Glock 36 Pistol


Style Compact Pistol
Frame Black Polymer
Grips Integrated
Caliber .45 ACP
Capacity 6 rounds
20.11 oz (570 g)
Length 6.77 inches (17.2 cm)
Barrel 3.78 inches (9.6 cm)
right, octogonal 400 mm
Trigger DA/SA
Manufactured Austria by Glock Ges
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Glock 36 Reviews

36 Reviews


Rodney R. from Dilworth, MN on Thu, 7 Jul 2016

Avoided them for years...always thought they were just plain ugly. Made the mistake (haha) of shooting a friends Glock and now own this G36. Have to say I am so impressed with its ease of much so that it's now my conceal of choice. Best part to me is the ease of cleaning as well. Wish all the 1911's where as easy to dis/re-assemble as these are. Lastly ~ using any kind of ammo is just fine so far. It eats what ever you put in it. Have had it for about a week now and have 1100 through it...all differ types/brands...not one single problem.

Merle R. from Tuscaloosa, AL on Fri, 8 Jan 2016

I have had a Glock 36 for about 6 months and have put many rounds through this one. I put night sights, 3.5 lb connector and a steel guide rod in this one. What a fun pistol to shoot. Also, the single stack mag gives a slim profile and makes it easier to conceal as a carry piece. While the mag capacity is only 6 rounds, I have 6+1 with the standard mag. I also bought a couple of 1 plus extensions for the mags which gives me a 7+1 total capacity. This Glock performs very well without any FTF or FTE. This is about as reliable as it gets. I also feel confident in the 45 cal ammunition in a carry piece.

George M. from Decatur, GA on Tue, 15 Sep 2015

This is a very good gun for $600 dollars. I've put about 800 rds through it and it seems to have broken in well. No problems so far. Easy to conceal. Had to add decal grips due to the slipperyness.

Peter V. from Anadarko, OK on Thu, 14 May 2015

I own a Glock 36 and have fired more than a few hundred rounds through it. I haven't noticed the guide rod issue but I have had other issues with various pieces/parts with having fired fewer than 1,000 rds through it - feed failures and other issues with the cycling of the pistol after firing a round. Replaced a slide stop lever that had a spring bent and that fixed many issues. Never had an issue that a replacement part and a Glock armorer can't fix. And the parts aren't too expensive. Always used hardball or JHP ammo in it. Agree with Marcos - it's a great sub-compact gun for what it's built for - concealed carry and close range.

Jeffrey S. from Florence, NJ on Thu, 14 May 2015

I owned the glock 36. It jammed frequently regardless of what ammo I tried. Painful on the hands. Really hurt after 3 or 4 clips at the range. Got rid of it.

Russel S. from Lindale, GA on Fri, 10 Apr 2015

anyone else having the issue on this pistol where after 300-500 rounds the frame starts to wear down where the guiderod meets by the trigger housing? for some reason the coating is gone on mine and the inner steel frame is showing through, i've only had the gun for about 4 23 and 19 which have had thousands of rounds through have not done this......could it have to do with the fact that the 36's guiderod end is very sharp and not blocked like other models?

Nick P. from Henderson, CO on Tue, 24 Mar 2015

Try some Decal Grips. I put them on my 36 and they made a huge improvement in my accuracy and the comfort of shooting more than 50 rounds at the range. Now that I've put a few hundred rounds through this gun I feel very confident with it as my main concealed carry. Excellent Gun.

Juan R. from Amonate, VA on Tue, 9 Dec 2014

I recently Purchased a G36 and love it. I have been carrying and using the .40 caliber Glocks (G22/G23/G27 and G35) for many years, and find the .45 acp Glock 36 such a nice change of pace. It's slimmer than the 9mm/.40 glocks, and isn't blocky like the G21 & G30 models. After doing a lot of reaserch on the model 36, I was a little apprehensive due to a few comments about problems with the G36. I have not had even one hicup with my new G36. I changed out the OEM magazine baseplate, with a pearce plus zero extension, and insatalled night sights. My opinion is that the Glock 36 with 7 rounds of .45 ACP is good to go as a CCW pistol.

Owen A. from Lakebay, WA on Tue, 2 Dec 2014

I just purchased a 36 a few days ago and have shot 200 rounds of Federal 230 gr. FMJ through it.The pistol has preformed flawlessly.The only complaint I have with it concerns the trigger itself,after 100 rounds it becomes noticeably uncomfortable.Having been spoiled by the comfort level of my S&W M&P pistols,this is something that I will have to learn to live with.I was particularly attracted to the 36 due to it's size and ease of concealment.I am using a pocket holster that was originally purchased for another pistol,however due to the narrow design of the 36,it fits quiet nicely.Very well satisfied with this purchase so far

Micah M. from Des Moines, IA on Tue, 7 Oct 2014

Had the opportunity to put 50 rounds of 230 gr FMJ through one of these today and I just love it. Shoots well, easy to handle, the single stack grip fits my hands better than the 30. Concealable, light to carry, 45 acp. What more is there? Like it much better than my G23. Want one. Well what do you know? Got one! Great gun.

Kevin A. from Stockton, CA on Fri, 3 Oct 2014

This is a great CCW gun. Have shot 500 rounds without any problems what so ever. Would recommend this gun without hesitation. I carry this gun and at different times the Glock 23,27,30,33 all fine weapons.

Peter V. from Anadarko, OK on Thu, 18 Sep 2014

My review of the Glock 36. This pistol was purchased for me as a retirement gift by my family. I wanted this .45 as I have been familiar with Glock pistols for about 15-20 years when the department transitioned from S&W revolvers to Glock 9s, then 40s. Essentially, I'd carried a Glock everyday for the past 2 decades and felt that I didn't need to change. I went with the 36 as I no longer felt the need to have high capacity capability now that I am retired - I need what I need to protect me an mine, not the public. My son had one of the Glock double stack .45s and I do not care for the way they fit my hand. The single stack Glcok does me just fine. About the same size as a .38 snubby overall, and a round or two more in capacity. Recoil is a bit more than the 9s and 40s, but nothing that isn't manageable for a person my size (230 lbs). What I really like about this piece is the concealability of a pistol of this caliber. I have carried this in a Bianchi Shadow for a while, but now primarily carry it in a Tucker Texas Heritage IWB. This is comfortable and totally concealed with just a camp shirt. I also have an ankle holster (Bianchi Ranger Triad) for this pistol just in case I need to go with a tucked in shirt (The Texas Heritage is a tuckable holster and I use it that way when I'm not wearing a polo shirt). I would like it if Glock would produce a .45 in full 1911 size - 5 inch barrel, 7 0r 8 shot single stack magazine.

Chuck H. from Graham, TX on Thu, 7 Aug 2014

I am a new glock fan, i picked a G36 an it's a great gun for CC accurate for me out to 15yrds no issues, fresh out the box with 200 rounds dwn rang no problems...

Douglas S. from South Milwaukee, WI on Tue, 5 Aug 2014

I picked up a new G36 this week and put 100 rounds through it. The only ammo I put through was 230 grn FMJ and TMJ. It had no malfunctions. Just insert loaded magazine, pull trigger 6 times, and repeat. It places bullets at point of aim at 7 yards and could hold 2" groups firing with a two-hand grip. I also tested it out firing weak hand only and strong hand only. The recoil is only difficult using my weak hand. Otherwise the recoil is comparable to a sub-compact .40 S&W or an alloy .38 snubnose revolver firing +P ammo. This particular Glock fits my hand very well and is exceedingly fun to shoot. BTW, like djk3381 mentioned, if you need more than a 6+1 capacity and still want a small Glock .45ACP, look at the G30. It is about 1/8" thicker but the length and height are the same. What the G30 gives you is 10+1 ammo capacity and slightly greater weight.

Brian D. from Providence, NC on Wed, 11 Dec 2013

The Glock 36 is my wife's favorite handgun to shoot and rates highly with me as well. I've converted all my mags to +1 extensions along with 10 percent extra strenght mag springs and they have performed with 100 percent reliability. Glocks really rule!

Don G. from Omaha, NE on Wed, 2 Oct 2013

This is a perfect gun. About the same size as a 19, but with superior fire power. Very comfortable to carry as well due to the round edges and streamlined design. I love my G36. However, new buyers beware. If the "limited" 6 rounds might pose a problem for you, buy another gun. Soon after I bought this weapon, I purchased and installed a Pearce +1 mag extension and quickly found that all of the feeding problems I read about (on forums like this one) were true (2 out of box of 50 jammed). After uninstalling the +1, have not had a problem since. Not to mention that the +1 makes the gun look abnormally long in the grip and ruins the idea of buying a compact pistol in the first place. Moral of the story: If you need more than 6 shots in a given situation, you probably gotten yourself in a situation that you should not have been in the first place...or, you did not take the responsibility of carrying a weapon seriously and didn't practice enough.

Joseph M. from Lincoln, ME on Wed, 14 Nov 2012

Ok, I am coming back and reposting for this gun a few months later. Obviously not many folks own it. Good gun, does well at what it was made for, and event takes the heavy +P+ Corbon loads well. BUT I now have a complaint and quit carrying it. Dang thing pinches my pinky if I don't have a rock hard grip. Small complaint, but it does affect accuracy to grip that hard with my firing hand. Good gun, but not good enough for me to keep it.

Virgil A. from Aurora, CO on Fri, 4 May 2012

It's a great gun, but I am seriously considering letting mine go and picking up a Glock 30. I don't care about the extra rounds b/c for concealed carry I really don't think that matters . . . but I do want Crimson Trace laser grips, and they don't make 'em for the 36. I have gotten used to them on my S/W 642 and my S/W 1911. I have grown to like them a lot and want to have them on my primary carry gun. Still, that's nothing against the 36, it's a great gun. It's not Glock's fault that the Crimson Trace guys don't make a laser for this model!!

Joseph M. from Lincoln, ME on Fri, 4 May 2012

AWSOME GUN. I own this, and a 19. Suprisingly, the holsters are the exact same dimensions! What a plus. Phenominal CCW gun, but small mag capacity, and short barrel make it only strong in that area. After trying the Khar, the compact XD, and several compact 1911s, I found this the most comfortable, concealable, and dependable as sin gun on the market. Sights still need to be replaced with TRITIUM. King of CCW in my mind, but too short, and too few rds for home defence or tactical.

Virgil A. from Aurora, CO on Mon, 17 Oct 2011

Yes, I carry my G36 in a Fobos paddle holster. They make one that is designed to mold/fit the G36 perfectly. It covers the whole trigger area completely. I have absolute confidence that it will not go off in that holster. Also, as many police forces use Glocks in this country, I am guessing we would have heard on the news about their guns accidentally going off by now if it happened.

Glock 36 Questions & Comments



Justin V. from Wilmington, DE on Fri, 8 Jul 2016

also agree. the saf t block seems to defeat the purpose of the glocks safety system.. if one wants it to be totally safe.. do not chamber a round, but that sort of takes the reason out of having this weapon.. keep it holstered and out of the way of anyone than oneself. as far as unjacketed ammo.. can only say that I had bad results using wad cutters.. gummed the ramp and resulted in dangerous jams about every three rounds.. the same wad cutters worked without a problem with my hk 45..

George M. from Decatur, GA on Sat, 2 Jul 2016

Has anyone tried the Saf T Blok trigger safety? It snaps in behind the trigger you push it out with your finger before you fire it.

Joshua A. from Columbia, TN on Sat, 18 Jun 2016

I traded a baby browning to a fellow opoerative about two mounths ago have put around two hundread rounds thru it and found it to be my main carry gun our basic carry is a 40 or perrfered 45 I found the glock 36 to be compack reliable and accerate would like to find out if the internal lazer sight is avalible and best place to get mags

George M. from Decatur, GA on Sun, 3 Apr 2016

Last month I started getting FTF's and FTE's about one in 20 rounds. I ordered a new recoil spring on line. I just replaced the spring and after 100 rounds not a single failure. So the first recoil spring was good for about a thousand rounds. The replacement spring was very easy to get and cost about 30 bucks.

George M. from Decatur, GA on Fri, 26 Feb 2016

Will Carry- Let me know how that + 1 extention works. I've heard that people were getting more FTF's while using the extention.

Wayne D. from Centralia, WA on Thu, 25 Feb 2016

I bought the +1 magazine extension for my G-36. It eliminated the pinky pinching. My pinky is positioned over the gap between the magazine and the reciever. When ever I shoot the pistol it pinches a blood blister on it. The extended mag eliminates this and gives me one extra round. I think the Glock 36 is one of the best concealed carry pistols on the market, but there are SO MANY so I couldn't say if any pistols is THE best. I also carry the Glock 19, which fits the same holsters as the G-36 and gives me 16 rounds.

George M. from Decatur, GA on Thu, 25 Feb 2016

lohkai- I don't know how you could call this gun ' dainty '.The 36 is lean , light with no frills. The 'LADY SMITH' now thats dainty.

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Mon, 18 Jan 2016

The 1911 is a very nice Weapon, I have had one for more Yrs. than I can remember. But IMHO back then Glock wasn't even close to being Marketed and the 1911 was probably the most reliable Semi-Auto that you could buy. But if I was just starting out today purchasing Weapons I probably would never have bought the 1911. Large Hands or not the Lady below made a few very good as well as blunt points that make a lot of sense. Why Carry something that pulls your Pants down when you can get something more reliable, comfortable and is much easier for anyone to handle, as well as spend less for it due to current day Technology? Plus I also feel a Safety is totally senseless to place especially on a Carry Weapon unless your not totally comfortable Carrying and using it. If I ever need to pull a Gun God Forbid, I don't want to go thru a checklist in the split second I may get. I also stay away from adding "Bling" like Lasers etc. to any Weapon just for that reason as well. I can easilly afford that stuff, I just don't want it. But I must say I never felt like a Sissy for Carrying a Glock, and I doubt the 60% of all LE Officers that Carry one do either. I personally feel I have my best chance of survival with a Glock, and that is all that matters to me.

Joseph V. from Arkadelphia, AR on Mon, 18 Jan 2016

Bravo, marcos1977. The 36 seems custom made for CC. The smaller grip also is a boon for those of us with small hands. The 1911 is a great gun, my first consideration, but design and engineering factors steered me toward the 36 instead. (1) That smaller grip on a smaller, lighter gun. The heavy 1911 felt like holding a can of soup. Thus, I didn't feel as "in control" of the weapon (and probably wasn't). It was fat and heavy. The 36 was not. Nor, to small hands, was the grip short. In fact, it was (is) just right. (2) Ease of concealment. Though my state has simply a Carry permit, not strictly concealed carry, I'm not an idiot and don't want the bad guys to make me their first target, no questions asked. The element of surprise is a serious advantage for survival, and the 36 keeps out of sight, out of mind, like a dirty little secret. And it does it without feeling like a child carried on the hip. (I guess only a woman would make that analogy, but it is applicable.) (3) Ease of use. We're not all gung-ho enthusiasts who live to shoot or who like to show off our guns as toys. We practice because we need to practice. We want to weild our weapon with skill, not grace. The gun is a tool, and more often than not, we try not to imagine ever being in a crisis that demands we pull our weapons. We know it will not be pleasant, easy, or anything nice to remember. BUT, we want to protect ourselves and our loved ones, especially our loved ones, and understand that we WILL do what needs doing when the time comes. We do not want to have to stop and think, "Okay, which way does this safety go?" Just not smart. With any Glock, it's just point and click, like the computer mouse. Keep it safely tucked until its needed, and don't worry about it. All said, I could see the average man not much caring for this gun. It's dainty - makes him feel like a sissy. It's light - not a macho trait at all. But, like a noisy cricket (Men in Black, if you've never seen it), it packs the necessary punch to do the job and do it well. I won't say it's designed for a woman, as not all women have small hands. For that matter, some men do have small hands and might appreciate the 36. I will say the 36 is "the Goldielocks gun" - just right - for some of us. And those who complain of and dismiss this weapon are effectively only dismissing this niche of gun-toters for whom it seems specifically designed. That kind of irks me, as it's a bit insulting - like they're saying, "Hey, grow bigger hands, why don't you?" Now, it does kick like an angry mule, the consequence of a two-pound tool spitting .45 mini-missiles. And for some women (or even men) this may be too much or simply uncomfortable. Again, it's not about "playing". It's a tool. A powersaw, too, can be a pain in the butt, but it'll get the job done quicker than a saw. So, it's important to understand when pulling the 36's trigger that it's going to behave as it does. Get over it. Get used to it. Master it. And if a little woman with small hands (me) can do that, then there are no excuses for anyone else. And with my 36, I can get 100% on silhouette with 80% in the kill zone at 30 feet with my right hand, 90% in the kill zone with the left. That can't be bad considering that, for a small woman, this thing feels like its fighting back with every shot. The 36 is a good gun. It has its place and is good at filling it with ease. However, it's not for everybody. But, then, neither is a good old 1911. Diversity, as they say, is the spice of life.

Frank F. from Warsaw, MO on Mon, 18 Jan 2016

I have a 1911 as well, my 1st Pistol. I feel it's just a bit too much to carry, and I'd never want to damage or lose it as well. Many siezed Weapons end up getting "Lost" from the Evidence Locker especially in small Cities/Towns. I once went into the Hospital and was Carrying an Interarms PPK at the time after a Traffic Accident. The Police took it for "Holding", but I never got it back. They ended up paying me above the Market Value for it (After threatenning a Lawsuit) cause they couldn't find the Cop who took it from the Locker! I have nothing against Real Police Officers, I just dislike Small Town Cops who are mostly glorified Security Guards.

George M. from Decatur, GA on Sun, 17 Jan 2016

Just to add to this. I own a great 1911. This gun would be the first choice. But when you think of a situation where the use of this gun had to used [ God forbid!] the authorities will seize your gun. Better to lose a 600 dollar Glock.

George M. from Decatur, GA on Sun, 17 Jan 2016

MARCOS 1977 you could not have put the point better. This gun is made for saving your life during a duress situation. Not for Dirty Harrying someone on top of a bridge or running away from you. I carry the 36 because I know it works. The lack of a real safety took some time to get used to- So keep it away from your kids.

Justin V. from Wilmington, DE on Sun, 10 Jan 2016

posted earlier in this review... just wanted to add some thoughts.. feel that many want to evaluate this gun using various criteria that is not fair. for me their are several key points to evaluate my choice of a conceal carry type weapon. 1.comfort and minimum disruption of my clothing 2. ease of access and clearing the weapon from my clothing 3. natural feel and fairly unconscious ability to bear and sight the weapon on the target 4. fire the weapon 5.hit the target in the manner to incapacitate including being lethal how does the 36 perform within these parameters? 1. high on comfort and minimum disruption 2. high also due to short barrel.. consistent and narrow profile and minimal protrusions 3. now this is where it may vary for some due to various physical dimensions etc... first it has a narrow and short grip...which some may feel uncomfortable with.. but remember this weapon was not designed for careful and thought out situations found on the range etc... I have large hands which overlapped the bottom of the grip.. but when I first handled the gun and brought it up.. the front and back sights aligned without thought or need to adjust... but that's me. 4. now this is where the rubber meets the road. remember the gun was designed as a subcompact cc.. and for most of us any real type situation is one of defensive... we are reacting to a situation not of our making which means that there is a very good chance we are behind the curve on time or intent. any other need is another issue and not my concern. based on this... the glock safety system makes total sense... when I carry the weapon it has a chambered not for a conceal carry seems to not make sense ... was a bit unnerving for me for awhile.. due to experience with other safety systems... but technically the gun cannot fire unless the trigger is pulled.. the firing pin is disengaged... with this being said.. to carry this weapon tucked in ones belt or loose in a pocket is inviting something unwanted or even place it loose on a side table.. I always keep it in a holster to prevent access to the trigger.. but basically under duress no potential time delay or screw up that may happen with an additional move away from the trigger guard to release the safety... also the trigger guard is roomy even for my large fingers to slip into.. basically point and shoot. hit the target... to compare this weapon to a full size handgun would be not be fair... just not in the physics so to speak... larger grip and longer barrel gives a gun more stability and balance and a longer barrel more accuracy and consistency on second and third shots... especially with a 45. and remember this is a subcompact cc weapon.. for anyone to hit the intended target in the area required at say 50 feet is lucky or been trained extensively under conditions other than the range... the 45 will do its job if you hit .. no problem there...also if you do hit the intended target at that distance you may have to answer some tough questions by the powers to be of why you needed to fire at that range.. so the glock for me is pretty good at 10-20 feet... is a bit challenging when firing fast 3 shot groups... due to the power of the 45 round and the weight and size of the gun.

Justin V. from Wilmington, DE on Sun, 12 Apr 2015

I have put maybe a couple thousand rnds through my glock 36 and have noticed the following issues.. using remington typical 45cal ... initially had several 'stove pipes' until gun wore in.. after about 800 rnds the pin holding the trigger assembly sheared... tried reloading 45 cal with wad cutters... dismal results.. jammed every 2-3 rnds.. wad cutters gummed the ramp etc... but same ammo worked flawless in my hk 45???? the 36 is what it is... a great subcompact conceal carry for 10-20 ft... but cannot compare to my 1911 45 colt for accuracy.

Wayne D. from Centralia, WA on Wed, 25 Mar 2015

Today I took all of my "trouble" pistols to the range. My Glock 36 ran flawlessly. It's back in my good graces! I don't know what was going on last time I shot it and it jammed 4 times. I did find one bad round of Winchester 45 target ammo. Maybe that was it. Today I checked each round as I loaded the magazine.

Wayne D. from Centralia, WA on Tue, 17 Mar 2015

I am seriously considering sell my Glock 36. It shot the first 200 rounds flawlessly then yesterday I had 4 FTEs in 5 magazines. plus I now have a blood blister on my pinky. I was loving this gun until yesterday. Now I'm considering trading it in for a Colt Defender or Agent.

Nick P. from Henderson, CO on Sun, 1 Feb 2015

Where did you find a Hogue wrap around grip for the 36? I notice they make grips for the other finger-groove grip Glocks but I haven't found one for the 36.

Russel S. from Lindale, GA on Sat, 17 Jan 2015

I LOVE my glock 36. Glock making a single stack .45 is probably the best thing they have done since making well.....glock. i usually carry a 19 or 23. but i noticed in summer heat they are kind of bulky even in a crossbreed holster for under-tee wear. i tried out a 36 at my local range, found even with my mamouth hand size it was comfortable , easily aimed and well as glock does well, reliable as the sun. Bought mine 3 months ago for around 650 with night sights. have since put in a drop in ghost trigger, recoil guide laser system. houge wrap around grip and even got a flashlight attatchment. it is now my 6 month conceal gun for hot weather and will probably stay my CC gun for winter too. :-) LOVE THIS PISTOL. :-)

Nick P. from Henderson, CO on Thu, 15 Jan 2015

By the way. I'm an old 1911 fan-But the 36 is better for concealed carry and is very reliable. It is growing on me.

Nick P. from Henderson, CO on Thu, 15 Jan 2015

For some reason I have had a comfort problem with most IWB holsters. I tried the Kholster for my 36 and have been amazed by how well it hides and how comfortible it is.

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