Glock 22 Pistol


Style Full Size Pistol
Frame Black Polymer
Grips Integrated
Caliber .40 SW
Capacity 10/15/17 rounds
23 oz (652 g)
Length 7.32 inches (18.6 cm)
Barrel 4.49 inches (11.4 cm)
"right, hexagonal, 250 mm "
Trigger DA/SA
Safety 3 Safetys
Manufactured Austria by Glock Ges
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Glock 22 Reviews

96 Reviews


Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Thu, 26 May 2016

levelcross, [b]Cheaper Than Dirt[/b] has the Lone Wolf barrels for about $100 plus shipping (their shipping is high) plus $2.99 Handling fee, so it'll run about $120 when all is said; [b]Sportsman's Guide[/b] has carried them for $119 +S/H; [b]Dillon Precision Products[/b] carries them for $99.95+s/h; [b]Lone Wolf Distributing[/b] sells them for $109 + s/h So for just about $120 you can get a conventionally rifled Match barrel for the Glock, and several "conversion" barrels. They are often back-ordered because they are sooo popular and accurate. I think they are great! [b]// PhantomII // [/b]

Russell C. from Chambersburg, PA on Tue, 12 Apr 2016

SW-Insured; I had some difficulty adjusting to the Glock 22 as did PT80 but I think it was due to the 40S&W ammo burning faster than other calibers resulting in more perceived recoil (which was a surprise the frist shot I fired). I've been shooting for approx 30yrs, use proper grip, trigger pull, etc. From your posts you appear a smart guy. What's you take on this?

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Fri, 25 Mar 2016

[b] PT80;[/b] When I first shot my G22, I couldn't hit the target to save my life, at least where I was pointing it. I did what [b] SW-Insured [/b] suggested and shot from a sandbag rest and found the pistol was not the fault! I found that the Glock trigger was my problem, as it was my first exposure to this type of trigger/safety setup. Once I started dry-fire practice and squeezing the trigger steadily and not jerking it, my shooting improved dramatically. Now I don't even think of it anymore... [b] jbfla; [/b] We have had several discussions on the caliber conversions of the Glock here, and yes, it is one of the best deals going. If you are a reloader, use of the [b] Lone Wolf [/b] Match Grade barrels will improve your accuracy with the Glock as it has a chamber that supports the head of the casing better so as to prevent the [b] Glock Bulge [/b] thereby making it easier to re-size and reload the ammo. You can also "Move Up" in caliber by doing the reverse conversion and take a G17 up to .40 S&W, and the G26 up to .40 S&W for a fraction of the cost of another pistol. [b] /PhantomII/ [/b]

Shawn Q. from Canton, TX on Fri, 25 Mar 2016

PT80: It's rare to hear of a Glock that is inaccurate. What is your friend's experience with this G-22? Does he use a point-of-aim at 6 o'clock, dead-center, or 12 o'clock? If he doesn't know (which would be strange) then use a bench rest or sand bag rest to test point-of-aim at 10 yds, 17 yds, and 25 yds. If your shots are grouping at 12 o'clock after aiming at dead center -- then your point-of-aim should be 6 o'clock. This is the best way to determine if it is the shooter, or the gun. Keep in mind that your groups will vary depending on type of ammo used (i.e. 180 gr FMJ vs 165 gr JHP vs +P loads). Also, get snap caps to practice dry firing. Pay particular attention to the [b]front sight[/b] for [b]movement[/b] as you pull the trigger. [b]Trigger pull[/b] is one of the primary reasons for inaccurate shots. Sight Alignment: Level = iii Low = |i| High = i|i

Nicholas F. from Lake Isabella, CA on Thu, 24 Mar 2016

I shot my friends Glock 22 and it functioned flawlessly, but there was only one problem, I couldn't hit the target to save my life. My local gun dealer tells me he is big Springfield guy because when you fire the Glock, you have to aim slightly lower than what you are pointing at. the Glock 22 fts great in the hand and I don't recall much in the way of recoil even for the 40 cal version. I am not trashing Glock by any means, I just dont know how to shoot one.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Thu, 24 Mar 2016

[b] chkyr6 [/b], I like the [b] Glock 22 [/b] also and it is one of my "go to pistols" for CCW in a [b] Kholster [/b] holster. Makes it readily accessible and yet completely concealed... Rather than using just oil on the rails, I use [b] Bownell's "Action Lube Plus" [/b]. Just a little bit applied with a toothpick will make the slide and action really smooth and virtually stops the wear and tear on the slide and rails. The smallest jar they sell will last you a lifetime. After some 8000 rounds through my Glock it still looks and functions like new! Get a [b] Lone Wolf Match Grade Barrel [/b] in .40 S&W and accuracy really improves, and you can get a conversion barrel from Lone Wolf in 9mm or .357 SIG and make the pistol even more versatile. You only have to change the magazine for the 9mm conversion, using Glock or KCI Glock 17 mags. It is a great pistol, and really fun to shoot!

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Thu, 24 Dec 2015

levelcross; There is a group of Glock owners here where I live in SE Missouri that have a variety of Glocks, mainly G17, G26, G22 & G27. A couple had found that the sub-compact G27 was a little stiffer on the recoil, but after they put the mag extender on their magazines it was easy to control. It gives the 'pinky' a place to rest on the grip. I know a few of the group who have done a 'reverse' conversion, i.e., putting a G27 .40S&W replacement barrel from Lone Wolf into their G26 and using G27 mags and have shot close to a thousand rounds through them with no discernible wear on the frame or slide. What I like about the Lone Wolf barrels is that the rim of the cartridge is fully supported and a blown head incident on a cartridge is greatly reduced. Accuracy is great, since it is a Match Grade barrel, and if you hand load, you don't have that noticeable "Glock Bulge" on the case head; and you can shoot lead bullets for lowering your "plinking/fun shooting" sessions. Yesterday I took my G22 and both barrels (9mm Conversion & .40S&W) out to my range on my farm and wanted to document shell extraction from my pistol. I put a blue poly-tarp around my shooting bench, set up the Glock into a Ransom Rest and fired a full mag of 9mm (17rnds) and a full mag of .40S&W (15 rnds). The 9mm cases all extracted and ejected between 1.5' to 3' to my 4 o'clock position (over the right shoulder). I then did the same thing with the .40S&W G22 Barrel and they all extracted and ejected with no problems to my 5 o'clock position at 2'-3.5' distance. The G22 had all original parts for the G22 in it. I have NEVER had a FTE or a Stovepipe in this pistol. It has been 100% reliable, and I like the versatility that Glock enabled in their pistols by keeping same frame construction for their pistol lines (i.e., Large Frame, Short or Compact Frame, and Sub-Compact Frames). levelcross, I do believe that if you put the finger extension base plate on the G27 mag, that you could go to a common caliber for both Glock frames and have as much control over the .40 as you have on the 9mm. [b] Mag Extension [/b] at ($1.99) [b] Glock Factory 27 mag [/b] at ($22.99) [b] Glock Factory 27 mag w/extension [/b] at ($29.99) As far as CCW aspects with the finger extension on the mags? It really does not change the ability to keep the weapon concealed. I have carried a G22 in a duty holster prior to retirement (former Military & LEO) and I have successfully carried it concealed in an IWB Kholster Holster with no problems. Wolf barrels makes a Great Pistol even better due to multi caliber capabilities! Like I said earlier, the group of shooters that use my private range have "converted" their Glocks up from 9mm and down from .40S&W with no problems, no FTF, no FTE, no Stovepipes! ~John PhantomII

Tony O. from Clinton, SC on Sun, 20 Dec 2015

Thanks for the tip PhantomII. I was wondering how hard it would be to have a conversion barrel. I just got back from the rang and the Glock 22 was just what I expected. I was using Magtech ammo and it was very accurate and not the first hiccup.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Sun, 20 Dec 2015

USMC66 - You can extend the usefulness of the Glock 22 by buying a conversion barrel from Lone Wolf in 9mm, and a couple of KCI Glock Clone mags from CDNN. You'll then have the same thing as a Glock 17 for only $135 or so... Cheaper Than Dirt has the conversion barrel for only $99!

Tony O. from Clinton, SC on Sun, 20 Dec 2015

I just got a Glock 22 yesterday and plan to take it to the range today. I already have a Glock 21 in 45acp and love it. I have always been a 1911 man and still love them. I used to put Glocks down, but now after owning one, I am in love with them. I'll give my feelings on this new one as soon as I get back from the range.

Jimmy Q. from Findlay, OH on Thu, 26 Nov 2015

I've had the Glock 22 for over 3 yrs and it is by far, the easiest semi-auto pistol to field strip. I've ( and still do ) 2 1911's and 2 beretta's. IT'S SO SIMPLE! the store owner I bought it from showed me once and I had it. I'm left handed, so do the opposite if your right handed. eject the magazine, rack the slide 5 times or more, physically look in the chamber to make sure it is empty. aim it in a safe direction and dry fire it (i don't like that you have to dry fire it first but you do) I put the gun in my right hand with my index through pinky on top of the slide at the rear, the thumb is high on the back strap. just grab it like that, move the slide back about 1/8th of an inch, then with your index and thumb of your other hand, pull down on the two slide removal levers at the same time, and push the slide forward all the way off of the frame. it is real easy. Anyway, I want to sell mine, it has an extra Glock 15 rnd mag for a total of 3, less than 2,000 rounds, a two mag belt holster and a desantis left handed open top black leather belt holsters. you can see pictures at

Jeremy M. from Jacksonville, FL on Wed, 18 Nov 2015

I just purchased a Glock 22 yesterday. I already had a Beretta 92FS and liked the way it breaks down and goes back together so easily. The Glock is a little harder to release the slide, and twice now, I have had problems putting it back together. The slide will not continue back past the trigger, and the only way I have found to get it back together is to use my finger to cock the gun, so the trigger is "hot", then slide the slide back all the way. (When I break it down, I always "decock" the weapon, by squeezing the triger. Most times it goes back together fine, but sometimes not. Has anyone else had this issue?

Blake E. from Washington, DC on Wed, 21 Oct 2015

Man... The prices that I see quoted on here seem to be really high! I bought my G22 Gen 4 brand new in the box with 3 mags (no night sights, had to add them later) for $386 +tax. Am I missing something or did I get that great of a deal? As a matter of fact I own 4 Glocks and the most I paid for any one of them was $400.

Jan W. from Independence, MO on Wed, 7 Oct 2015

My first purchase was a G22, as my first firearm and for work. I bought a Gen 1 and it was excellent, never failed once, even after two thousand rounds. Excellent choice for those whose lives depend on it for home defense or lawful carry

Jonathan A. from Meyersdale, PA on Sat, 26 Sep 2015

Being new to this site I have to say thanks to all of those who post good valid information. After a lot of research I purchased a G22 and LOVE IT. It is a bit big to carry concealed but that was not the intention, I carry a G26 in 9mm, or my SP 101 .357. The Glock has performed perfectly each and every time, I have about 800 rounds through it so far and it just gets better and needed no break in time. I really can't saw enough about this gun, now I am going to borrow a G27 from my father in-law and see how it feels for a future purchase. I am trying to cut down an different ammo counts to please the wife, she carries a Bersa .380 CC or a Beretta .22 and asked if she can keep my G22 for her desk gun. Gotta love a girl who enjoys shooting and personal defense weapons.

Blake E. from Washington, DC on Sat, 12 Sep 2015

I've seen online that the photos of the Glock 22 and 17 were unveiled in December 2009... The actual handgun was supposedly available at shows in early 2010. I picked mine up around June 2010... They store I bought it at said they were still fairly fresh from delivery. Backed up by the fact that they still had them in the back of the store with, the Gen 3 G22's on the shelf. Thanks to Lou's Police Supply... Hialeah, FL. Still the best prices I have seen!

Willie F. from Seattle, WA on Wed, 1 Jul 2015

Excellent tool for the trade. This has been my issued duty pistol for going on 3 years and I couldn't be happier with its performance. It replaced the Beretta 96 which was a fine pistol but not the best tool for the job imo. I think the g22 is a bit large for ccw. I carry a g19 off duty or my sp101.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Tue, 30 Jun 2015

SW-Insured; Thanks for the reply, it is appreciated. I have been carrying a firearm for the better part of 45 years, mostly with a revolver (no safety, just keep the finger off the trigger), but the semi-autos that I have been carrying have always had a manual safety on them and I guess I just got used to using them. I know the Glock is a safe pistol to carry, and I won't carry a pistol without one in the pipe! It was just in the beginning that it 'un-nerved' me a little. I'll just revert to my revolver days, "keep the finger off the trigger" and I'll be okay. Thanks for the link, I'll joing the group there and see what they have in the way of logic and knowledge... Again, thanks for the response, it is appreciated! And, Merry Christmas!! PhantomII

Shawn Q. from Canton, TX on Tue, 30 Jun 2015

PhantomII: You stated, "It still un-nerves me a little to carry the pistol with 'one in the pipe' and no manual safety." That is a controversial subject among Glock owners that may never be completely resolved. To see views on both sides in a 5-month dispute, click the GlockTalk link below: [url][/url]

Blake E. from Washington, DC on Mon, 8 Jun 2015

I had 1 FTF with the Federal FMJ (maroon and black box from Wal-Mart). That's from firing more than 2000 rounds between my G22 and G27. I always fire Federal FMJ rounds through my G19... They are the cheapest decent round I can find locally. I love a Glock, it will eat anything!!!

Glock 22 Questions & Comments



Roger A. from Burt, NY on Fri, 27 May 2016

levelcross, Glad the feedback could help you out. Thinking of getting a rubber slip-on grip myself. I got a feeling having finger grooves to grip to will help my accuracy even more. As for the LWD barrel, let us know how it works out for if you get one.

Jonathan A. from Meyersdale, PA on Thu, 26 May 2016

SGT. I'm glad to hear the good reviews about the Lone Wolf kits, I have been looking at one for a few weeks now. The price is not too bad and I was wondering about the end results, and from the comments I am willing to take the plunge. I love this gun and plan on the new Lone wolf kit soon. As it is my everyday piece while at work. My future SOL and I went to the range yesterday and ran about 500 rounds apiece, now my G 22 is up to 4000 rounds and still no complaints, except that it is still hungry LOL. He is doing much better now that we added the rubber wrap to his grip with a G 23.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Thu, 5 May 2016

[b]Snke[/b] I have my own range, but it is too far from the instructors classroom to be utilized, so another friend of mine has 550 acres that he allowed us to put the CCW range on. It is nice and he gets his CCW training free for the use of the range. If you were closer, you'd have access, after all, we have to have each other's back, right? [b]Sgt[/b] You would not be going wrong with getting the Lone Wolf 40! I have put a s**t load of extras in on my purchase of the G22, because I really like the pistol, I now have the OEM 40; LW 40; LW 9mm; LW .357Sig barrels and Tru Glo fibre Optic sights. They all shoot true (the OEM 40 is still good but not as good as the LW40). Now I just have to figure a way to pay for all the ammo that I am burning up! [b]// PhantomII //[/b]

Roger A. from Burt, NY on Thu, 5 May 2016

I think I see a new Lone Wolf .40 S&W barrel in my future as well.

Russell C. from Chambersburg, PA on Thu, 5 May 2016

Thanks guys! I'm jealous about that range Phantom.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Thu, 5 May 2016

Just finished up building a small 'qualification range' for a friend of mine to take his CCW students to. Have a nice area with a 25 yard range with a shooter's bench/table and a marked 7 yard and 10 yard shooter's line. Posterity may find all that lead and copper in the hill in the future and think they hit a new lead vein in Missouri! [b]snke doctr:[/b] I think I have to agree with [b]SW[/b], the euphoria from a good day at the range can make you think one thing and write another... [b] // PhantomII //[/b]

Shawn Q. from Canton, TX on Thu, 5 May 2016

snke doctr: Nah, it was the euphoria from seeing those groups tighten up with the Glock 23.

Russell C. from Chambersburg, PA on Wed, 4 May 2016

Tig & SW; Sorry guys, I screwed up! I was thinking .45 but should have written 180gr .40 S&W. The other pistol I had w/ me @ the time was a .45ACP. I had a senior moment.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Wed, 4 May 2016

Tig; I liked the Conversion Barrel so much (they are Match Grade Barrels) that I bought one in 40S&W and it shoots tighter groups than the factory (my G22 IS a trade-in) and the .357SIG barrel is a real flat shooter! You won't go wrong with a Lone Wolf Conversion Set! [b] PhantomII [/b]

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Wed, 4 May 2016

Hey Sgt! Sounds like you have a winner with the Gen 2 G22! It is a class act weapon for sure. Some ammo sold by CTD is the BVAC Once Fired Reloads, 180gr SJHP for 500 rnds $134 and they are deadly! I've never had a malfunction with these cartridges and they are not so expensive that you can't practice with what you'd like to carry. You can also buy new manufacture of these same loads. Check out the reviews and see what others are saying! [b] PhantomII [/b]

Roger A. from Burt, NY on Wed, 4 May 2016

OK... so I fired my used Glock 22 Gen 2 for the first time today at the range and am very pleased. I fired it with the Lone Wolf 9mm barrel first. The 9mm worked great... deadly accurate. When I switched back to the OEM.40 barrel my shot groups were still tight, but about 2 inches left of the center. Bothered me at first, so I rested my elbows on the table to steady my aim and tried again... the shot group was center again. So, I now know it was me and not the gun. I'm paraplegic from the chest down, so it's hard to steady my upper body without the support. Having to learn my shooting posture all over again from a wheelchair. Anyway, I wish I'd got a Glock long before now.

Shawn Q. from Canton, TX on Wed, 4 May 2016

snke doctr: Thanks for the update. Glad you now have a solution. Grip is certainly a factor in producing consistent shot groups. I’m curious though. You said you are now shooting a Glock 23 – which is a compact .40. Yet, you mentioned among the loads tested were 200 gr. and 230 gr. -- which sounds like [b]45 ACP or 45 GAP loads.[/b] Can you verify this?

Roger A. from Burt, NY on Wed, 4 May 2016

Finally taking the G22 to the range today to shoot for the first time since I got her a couple weeks ago. I'll post a report this evening. Going to shoot 9mm out of it first, using the Lone Wolf conversion barrel. Got 50 rds of 9mm & 100 rds of .40. I know, 150 rds won't last long, but I'm bringing my S&W 22A also just to have more trigger time on the range. Seems there's always plenty of .22 ammo laying around. :)

Russell C. from Chambersburg, PA on Tue, 3 May 2016

SW-Insured; That problem I had w/ the .40 cal/Glock22; I found the solution: @ the range today a got hold of a Glock23 .40 & not only did it fit my hand very well but I got quite good groupings too using Fiocchi 200gr hollow points, Winchester white box 230gr & Independent 230gr target stuff ( 2-3" groupings @ 30') firing off 100 rds. Lesson learned?.......the Glock22 is too big for me to shoot well.

Jimmy G. from Denver, CO on Fri, 22 Apr 2016

I recently also put the Lone wolf SS guide rods in my 22C and 34 and both perform great. I also use the Hogue rubber grip on both too. I like the feel better than just hard plastic. I feel like I have a much better grip on the pistol. A long while back I got a stainless guide rod from a gun show and it was not reliable in a gun that previously never gave me an issue. Looking back I'm pretty sure the wrong weight spring was on it even though I was assured when got it that it was stock weight. Stick with the Lone Wolf guide rod, it's proven.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Fri, 22 Apr 2016

snke-doctr; The Steyr has had good reviews as a solid pistol. Good choice! I bought a Mil-Surp CZ-82 and had it refinished in DuraCoat SL, and it is a real performer. When the Mil-Surp CZ-83's in .380 came out I snatched one of them up. Looked like it was never issued! It too is a great little pistol. With the new personal defense ammo out from Hornady and others, the 9x19 and 9x17 offerings are a lot better performers. [b] Phantom II [/b]

Russell C. from Chambersburg, PA on Fri, 22 Apr 2016

Phantom II; Glocks are among my favorite too, I own a G17 as well. Have you seen the Steyr M9-A1 9x19? I bought one recently. Nice gun! Made in Austria as well.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Fri, 22 Apr 2016

snke doctr; When I did the Barrel Conversion testing on the G22, I also replaced the Guide Rod with a Lone Wolf SS Rod, and I too put a "Grip Glove" on the grip. The added weight of the new Guide Rod and the 'tacky' Grip Glove do help in controlling the muzzle flip. What also helps is a firm grip on the pistol. The Glock is one of my favorite pistols...

Russell C. from Chambersburg, PA on Fri, 22 Apr 2016

Phantom II; I tried the penny on the front sight for trigger control but trigger control was never a problem. I did however replace the plastic guide rod w/ a stainless steel one to reduce muzzle flip & put a wrap-around grip on that has a slightly tacky feel to it that helps to keep my hand in place. Much better shooting now! Thanks again.

Micheal S. from Anderson, CA on Sun, 17 Apr 2016

When you remove the rear sight, push from the left to the right, and when you install the new sight, insert from the right side and push to the left. When I was told this, I really didn't think that it really mattered, after all, they were machined dove-tails... It does insert easier from the right side! I bought an ingenious sight pusher tool that ensures that you won't accidentally 'warp' the slide or mar the new sight from eBay for $60 delivered. Other tools were going for well over a $110 at the time. It really makes it easier to install sights, and the one I bought will allow sight adjustment/removal without having to remove the slide. Some of the pushers are shaped so that it is difficult to use on other makes of pistols, but this one is more of a 'universal' tool, very adjustable. I've used it on a couple of rifles too...

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