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Kalashnikov Saiga-12S Shotgun



Style Autoloading Shotgun
Frame Steel, blued
Stock wood, synthetic, full, folding, skeleton
Capacity 2/5/8 shells
126.4 oz (3583 g)
Length 41.7 inches (105.9 cm)
Barrel 22.8 inches (57.9 cm)
19, 22, 24 inch, compensator
smooth bore, standard and magnum, variable choke
Trigger semi auto
Safety bolt
Sights AK style iron sights, rails for scopes
Manufactured Russia by Kalashnikov Concern (formerly Izhmash)
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Kalashnikov Saiga-12S Reviews

14 Reviews


Richard A. from Lake Station, IN on Wed, 20 Jan 2016

Dharmabumz, Sorry about the handle misspelling ... 'dharmabug'. Roger that. I will check outKick-Lite's. There will always be some glares from fellow shooters when you tell them: "put the butt-stock in the shoulder pocket and lean into the recoil". That might help the wife as well ... We get some hellaciously good deals on the Fiocchi and other brands of double ought and slugs fromour local Academy (BIG BOX STORE) that we eventually find ourselves shooting way to many rounds per person of those heavy loads. It will wear on anyone after the FUN WEARS OFF. This may or may not apply to your wife's situatiion. If you have ever fired a short stocked rifle you will know what I mean Like the Trigger assy and your firing hand are behaind your ear or at least your chin ... makes for some very akward shooting. Same applies to people with who shoot weapons with stocks desined to accomodate a range of arm lengths . Particularly trigger finger to fold of elbow. To actively visualize what I'm saying: Have your wife stand with her arms and hands straight out to her sides at shoulder heigth, now you stand behind her ...centered and spread your arms and hands behind hers. If there is a significant difference in wing span that may be part of her problem. From fingertip to finger tip my wife is 5 foot, 3 1/2 inches. She stands 5 feet 2 1/4 inches tall. I stand 6 feet 2 inches and my wing spa is 6 foot 3 1/2 inches. Not all of that measurement difference (about a foot in our case) is arm length, but a significant amount is. Failing that try shooting some 6, 7, 9 shot at a range/field. If you aren't into springing for man sized targets simply set out some plastic or tin 3pound coffee cans...same size as an adult head for ranging the lighter bird shot. BTW just cleaned the Saiga for the first time after near 800 rounds...just like an AK 47 except for the gas plug. Dust cover is a pain for me to re-install but the bolt assy is gettin a lot easier.

Devin M. from Jackson, MS on Wed, 20 Jan 2016

Thanks Saiga-12; I saw those recoil buffers and wondered if they worked. My thought re the absorbing stock was that my wife has shot 12 gauge but doesn't exactly love it. BUT she hinted that the noise didn't bother her, but the recoil re her shoulder. I think I'll get 3-4 of those buffers, and still explore the recoil absorbing stock. I had a Pachmyer buttstock pad that I took off one rifle and it fit the Saiga butt so well I think I'll leave it. Yeah, I know what you mean re tricking out these Saigas. I see guys at our range going nuts over some part they suddenly can't live without. I decided to upgrade our HD weapons so traded a Remington 870 Police pump in 12 ga and some cash for a NIB Saiga-12. After running slugs through it today I'm convinced it is a good, solid HD shotgun. Let me know if you hear any gossip about those Kick-Lite stocks. They mention them on the Saiga-12 forum.

Richard A. from Lake Station, IN on Wed, 20 Jan 2016

dharmabug, Go to one of the Saiga Forum sites or to a Saiga rifle/shotgun site with parts. They sell a small specialty foam piece that fits toward the rear of the trigger set assembly -behind the wound-wire spring. Simpler direction : when you take off the reciever/dustcover the foam piece fitsunder and toward the rear of the dust cover. Can't miss it by shape and some of the Saiga Forums' commercial supporters actually have video's or diagrams for all thier parts. The foam piece is supposed to reduce felt recoil by 1/3 - 1/2 and costs only a few bucks... lifetime of the foam is supposed to be like 3000 rounds. These are simple "drop in pieces. I should warn you about parts availability for your Saiga.. They are almost all quality parts, they are usually readily available. You can ...if you don't watch out spend a dump truck load of cash tricking out you Shotgun. Believe me, the forum sites and parts suppliers have turned the Saiga's into works of art. Some are cut down PDW's with 20 round drum mags that you could hide under a windbreaker... MAke sure you know what you want before you start modifing (if you do). Enjoy... later .

Devin M. from Jackson, MS on Tue, 19 Jan 2016

Well I finally got the automatic gas plug from TAC-47. It works like a charm. Eliminates the guessing and fussing back and forth with "#1 or #2". I tested it with Federal 71/2's in a 23/4 round. Fired flawlessly. Tested winchester slugs and no fail to feed or stovepipes. It is awesome to shoot. Now--my next question, has anyone tried the new Kick-Lite recoil absorbing stocks? Any pros and cons appreciated.

Devin M. from Jackson, MS on Fri, 15 Jan 2016

Thanks. I'm new to shotguns,having only kept my 870 police nearby for a house gun. I've seen the gas plugs you mention. I wondered what they were for. Do they come with directions even I could understand? Hope so cuz, I'm getting one on order. Also,in advertising used saigas I see a lot of the ads saying "converted". What is it that these people convert? i.e. from what to what? I looked in the saiga forum but didn't see it defined. I heard a rumor the upper for the saiga-12 could be replaced with a saiga AK-47 upper so you could switch back and forth between shotgun or rifle. Is this true? Sorry to dumpallmy questions on you but I am curious about this beast.

Richard A. from Lake Station, IN on Fri, 15 Jan 2016

dharmabumz, Low brass ... Bump a shell loaded with a slug or double ought against say some #9 shot shells you'll see the difference immediately . Or just go to the range and compare some spent cartridges you'll see the difference. BTY You can adjust your Saiga to shoot the cheap stuff go to any of the Saiga forum sites and or parts sales sites. They even make an easily adjustable gas tube plug that you just turn with thumb and finger. Which is the better option and cheap as well. You'll want to change plug settings when switching between low brass and high brass ammo -don't mix em'-. The recoil will sting a bit more if you adjust for low brass then start shooting high brass with out making a setting change.

Devin M. from Jackson, MS on Fri, 15 Jan 2016

Yo dog, Thanks for the tip. Let me ask to be sure I'm not confused. By low brass do you mean ammo where the brass is down real low...almost non-existent looking from the side? I have some remington 00 in 2 3/4. Think those will fly?

Devin M. from Jackson, MS on Tue, 12 Jan 2016

Hey Y'all; I just bought a Saiga-12.One each 15 rd mag, and 1 ea. 5 rd mag. Now to see if I can learn to put the mags in. The dealer said the recoil would get my attention, so we'll see. Tomorrow I plan to launch it...any advice on what rounds feed best? Can low recoil practice rounds work OK in the Saiga? Also is it better to use 2 3/4 or 3 in. rounds?

Richard A. from Lake Station, IN on Thu, 24 Sep 2015

I paid $450.00 for my Saiga 12 -Model 19- about 8 months ago. Practiced loading/unloading, changing mags and disassembly procedure was learned off of YouTube (was all new to me)This gun is essentially, a 12 gauge Ak-47 and believe it or not a lot of the weapons parts are interchangeable. I thought I would need a spnge butt stock cover but the gun is not a bruiser due the gas piston operating system which is adjustable. Shot it this past week end was a dream to shoot the double OO buck has a shoulder width pattern at 65 - 70 YARDS -for real! The slugs were still rising at the same distance ...we plan on target shooting for the slugs at 80-150 yards soon will let you all know how it goes. As to price check around small towns like I did where they like to shoot American guns and the small shops get stuck with a gun (sometimes). The more options (God knows there are a bunch) and modifications done to the shotguns the worse it will hurt your wallet. Swapping magazines is a learned art practice till it's second nature -watching the Spetznatz vidieos on Youtube helps. Great shoutgun if you get the 20/30 round drum mags you win ... EVERY SERIOUS ARGUEMENT in line of sight short of miniguns, PERIOD.

Taylor W. from Blue Point, NY on Sat, 16 May 2015

hahhahahaha shot one couple weeks ago that is too much fun, decent pattern too. the one I used had very cheap polymer mags, they barely fit in the gun. when firing the gun failed to cycle a couple times but we were shooting bird shot so the gas system probably should have been adjusted. they are sold up her for under $400 did not get a look at the mfr but I think there are many.

Bobby R. from Boise, ID on Tue, 24 Feb 2015

Dude, don't forget about the 30 rd drum! Machined from aluminum, it costs about $425. Only drawback with the drums I see is none yet accept 3" magnum shells

Enrique W. from Indian Head, MD on Fri, 31 Oct 2014

I can't shoot my Saiga-12 enough. No Complaints about it at all. DON'T WAIT! JUST BUY ONE! You Won't be sorry. Feeds DAMN NEAR ANYTHING and IT'S RELIABLE!

Tom O. from Aurora, IL on Mon, 15 Sep 2014

got a saiga 20-ga. would like to find extended clips for it....anyone have a source. and ya its fun to shoot,and even a strait shooter.......for the money.

Frank D. from Lewistown, IL on Sun, 25 Nov 2012

This is a great shotgun for home defence. It behaves like an ak47 except for the for ajustable gas system. It can be quiet picky when it comes to ammo. DO NOT USE THE FEDERAL UNIVERSAL SHELLS.

Kalashnikov Saiga-12S Questions & Comments



Tom O. from Aurora, IL on Wed, 6 Apr 2016

I like what you can do with the saga shot gun ,I have a 20ga it is fun and i would suspect over time more after market parts wiil be on line ,for my life it is a stamped cheap gun tho.......

Lorenzo C. from Minneapolis, MN on Mon, 4 Apr 2016

These Saigas look like fun. They've always got them in a work and they move fast. We had a couple drum mags, but honestly - they are ridiculous. They are bulky, heavy and wouldn't serve well in any serious encounter. Fun as heck I'm sure, but not at all practical.

Tom O. from Aurora, IL on Fri, 15 Jan 2016

saiga,s do not extract well with low brass rd,s .that i can tell you................

Bryan L. from Paterson, NJ on Tue, 24 Feb 2015

Gigaphun: The only problem I've had with Federal shot shells is that they are dirty and can clog the gas system after 100 rounds sometimes. I just take the adjustment screw off every 100 rounds and make sure the chamber isn't packed with crap. Unfortunately, I get the best deal on Federal shells at the moment so I buy them by the case. Pretty soon I'll have to get a reloader or buy shells by the pallet. Between my Saiga and my Browning O/U I go through a case a week. Anyone know what the cost breakdown is for reloading per round?

Bryan L. from Paterson, NJ on Tue, 24 Feb 2015

The most reasonably priced site for Saiga magazines I've found is They have 12, 20 and 410 mags. They frequently run out of stock but, seem to get resupplied pretty quick. billdeserthills: I've seen 20 round drums but never a 30 round. Where did you get yours?

Benjamin J. from Denver, CO on Tue, 24 Feb 2015

I bought my saiga -12 and put my remington 870 in the back of the safe havent looked back . The saiga 12 is the furture quick to reload you can choose from 5,8,10 or 12 round magazine or 12 round or 20 round drum is much faster to reload than the old way

Bobby R. from Boise, ID on Mon, 15 Sep 2014

I think Sure Fire makes a nice stick mag, my second would be AGP

Bobby R. from Boise, ID on Thu, 28 Aug 2014

I had my Saiga 12ga re-done as an AOW, barrel was chopped to 10", folding stock installed with a rail up front. I call it my "No-Knock Warrant Gun" now... I like to shoot 3" mag shells, that way you never have to wonder if it will cycle a shell. I've been using Surefire 12 rd and AGP 10 rd mags. I was shooting skeet one time, it is a wild gun!

Kurt R. from Mineola, NY on Mon, 9 Sep 2013

Hi, have you seen this? Wow!

Kurt R. from Mineola, NY on Tue, 23 Jul 2013

Hey guys, check out how a car can be shot to pieces with a Saiga in 2 minutes -

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