Hi-Point C-9 Pistol



Style Compact Pistol
Frame High Impact Polymer
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 8/10 rounds
25 oz (709 g)
Length 6.75 inches (17.1 cm)
Barrel 3.5 inches (8.9 cm)
Sights 3-dot, adjustable rear sight (Windage and Elevation)
Manufactured USA by Hi-Point Firearms
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Hi-Point C-9 Reviews

121 Reviews


gbeecher from Minneapolis, MN on Tue, 2 May 2017

Purchased in November 2012 for $149.95. Was the only NEW 9mm handgun I could afford. Was sold on the warranty & customer reviews. 584 rounds of fmj & jhp fired, for 12 minor stoppages - works for me!

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Sun, 14 Feb 2016

saylurman, I have been shooting the Hi-Point line of pistols and carbines for over 10 years now (CF380, C9, 40S&W) and have had very few problems. Most were in the C9 when I tried to use NATO surplus 147g FMJ ammo that would not extract (swelled cases), but that ammo is now strictly for my 995 Carbine, which handles it fine. I have had average groups with the C9 of 3?" from 45 feet on my private outdoor range, and tighter at closer ranges. The Hi-Point pistols are of very good quality and as reliable as any other pistol. I bought my C9 when they were selling for $89 and would not take $300 for it! I have other pistols, CZ82 & CZ83, Taurus PT140, Glock 22, S&W M&P 40c, and a dozen or more revolvers. So it is not like I only have Hi-Points and feel that I have to defend them. Most of the problems that people have encountered with them are caused by their handling of them. Weak wrists, loose gripping, jerking the trigger, etc. It IS a very good pistol line.

Edward C. from Minier, IL on Sun, 6 Dec 2015

have c9 and no complaints. gets the job done.might not be as cute as others,but it aint looks that stop the BG.

Richard Q. from Glassboro, NJ on Sat, 28 Nov 2015

Bought another Hi Point C-9. I love this little pistol. Paid $143 NIB for it out the door. Fired 50 rounds of Winchester NATO and not a single jam or hangup. I really enjoy this firearm. Recoil is not that bad, considering the weight of the pistol. It's always a blast to shoot and I'm looking to purchase the .380 soon. This is a great truck gun. You can throw this pistol around and not really take care of it and it will be allright. HP doesn't even recommend you take the firearm apart for thorough cleaning until 1500-2000 rounds through it. There are much better, prettier looking guns on the market, but I am convinced my Hi Point is just as reliable as my S&W Airweight.

Justin T. from Emeryville, CA on Sun, 25 Oct 2015

To leewsee re CP Compensated The major difference from the C-9 or C-9 Compact is that it has a specially designed "compensator" attached to the end of the barrel. The compensator works by forcing some of the hot gases, escaping behind the bullet, to go upward through specially drilled holes in the top of the compensator. The escaping gases push the end of the gun downward; helping to eliminate some of the upward motion caused by the natural recoil of the gun. The Compensator has also been machined on the underside to accept laser sights, or "tactical lights" for better target identification in a self defense, or tactical situation. Another difference between the C-9 and C-9 Comp. is the barrel length. Its 4" barrel is 1/2" longer than its sister weapon's providing for better accuracy and balance. The compensator and extra bulk also increase the weight. Weighing in at 35 oz., it is fully 10 oz. heavier than the new model, and 6 oz. heavier than the older model of the C-9 Compact.

Ross P. from Roberta, GA on Tue, 8 Sep 2015

This pistol has a better grip with the 10round clip. As for performance it shoots where you aim , it does not like cheap ammo. The staff at Hi Point are very helpful and customer service is top notch. The C9 a lot of people may bad mouth this gun .But as for this C9 owner I am inpressed with there customer service an there pistol straight out of the box using 115gr fmj 5 rounds in a 3 inch area on the target . C9 ugly, heavy, and some say cheap . But yes it works.

Vicente V. from Canton, OH on Sun, 30 Aug 2015

I did a side by side comparison in the shooting range between my Glock 17, SIG-Sauer 226, SIG-Sauer 2022, FNH FNP 9, Ruger P95, and the Hi-Point C9. I wanted to see how my C9 shot compared to its more expensive brothers. I was surprised to find that it was in the middle of the pack in accuracy up to 7 yards. More accurate than the Glock 17 and Ruger P95 but, the SIG 226, SIG 2022 and FNP 9 had incredibly tight groups. I tested them by shooting 100 rounds each. I guess what I love most about the C9 is the fact that Hi-Point does not want you to open the gun until you have fired 2000 rounds thru it. All you need to do to clean it is to use CLP and run a bore snake and you are done. I actually spray my C9 with Gun Scrubber Synthetic Safe every 300 rounds as well. It keeps it very clean and shooting smoothly.

Richard Q. from Glassboro, NJ on Sun, 30 Aug 2015

I love my c9. I trust this gun with my life. However let me caution prospective buyers of this gun. In your manual, Hi Point clearly lists the ammunition it recommends. Let me illustrate... I bought PMC luger and fired the first 50 rounds through it without any major problems (only one or two wouldn't feed). I bought some steel Russian 9mm Tul Ammo and went through hell trying to get ANY of it to fire. Out of 50 rounds i've had about 6 or 7 rounds actually feed into the chamber. It just will not take it. I love my Hi Point. I am going to continue to mess around with ammunition to see what it likes best. I know this gun is bulky and ugly as hell, but if you ever run out of ammo it's one heck of a club! No recoil, great value (you can buy them for $129 NIB) . A lot of people say you get what you pay for. I agree, you do. But there are thousands of people like me that are perfectly fine with that, and I would trust my Hi Point just as much as any other firearm I own. Plan on buying the .380 soon.

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Fri, 28 Aug 2015

Seeing as Hi Point recommends Remington and Blazer ammunition, I plan to run a box of each through the C9 next weekend to see if different ammo and some magazine adjustments do the trick. As stated, I'm still very pleased with the firearm. I don't feel that 6 FTF's in 100 rounds is all that alarming. I have alerted Hi Point of my findings and await their response. Will post more results after the next range test.

Ross P. from Roberta, GA on Thu, 20 Aug 2015

Just came back from the shooting range .had to try my new Hi Point C9 Luger.Now let me just say this Hi Point C9 my be ugly to some others may even say it's low cost. The truth of the matter is never judge a book by it's cover.This C9 is one hell of a gun . Thank you Hi point. This is value plus at a price worth boasting about.All I can say is WOW.

Todd E. from Huntingdon, PA on Fri, 14 Aug 2015

What can I say...hmmm...well, heavy, clunky, fat, ugly. Wait a sec...that sounds like ME! How about... accurate, cheap, reliable, easy to use... (hmmm...sounds like ME again!) Seriously, if someone wants something for home defense that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, this is it. It can be bought new for about $150 (with two mags). Someone earlier said it had a lot of recoil, but I disagree. The gun's mass keeps that to a minimum. That mass also improves the accuracy because the inertia limits flinching effects and keeps the muzzle steady. 9mm being the cheapest ammo out there (other than .22s) makes it affordable on almost any budget. Just don't plan on using it as a CCW. For that much weight, you might as well get a .45

Quentin F. from Spearfish, SD on Sat, 25 Jul 2015

It's great little gun for the price, they are tough. Check out this series of videos a guy did to see what it would take to do in a Hi Point C9, everyone claims they just blow up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FoWpog5KU4

Andrew V. from Augusta, GA on Sat, 18 Jul 2015

Bought my C-9 a few months ago. It's a heavy gun with a hard recoil.... but the handling, accuracy, and efficiency (no misfires, all clean ejections) was better than I expected for the price I paid for the gun. Glad to see the comments and tips for the C-9 on this forum. Helps me out quite a bit. Thanks.

Taylor W. from Blue Point, NY on Sun, 17 May 2015

to respond to the magazine query yes as with most cheap guns you must ensure when loading you do it correctly. a very common practice with 1911 users is to smack the bottom of the mag to make the rounds to get in line. in reality it is much easier to load then put thumb on rim, then gently strike bottom on leg. mine does it some time, however it has never jammed even with flying ashtrays. my .45 does it too still no jams you may have a bad mag, one of mine is pretty sticky when loading into gun. be sure never to slam a mag in the gun it will cause the round s to surge this may bring about a jam. "ftl"

Justin T. from Emeryville, CA on Sat, 2 May 2015

cm5838, have you sent the C-9 gun and magazine(s) back to Hi-Point? They will check it all out and make repairs/adjustments accordingly. Great service with usually a 7 day, or less, turnaround. FYI, Hi-Point does not recommend hollow-point ammo. Here is the response, re ammo, I got from Hi-Point Customer Service: "The ammunition brands we recommend are Remington, UMC and Blazer 115gr FMJ. We do not recommend Winchester or Wolf. Please call the factory for any questions you may have. Our technical staff will help you. The hours are 7am till 5pm EST Monday thru Thursday and 7am till 11am EST Friday. Our toll-free number is 1-866-948-4867." PhantomII, I had a similar experience at the local sheriff's department gun range. Other shooters liked the C-9...until they heard the name. One deputy shot a clip and did better with my Hi-Point C-9 than his Glock G-19. Inexpensive is not the same as cheap. The Hi-Point C-9 is inexpensive. If only they would come out with a double stack mag...

Clifford C. from Newbury, OH on Fri, 1 May 2015

I have had my c9 for 2 years or so, bought it new. Since new it has refused to load hollow points, and with a full clip the top round does not like to sit correctly in the mag, high on the bullet and low on the headstamp. That bothers me some, but tonight I had an incident where I had to use the pistol at my front door, luckily no shots had to be fired, but when I ejected the mag and went to clear the chamber I realized it failed to load one. After playing with it for a minute I realized the mad is not locking in properly and I had to smack it in pretty hard to lock it right. Is this typical of this weapon? I felt if there had been a home invader at my door instead of what turned out to be a stray animal this would have been a fatal malfunction.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Fri, 1 May 2015

I have owned 4 different Hi-Points; CF380, C9, .40S&W, and two different 995 carbines, for the past 10 years. Everyone that I talk to about them (on the range, etc.) says that they would never own a Hi-Point, too cheap. I have shot about 1500 rnds of 9mm through the C9 (600 or so) and the rest through the carbines. I have had a few FTFs and a couple of double feeds. The problems were related to a bad mag (HP replaced it). The .40S&W has had 500 rnds through it, no problems, but gave it to my B-I-L, and he loves it! My son got my CF380 since I did not want to shoot that caliber anymore, that pistol never failed me. I had been having some problems (it was me, not the pistol) with a .40S&W Taurus that I own, and brought my C9 to the range with me and started shooting it from the 10 yd line and kept the group to 3-1/2" and a friend of mine shooting next to me wanted to know what I was shooting... When he found out he declared that he would never own one, they're too cheap! Cheap but Made in the USA and reliable (Gun Test Magazine agrees). I have many pistols and carbines, but I'll never stop shooting my Hi-Points!

Marco P. from Abilene, TX on Wed, 15 Apr 2015

I finally made it to the range today. I put 140 rounds through it without a single problem. 50 rounds of ten dollar CCI ammo, 50 rounds of winchester white box, and 40 rounds of remington umc metal clad. (Only 40 rounds of the last so I could take some ammo home.) It felt good shooting, and while this trip I wasn't especially concerned with accuracy, landed the first 70 or so rounds on the 18 inch square target at about 15 yards, and plinked at the head-sized steel plates at 25 yards with the rest. The guy a couple of positions down shooting a S&W felt the need to ask what I was shooting, and when I told him gave me the "my other gun is a glock" spiel. Bottom line, I'm rather pleased with my C9.

Rick E. from Somerville, OH on Mon, 13 Apr 2015

I have had 2 C9's and a 995. all of them performed flawlessly. I just sold one to my father in law for home protection, but I will probably get another and have been looking at another 995. they are inexpensive, but their customer service is fantastic. I would not hesitate to trust one with my families lives.

Howard F. from Jacksonville, AR on Fri, 6 Feb 2015

i had one of these as my first "real" pistol. and i must say i wasn't impressed, or dissatisfied. first off, they're USA made, which is a plus. they also come with a warranty, which the company actually stands up to, major plus. as far as shooting the gun goes, well, it's not at all enjoyable. they're not very accurate, which is to be expected for a 100 dollar pistol. if you shake them you can hear parts rattling around. however, unless you're using some EXTREMELY cheap ammo, they don't jam. i give this gun a 2 out of 5. why? because it's not accurate, it doesn't feel good in the hands, it actually feels cheap, it actually IS cheap(a plus), and it doesn't jam. if all you want is something to keep on a nightstand to defend yourself just in case, it's perfect. if you want something to collect, show off, and go out and have a good time shooting; opt for a better gun.

Hi-Point C-9 Questions & Comments



Edward C. from Minier, IL on Sat, 5 Mar 2016

Hi Point owners.....join the forum and learn some tech tips to make your guns function better. Hi Point Forum.

Ramiro Q. from Dallastown, PA on Sat, 5 Mar 2016

This is my 1st handgun and I bought the c9 last week , put 400 rounds thru it and it worked great. My wife told me to bye another one so we can have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. She loved it. Plus its all i can afford right now anyway.

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Mon, 29 Feb 2016

I understand Saylur, I normally Carry a Glock 19 or a 1911 but when buying a small Gun,Iopted for a Ruger 357 after problems with a Beretta PX-4sc cause I'm a thin guy. The Ammo may be limited, but I feel if I need more than 5 I shouldn't have got myself into the situation to start with. lol I am just a firm believer that if a Weapon has a bad rep, it will most probably come out when needed most, like when a person is in a very stressed situation. Hopefully none of us will ever need to prove or disprove that theory! I just wanted to mention the Raven cause that's a Weapon that cannot be worked or made right with practice. I'd hate some new Gun Owner to purchase one and get themself killed. I feel Dealers that sell them should at least warn a potential buyer. Personally I'd never be trying head shots at any range even with my larger Weapons.

Robert J. from Lavaca, AR on Mon, 29 Feb 2016

gloc9mm I couldn't agree more. Even though the M&P has the magazine one would wish and accuracy as good as anything out there . . . I don't have the body type to hide it. Same goes for my P 97 except when the weather turns cold. For that reason I put in the effort to make my Keltec P9 my everyday carry. Fits easily in any pocket and fires every time with reasonable accuracy after some work and practice. Reasonable? You wouldn't be trying head shots across the street with a Keltec P9.

Martin E. from Otis Orchards, WA on Sun, 28 Feb 2016

I had those three ten round magazines for the C-9, they didn't work so i sent then in and ask for 3 eight round magazines for replacement. Next time I get to the range, I am sure they will work just fine, The C-9 is inexpensive, too heavy and bulky for concealed carry. But it will be reliable in a home intrusion situation. I have no problems with the C-9. I keep in it in my office for protection of my silver collection. When I leave the house I am happy with my Bersa Thunder 380.

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Sun, 28 Feb 2016

Saylur, The Raven, (The "Back Up" is the same thing) is really nothing more than an overpriced paperweight. I see people Carrying them and really feel they are very foolish. I just feel if 90% of the reviews are negative on any Weapon and you cannot afford better, you are better off not Carrying a Weapon! A Gun that always Jams will get you killed quicker than none at all. But, that's just my opinion.

Robert J. from Lavaca, AR on Sun, 28 Feb 2016

Thanks PhantomII. Like I said before, any gun you are happy with, is fine with me. However, my C-9 and the Raven (both bought new) have resisted every effort to be anything more than occasional plinkers. I have a S&W M&P that fires accurately every time you squeeze the trigger. I have a Ruger (two actually) P-97 that mimics the M&P even after it get run over by a truck. My Keltec P-9 took a lot of work to be a "carry" gun I could bet my family's life on. And the list goes on . . . Neither of the aforementioned weapons have proved reliable (to me) or accurate. In truth, accuracy is impossible when you are swearing at a barrage of fTf's, frte's and misfires. I never found my accuracy to be very good with the C-9 . . . but much depends on your definition of "good" and the comparison guns to which you set your standards. My gunshop says the same things about this pistol as you do . . . and they feel I should send it back also. If it was accurate, I would go through the trouble . . . but you must understand that if you don't trust a weapon to fire it is only so much metal . . . The Raven is many times worse and the trigger pull on either weapon is nothing to have a serious discussion about. Thank you for your cordial response, however.

Edward C. from Minier, IL on Sat, 27 Feb 2016

PhantomII, i got 2 c9's and a 995ts and i'm happy. Wanted to say got Raven mp25, chrome/pearl. Shoot Cobra's too. Cheaper guns are cheaper guns. Don't like em...sell em.So far raven ain't bit me.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Fri, 26 Feb 2016

Saylurman, I do respect your decision to not use a pistol, no matter what manufacturer it is from, if it does not perform reliably for you. That is the ultimate test for any pistol or revolver. Have you contacted Hi-Point about the issues that you have with them? They are very customer oriented and will work to solve your problems, at least that is what I have found and heard from other users. Please do not take offense to the term "Limp Wristing" as it is the best description of a very common problem. I have been shooting pistols and carbines for over 45 years and have caught myself getting lax on the holding of a firearm. It is just used to describe the looseness in the wrist, so that when the pistol is in recoil, it easily 'rolls' up and to the right side. This action robs the slide action of it's recoil energy which can cause Failures To Eject (stovepiping) or failures to feed a round from the magazine since the slide did not go completely back to it's stop. I have even seen it not cock the hammers on some pistols. Those who are moving over from Revolvers to Pistols will usually have more problem with this action since revolvers don't suffer from the recoil energy being bled off by the rolling wrist. The Raven 22 suffers from the same problem that many 22 Pistols do, poorly constructed cartridges, and they are getting worse! We have done a lot of testing on 22 ammo available and there is a wide variance in muzzle velocity and power from within the same lots of ammo. I just sent a brick of 22 ammo back to the manufacturer because of this, and they are testing it to find a reason. I have a Raven 25 that is a 'fun gun' to shoot, when it does not bite the webbing on my hand! (Big hands, small pistol) By the way, my favorite pistol to CCW? My CZ82 & CZ83 followed by my Taurus PT140 and Glock 22. I don't carry the BUFF "Big Ugly Fat Firearm" C9, it is a range gun and home defense hide out. Hope you get some drought relief down on the South Texas Coast, Can make it very hard to deal with the heat w/o water...!

Robert J. from Lavaca, AR on Thu, 25 Feb 2016

It is obvious you love the gun. Cool. I am glad you do and have good results. I have six handguns as my home stash. Two don't fire often enough to collect anything but dust. The C-9 is one. The other is a Raven 22 . . . both cheap guns. Maybe I limpwrist the Raven also? I will have to work on that. Thanks for your input.

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Sun, 14 Feb 2016

saylurman - I was firing at 30 and 40 ft at an indoor range. I had no wind or rise to deal with. I went to Hi Point and requested their recommended ammo and was told Remington, UMC, and Blazer. I went one step further and used Blazer brass. I have since started using Federal Champion ammo from WalMart. $9.98 a box and shoots as well as anything I've tried. I use it in my .40 cal Hi Point and Bersa SubCompact .40 cal with no issues. I have taken it as far as 60 ft. with real tight groupings

Robert J. from Lavaca, AR on Sun, 14 Feb 2016

Roncodrummer . . . Thanks for all the input, especially regarding ammo types and weights. I gave up on the C-9 after a month of work failed to provide a weapon that would fire, eject or aim. You speak of wonderful groupings with 115 gr. ammo . . . . what is your distance? I like to use something with a bit more punch for a defense gun (and it has to fire every time!) so have you had any success with something heavier?

Wayne D. from Centralia, WA on Sat, 28 Nov 2015

Hi-Point has slowly gained acceptance, in the shooting community, as an affordable fire arm. They used to get trashed by everyone and his brother. Now they have videos about how tough they are. I bought the 9mm carbine and the dang thing is a blast to shoot and it has never failed to go bang. I have shoot the C-9 and I could not tell that it was a $150 pistol.

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Tue, 27 Oct 2015

Leewsee, You won't regret it. It's one of my favorites

Jonathan C. from Glendale, CA on Tue, 27 Oct 2015

thank you all for your valuable input. i think i will go for the basic c9. again, thank you

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Mon, 26 Oct 2015

Leewsee, I base my judgement and opinion on my ownership of the CF380, the C9, the .40S&W and the 995 Carbine. All are good pistols and give great value for your shooting dollar! ~PhantomII

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Mon, 26 Oct 2015

Leewsee, The C9 Compact does work, but is it worth the extra weight? I would not think so, you will also get much more muzzle blast that makes it noisier. My Brother-In-Law has the C9 Comp and just removed the device and noticed the muzzle blast was a lot less and he is still able to control the pistol just as well, a little more muzzle flip, but not enough to worry about. I would not go for the compensator model myself. The increased muzzle blast will make a person develop a 'flinch' faster than the muzzle flip! Just my opinion... ~PhantomII

Jonathan C. from Glendale, CA on Mon, 26 Oct 2015

thank you for your response marinerfh. i didn't consider the added wt. of the compensator which makes an already large gun even heavier and bulkier. is the comp really so effective that i can accept the wt. and size penalty? anybody shoot a c9 comp and can offer an opinion?

Jonathan C. from Glendale, CA on Sun, 25 Oct 2015

i'm thinking of buying a c9 and would like to here from anyone who has a compensator equiped model. does the compensator reduce recoil? mind you, a woman ( my wife) will have to handle this weapon. thank you

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Sat, 12 Sep 2015

I just spoke DIRECTLY to Hi Point as far as recommended ammunition for both the C9 9mm and the ..40 cal. handguns. Hi Point recommends using Remington, UMC, or Blazer 115 gr. FMJ ammo for the C9 and DISCOURAGES the use of Winchester white box or Wolf ammo. As for the .40 cal., Hi Point recommends the same as the C9 ammo (Remington, UMC or Blazer) in the 165 + gr.,but expressly said DO NOT USE Silver Bear Russian ammunition, nor MagTech(as they say it's too light of a load), Nor Winchester. It was told to me that just in recent weeks/months that they have notice a HUGE problem with Winchester ammo. Clears up a vague area as far as I'm concerned.

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