EAA Witness Compact Pistol



Style Compact Pistol
Frame Blued or Wonder
Grips Rubber
Caliber 9mm / 10mm / .40 SW / .45 ACP
Capacity 8/12 rounds
30 oz (850 g)
Length 7.3 inches (18.5 cm)
Barrel 3.6 inches (9.1 cm)
Trigger DA/SA
Sights Windage Adjustable Sight with Scope Mounts
Manufactured Italy by EAA Corp
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EAA Witness Compact Reviews

42 Reviews


Harvey M. from Newhall, CA on Tue, 3 Nov 2015

I asked here to have a Elite Match added which never appeared. My review is of the Elite Match which I bought in 10mm. Outstanding! Just mows through any ammo and I can get tight groupings. I bought the .22 conversion upper and that also has been perfect. This is my favorite gun period! I am selling off my PX4 .45 and adding a .45 upper to this one. That is the great thing about it you can add all calibers to the same great platform. My first EAA polymer ran like garbage but this one is just a pure joy.

Donnie K. from Waltham, MA on Wed, 2 Sep 2015

This thing is awesome, I got the .45 version and i have never had any problems with it stove-piping or misfeeding, even when using bulk ammo. It lets you know that it's there when you shoot, but there's less kick in this gun than some 9mm's i've shot. I can go through a box of 50 rounds no problem. Disassembling/ reassembling is swift and easy, and cleaning is a breeze. My only complaints are that the front site is not adjustable so shooting at far away targets is a matter of skill, you can't put on a competition scope (but the laser mounts work just fine), and that the brass goes all over the place. But at the price i paid, what did i expect? I would recommend this gun to anyone.

Louis I. from Peach Bottom, PA on Sun, 29 Mar 2015

This is a CZ 75 rip off. It was one of the worst handguns that I had ever owned. Mine would jam so often I felt like it would be better suited to use as an impact weapon or door stop. If you want a CZ then buy the original CZ or atleast a Baby Eagle.

Vance W. from Woodcliff Lake, NJ on Fri, 24 Oct 2014

I recently got the Witness in .45ACP compact. Excellent firearm. Very accurate, all 8 shots in 2 inch diameter circle at 15ft. Very similar to the CZ, definitely based on the same platform. Carrier, bolt, and trigger mech are almost identical. Great feel and very comfortable. Only downside is size and weight for a CCW.

Zachary D. from Broomfield, CO on Tue, 14 Oct 2014

I got mine, EAA Match Witness Tanfoglio. Love it, as I expected fits my hand perfect. I do not have big hands. Only was able to shoot 50 rounds at range but was a good first shoot. I have to adjust rear site to match my downward shoot but it was a great shoot. Low recoil for 45. Pretty piece and case too. Will work on my 10yard+. Shot 4-5" groups for first time at 10yd, not bad will do much better as I become one with the gun. not sure where to post this so I will in both.

Marty C. from Hudson, NY on Wed, 1 Oct 2014

I had bought an older model fullsize steel 9MM Witness, a great shooter, but re-sold it. I am considering buying a new 9MM and with a .40 conversion kit. How do the newer models compare with the older models and what were the changes?

Terrence E. from Casselberry, FL on Thu, 18 Sep 2014

I bought a new 10mm match witness I realy like it it is just like my baby eagle. I think I got a good deal on it. $529 new 15rd mag. Has anyone converted the 10mm to a 357sig? the sig amo is way cheaper to shoot.

Terry F. from Hays, KS on Sun, 14 Sep 2014

Just wanted to know what anyone with a .45 thought of theirs I have not shot this gun yet but it sure is put together very well nice and tight easy to strip and clean anything anyone could add would be appreciated

Phil R. from Carson City, NV on Wed, 3 Sep 2014

I got the wonderfinish model cleaned mine before shooting.It's a keeper alongside my other full size EAA .45/22 convertible.They make a nice product .With all the cold weather in Florida I will use it in a front jacket pocket as my CCW.

Kerry B. from New Washington, IN on Sat, 30 Aug 2014

The Witness series are by and large based on the CZ, but they are made by Tanfoglio in Italy. Tanfoglio pistols have won several world championships over the years. I have a 9mm Witness Match and its a great gun for the money. I got mine for $489 four years ago. I consistently get sub two inch groups at 25 yards

Darrell A. from Lake Orion, MI on Thu, 10 Jul 2014

I have a much older witness from 1992, and love it. The main design is the same as it is today. I think the only changes are more ascetic than anything. I for one think its a fantastic gun. It fires good out of the box, but with a little clean up and stoning , its even better. Mine was originally purchased in the 45acp, but Ive added the 10mm, 40 cal, and 9mm barrels, slides and magazines. Only major complaint I have is that my walnut grips stuck into frame a little and caused the wide body clips to stick, and shortly thereafter , cracked the grips. EAA wants $80 for replacements! Anyway, Ive shot browning, colt and smiths that are all in the 1911 style, and I would put the witness on par with all of them. Its easy to strip and maintain, it is virtually problem free, and even better I have seen that it can be actually purchased new nowadsay for around $320. Full or compact size price is virtually identical. Im seriously thinking of getting the compact, but I have and even though I have many others to choose from, still do carry my full sized witness with the 45acp barrel daily. Its reliable. Its affordable. It just works.

Marvin D. from Belton, SC on Sun, 21 Jul 2013

i love my 9mm, never a prob with it had the hogue grips. had it for 6 years. sold it to my old man and got me a beretta px4 .40 cal. i asked him to sell it back to me the other day, he said $1000. i was like man you marked it up 750 bucks he said it aint going no where. lol. hes been after me for 6 yrs to get it from me. ahh well i no ill get it back one day. the only reason i got rid of it was the rail or lack therof, and i wanted more knockdown power. the only downside to this gun is the takedown.

Phil R. from Carson City, NV on Sun, 24 Mar 2013

This one's a Keeper I bought the EAA 22/45 pistol from TGS.com . The .45 is pretty tame except for some muzzle flip but quite controllable and switching over to .22cal is quite easy . The takedown for cleaning is easy I cleaned it before going to the range and I got 3"groups at 25' using Winchester white box, not too shabby for a new gun.

Marty C. from Hudson, NY on Tue, 19 Mar 2013

I bought a used Witness 9MM Wonder Finish that was manufactured in 2002 and shoots great. I understand I can order the .40 Conversion Kit and Mags for this Model. I have a friend that wants to buy it and I would then buy a new model. The new model started manufacturing in 2005, and is referred to as a larger frame, that can be converted to .22, 9MM, .40, .38, and .45; therefore more versatile. Does anyone have firsthand experience with the older and newer models? How do they compare? Is the older or newer model better, not as good, or the same? I don't want to make a mistake in letting go of a great pistol!!!

Martin T. from Philadelphia, PA on Tue, 12 Mar 2013

i have the .45 shoots good no problems at all but its a little heavy!

James R. from Troy, MO on Wed, 2 Jan 2013

I own a Tanfoglio 9mmP copy of the CZ 75 compact. It is a fantastic weapon and never skips a beat. The only time i had a problem with it was when i used handloads, factory re-loads work perfectly. Other than that i have fired hundreds of rounds through it and it has performed flawlessly, even my wife loves shooting it compared to my .38spl snubby. During weak or single handed point shooting the gun is very easy to control and the results are still very impressive. For anyone on a budget who can't afford a CZ75, i suggest taking a long hard look at Tonfoglio/EAA products, you won't be dissapointed. They are considerably cheaper than the CZ's, but when it comes to accuracy or reliability are second to none.

Kevin C. from Plainsboro, NJ on Sun, 23 Dec 2012

I recently got my Witness .45 and am very impressed. This is my first .45 an I was expecting much more recoil. Using the sandbag bench rest the groupings were very tight. This is the most consistant pistol I've ever shot.

Kerry B. from New Washington, IN on Sat, 10 Nov 2012

I recently purchased the 9mm Witness Match and I took it shooting later that week. The gun has an 18 round clip but it is hard to load more than 16 rounds into it, but who really needs more than that. Also, I used phosphorescent paint to put a white dot on the front site and a square outline on the rear site. I was using Magtech 115gr. JHP (not one jam in 600 rounds) and I tested the gun at 7 yards at first. The first group at 7 yards printed a 3/4 inch group. I then tried 14 yards and received a group of 1 1/4 inches with the same ammo. Finally, I tried 21 and 30 yards (which is as deep as the range I use permits for pistols). The groups I received were 2 inches for the 21 yard test and 2 3/4 inches for the 30 yard test. I was shocked. This was not a bench test but a weaver stance. After this I moved the target back to 7 yards and tried an action test. During this action test, I drew the gun from the holster, disengaged the safety, acquired my sites, and fired off ten rounds as fast as I could pull the trigger (one-handed). The resulting group was about 2 1/2 inches with 8 of the 10 shots within the X-ring. This did not alleviate the shocked feeling. I knew that EAA produced excellent weapons, but I was still more than surprised! I would recommend this gun to anyone.

Jonathan I. from Ogden, UT on Mon, 15 Oct 2012

Purchased the 45 / 22LR combo kit a week ago (one of the only way to get the black finish anymore). Cleaned and oiled it, and took it to the range. Fired 100 rounds of Winchester white box through it with no problems of any kind. Accuracy was very good (3 inch groups at 50 ft standing). Very well controlled action, excellent recoil control. I really like it - my only issue was it seems to have a little trigger lash, but maybe that will work itself out as I get more familiar. I haven't fired the 22LR barrel yet.

Samuel N. from Brooklet, GA on Sun, 7 Oct 2012

I have a new Witness full size 45acp . I love this gun . Very accurate and fun to shoot, but it won't feed hollow point ammo of any kind . What can I do to fix this ?

EAA Witness Compact Questions & Comments



Eric P. from St Columbans, NE on Wed, 2 Sep 2015

i'am curious Darkker, what ammuntion are you shooting? when you say hot ammo, what hot ammo?

Harvey M. from Newhall, CA on Tue, 1 Sep 2015

I can't rate this because they don't have a negative bullet. Horrible! Feed issues and when I got the mags kind of okay and polished the feed ramp the slide lock would pop out some and lock back on it's own. Never could get it to feed right, EAA as a whole sucks! So I took a beating on it and traded it to a gun shop for a .357 Mag Revolver. Now the frustration can end!

Eric P. from St Columbans, NE on Sat, 4 Apr 2015

it kind of sucks that i had to do it, but with a little work i was able to make my aee 10mm shoot like a champ. ended up putting a 17 lb recoil spring in it, polishing the feed ramp, and the thing that seemed to make the biggest difference is making sure the 2 magazines that i have, are open on the top the same amount. took a pair of calipers to measure the gap on the tops of both and found quite a bit of difference in them and when i finally got them the same all the problems i had with jamming went away. makes me wonder did i need to polish the feed ramp.

Howard F. from Jacksonville, AR on Sat, 4 Apr 2015

so i take it from the reviews that this gun doesn't stand up to 10mm very well? that stinks, because i really want a 10mm and i hate the ergonomics of the g20.

Max F. from Oxford, NJ on Sat, 28 Feb 2015

Since the SAAMI pressure on 10MM is less than 9MM +P and .357 SIG the issue is not simply pressure. Some cartridges have a manufacturer ramp up to get the best performance and clearly the 10MM is one. The 45 ACP length combined with the 9MM pressure required a platform that was not readily available off the shelf. Sadly the 40 S&W loaded to be less powerful made the 10MM less commercially successful and we have fewer choices in handgun/caliber combinations.

Merle C. from Orlando, FL on Fri, 27 Feb 2015

No offense Ron40 but your opinion on semi-autos not being built to handle the 10mm is beyond incorrect. The Glock 20 is one of the best models they made and will chew them up and spit them out. The Third Generation Smith's like the 1026,1076 and 1006 were also a success.

Randy I. from Fairbanks, AK on Mon, 5 Jan 2015

It is my experience that the 10mm round is too hot for semi-autos. The .40 S&W was the most widely accepted caliber when many were developing this mid 9mm-.45 ACP round. The .41 AE fell by the wayside. I'd shoot lower powered cartridges. I guess that's why I don't have one in the safe.

Eric P. from St Columbans, NE on Sun, 4 Jan 2015

I also recently purchased a 10mm compact witness. and yes it was a used buy. about the 4th clip of ammo, i noticed it started hanging up on every round. so i removed clip and emptied chamber, after putting on my good eyes i noticed some cracking just behind the front sight about where the slide meets the reciever. well needless to say i was a little upset. no problem though emailed eaa and they said box it up and send it to them. well i'am glad to say 7 days later i come home from work and it is setting on the table waiting for me. GREAT customer service. but what caused the cracking. i suspect like i've been reading a weak recoil spring, but not sure. any ideas and or if some one knows the root cause i would appreciate it.

Zachary D. from Broomfield, CO on Sun, 5 Oct 2014

Anybody compete with this, I am looking at the EAA Witness Match version. I want to make sure I there are catagories that i can compete in because it is not a 1911.

Terry F. from Hays, KS on Sun, 14 Sep 2014

Hey Guys just picked up my Witness Match .45 wow what a nice piece

Randy I. from Fairbanks, AK on Fri, 12 Sep 2014

This was the first .40 cal pistol I ever bought. Used in 1997, it still is the most beautiful pistol I own. I got rid of my 9mm Taurus and FEG when I got this Witness. Mine is all steel, a bitch to carry6, but a joy to shoot. I like the cocked and locked feature. Reminds me of the Remington .45 I carried in Vietnam, except this pistol has lands and grooves in the barrel and doen't rattle in the holster. I'll never sell this beauty, but I did get a 24/7 Taurus to carry. Wish I could convert the .40 to .45.

Zachary D. from Broomfield, CO on Sat, 30 Aug 2014

Does anybody have the Match version(Tanfoglio) And if so, how is it?

Russell C. from Tazewell, VA on Thu, 28 Aug 2014

I have 3 EAA handguns a 9mm wonder finish that I've had for 8years and it shoots great.It will eat anything I feed it.I got it used. I traded for a 45acp in poly several years ago it shoots nice but doesn't like hollow point ammo. I've tried a couple diffrent mags and had the feed worked on but still its not reliable with JHP. I also have a Bounty Hunter in 45LC w/71\2" bbl. that I shoot cowboy action. I've had and shot many brands and types of handguns over the years and I hold on to my EAA's . Its hard to find a used EAA of any type because I watch for them.

Jose L. from Castle Rock, CO on Sat, 25 May 2013

10mm is basically a magnum round in an auto casing. When comparing to .40 S&W, the major differences are the primer size and case length. I've seen ballistics tests which put "hot" 10mm loads above .45 +P ACP loads in terms of delivered energy. The biggest advantage to the 10mm casing is the wide range of bullet weights you can use. It's entirely feasable to have a magazine with 135 grain heads for penatrative 357SIG-like capability with an accompanying mag of 200grain heads to give you .45ACP-like "knockdown" power all out of the same weapon. Interestingly enough, many states allow you to hunt with the "hot" 10mm as well, which seems to ensure the 10mm's small yet substantial popularity. In regards to the EAA Witness Compact, I've been wanting to grab one for a while, but I've heard some horror stories about hot 10mm loads cracking slides. Many online forums speculate this is due to the relatively weak factory springs, and also suggest Wolff springs to curb the abuse the 10mm loads deliver to the firearm. Anyone have any input on this?

Billy I. from Oak Grove, LA on Mon, 25 Mar 2013

I saw one reciently in 10mm. how does 10mm compaire to say 40S&W or 45acp? hinking of getting the 10mm.

Kevin C. from Plainsboro, NJ on Wed, 20 Mar 2013

Tig - yeah I thought about it but I got used to the adjustable sights on my S&W and I've never been a big fan of plastic anyway.

Kevin C. from Plainsboro, NJ on Tue, 19 Mar 2013

Came back from the range last week and was very disappointed in my performance. It wasn't till I began cleaning the EAA .45 that I noticed my rear sight was loose and moved side to side. I tightened it and went out again this week. After a couple of clips I checked and surenuff it was loose again. I retightened and found my shots consistently low. I suspect that the rear sight got lowered with all the tightening. I've ordered an adjustable rear sight from ajaxgrips.com for $50. I've always preferred adjustable anyway. I'll let u know how it turns out.

Owen J. from Gilbert, AZ on Sun, 19 Aug 2012

Yeah, I've been using the winchester white box 165 grain for now. I keep meaning to get to an actual sporting goods store and try some of the higher grain stuff. I don't think I'll be putting any +p loads through it just yet. The ejection is pretty stiff right now. The casings will fly a good 15 feet or so from the gun if they are uninhibited. A new spring might be in order.

Brad H. from Nashville, TN on Thu, 9 Aug 2012

When using the +P's you want to get a stronger recoil string. The factory one is 14 bls, if memory serves. You can bump it up with Wolff springs to a 16lbs or if you're going to shoot hot ammo regularly a 20 lb is a good idea. I just bought my second .45 Witness -- had one years ago; only gun I was ever sorry to get rid of. I plan to purchase the 10mm slide barrel. I've researched it and looks like a 20lb string will handle the recoil for that round. For $350, I'd expect to have to tinker a bit for the hot loads. For the normal stuff, this gun is more than adequate.

Owen J. from Gilbert, AZ on Sun, 3 Jun 2012

Just sent out payment for a used "like new" condition Witness in .40S&W. Any recommendations as to what type of ammo I should pick up for my first range visit?

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