Aug 2015

Welcome to the forum Steven, glad to have you. "Bought it from a police officer fried" Funny, I thought it was just the criminals that fried. (Kidding man) Anyways, I got the Mossberg Persuader/Cruiser a few months ago, I have yet to try it with the pistol grip though. Haven't had the time, money and fair weather at the same time to go to the range lately. Definitely a good gun in my humble opinion.

Rick P. from Nekoosa, WI on Sun, 21 Jun 2015

knoxx recoil stock nice addition to any 500 or 590 low recoil great time shootin clay disk

Mark P. from Northford, CT on Sun, 7 Jun 2015

I'm about to purchase a Mossy 500 Persuader for home defense in the following configuration: SHOT CRUISER

Carey J. from Eagar, AZ on Fri, 22 May 2015

This is one of my favorite shotguns. I don't own it yet but will in the near future. You get a great home defense shotgun for cheap. It is a reliable gun and made by a great company in Mossberg!

Fred S. from Coventry, CT on Thu, 5 Mar 2015

Simmonds, check this out:

Ross M. from Suffield, CT on Wed, 4 Mar 2015

My dad has a revelation r310ab 12 ga and by what I have read it was made by mossberg 500. I was just wondering if anyone knew any information about this particular shotgun. The barrel has a little rust on it and I'm wanting to get it cleaned up so that I can use it for hunting and someday give it to my son to use. Thanks.

Fred S. from Coventry, CT on Fri, 13 Feb 2015

Yup, I knew it was a 5 rnd mag, got one. Plenty for hunting or home defense. Some might be offended when you answer the door with a shotgun. LOL Self defense shoot standard is accepted as 21 feet max for an armed aggressor [FLEOTC], but 99% are 2-5 feet. Most home invaders & such know better than to give you time to get to any weapon or cell phone... they knock your door down and there you are watching TV in your underwear with a mouthful of Doritos. Lots of crack/meth-heads just looking to do harm to folks for no logical reason. Plenty of psychos who don't even need the drugs.

Buddy O. from Dunnellon, FL on Thu, 12 Feb 2015

Okay, first, oops, apparently it is a six "shot" gun, five in the mag +1. Second, WOW, I can see what people mean about a shotgun being the ultimate in self defense in, or even outside of, the home. Reading the story of an intruder having their arm taken clean off by a lady and now I can sure see it could happen judging by the patterns on the target paper. I shot several rounds at perhaps about 5 yards and then at about 10 yards and yeah, that will certainly do the job. Of course it was just paper so who knows how deep it would penetrate but seeing that a good three inch circle was just plain missing and another 3 inches around outside of that was pretty heavily peppered, I sure would not want to be on the receiving end no matter the load. I did have one problem myself in that I had a couple times where I loaded 3 rounds but only shot twice, when I went to pull the trigger I heard 'click' rather than 'boom'. Didn't know what happened at first but then found an unshot round right next to my foot both times. I can only assume I must not have pushed the last round in correctly and it fell out when I cycled it. I made sure to push the last round in deeply following that and did not have the same issue. So, assume that is the problem at this point. Also had my kids try it out, they did not seem to care for it so much as the recoil was a bit much for them. They had a problem with trying to get the action to cycle completely, apparently they had a hard time pulling it all the way back so would get stuck about half way down. I assume that was because they didn't have the strength for it because I had no such problem. Overall though, it shot well, made a huge circle right were I aimed it, and I had no real problem with the recoil myself. I only used two types of ammo, some heavy bird shot and some skeet shots. I will have to try some skeet shooting and the pistol grip some other time as well as other types of shots. Even with just those particular rounds though, definitely a danger to an intruder. All together, I LIKE IT!!!!!

Buddy O. from Dunnellon, FL on Thu, 12 Feb 2015

Thank you Goanra. Mine has a 6 round mag so +1 equaling 7 total of course. I would hope I would never need more than that but in so far I have never been in "Need" of a gun for my whole life really so more than enough for now. (Course I have tons of ammo and a few other guns so I would have more than 7 on hand really anyways) Regarding the lady blowing off the guys arm, I bet that was a hell of a scene to walk into.

Fred S. from Coventry, CT on Wed, 11 Feb 2015

Brian, Big Congrats on 3 of the best firearms around. Did you get the 7+1 mag on your Moss 500? In LE, we had to take a SG course. "0" Buckshot performed the best, but we used "00" for budget on duty. No slugs as we had carbines. We were taught 7- 1/2 shot was best for home defense in a 12 Ga shotgun. I answered a call once, where a woman shot an intruder in her home with a .410 with birdshot [full choke]. Hit him in the bicep & removed 99% of the arm. He bled out & died quick. Blood was piled up like cherry Jello.

Buddy O. from Dunnellon, FL on Tue, 10 Feb 2015

I just got one the other day, the Persuader/Cruiser version in 12 gauge. I plan on trying it out this weekend along with a couple other new guns, a S&W 686 and a Ruger 10/22 with scope, so I will let you know how it goes. Value wise, and again I have not even shot it once, for less than 300 bucks it seems like a good product, so far. Did clean it already, that was an adventure. Seems once you get past revolvers and semi auto handguns, assembly and disassemble gets a bit trickier. As to how long the gun will last, I can let you know in 20 years, hahaha. I have heard they stand the test of time pretty well though, just read through the thread.

Julius P. from Clarksdale, MS on Tue, 10 Feb 2015

I need a new skeet shotgun. So my question is how's the reloading, chamber-ing , any jamming etc. how maintains. Will I get my money worth , will this shot-gun last me my life.

Buddy O. from Dunnellon, FL on Mon, 26 Jan 2015

I have been thinking about getting a shotgun for a long time and was doing some reading recently, I believe it was on the NRA website. Anyways, they suggested using birdshot as home protection though many people feel that it is too light. The reasoning was that in close quarters birdshot will screw someone up bad in close range, such as in a home, but will not go through a wall, thus, keeping your liability low. You would not want something going through a wall and killing a neighbor across the street or a family member in the next room. Buck shot and slugs both went through three walls spaced 21 feet apart when tested. True or false I don't know but supposedly these tests were done by professionals that teach combat training to law enforcement.

Vance T. from Pittsburgh, PA on Tue, 20 Jan 2015

goanra,Thanks for the reply.I ended up buying the Moss combo 12 ga.I love it.The only problem I've had is the field barrel the shell is hard to eject.I'm sure with time it will loosen up.The self defense barrell works like a charm.I'm thinking about a slug barrel any tips on what to buy.Thanks

Fred S. from Coventry, CT on Tue, 20 Jan 2015

waj30, I have a Moss 500 Combo 12 ga, 3inch chamber, 24 inch cyl bore barrel with rifle sights, aka slug barrel, [have taken many deer with it], it also came with a 20 inch 'turkey' barrel with ventilated rib and 3 'Accu-Chokes' [IC, Mod, Full]. I got it in the 80s and it is a perfect shotgun for every type of use. After 25 years of heavy use, it works like new and never had a problem with it.

Jay C. from Indianapolis, IN on Mon, 19 Jan 2015

this could be my first shot gun i hear alot of good things about it . i love the chik chik sound when u load a round in the chamber .

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