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Browning BPS Shotgun


Style Pump Action Shotgun
Frame Synthetic, camo, walnut
Gauge 10 / 12 / 20
Capacity 4+1 shells
113 oz (3203 g)
Length 42.75 inches (108.6 cm)
Barrel 22 inches (55.9 cm)
24-30", Ventilated ribs, Tapered, Ported
"3", 3-1/2" "
Trigger Bottom ejection, Dual steel action bars
Safety Top-tang barrel selector/safety
Manufactured Belgium by Browning Arms
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Browning BPS Reviews

4 Reviews


Lance J. from Mercury, NV on Wed, 27 Aug 2014

have shot alot of shot guns in my day and still one of my favs, owned one for 20 years and looked and bought many other guns but this is still the one I go too. I've had no problems with it and can't even think how many thousands of rounds I put threw it. Just keep clean and cant wait to pass it on to my childern and let them enjoy it the way I have

Mack I. from Brookpark, OH on Tue, 6 Nov 2012

How good is the bps? I liked my 10 ga so much that I went out annd bought a 20, and hope to soon buy a 12. Of the 8 shotguns I own I like the bps the best. Better than the benelli sbeII or the remmington 870 or 1100. The 20 would be a great gun for a kid, and the 10 shoots like a dream at long range geese. The 10 has less kick with 3 1/2" shells than any of my other 12's w/ 3" shells.

Terrence S. from Baton Rouge, LA on Tue, 24 Apr 2012

I love my 12 gauge BPS with natural wood stock, metal etched engravings, and the signature golden trigger. This was my first hunting shot gun and have really enjoyed it over the years. I like the interchangeable choke tubes and the feel of the gun. Never had any issues in the field or trap shooting. The BPS has seen all elements of mother nature and has performed flawlessly.

Percy R. from Phillipsburg, NJ on Sat, 15 Oct 2011

I like this gun. I have a BPS Hunter and I have owned this gun for 7 or so years. Its my hunting shotgun. It is a bottom load and eject so that will cause difficulty on the trap range, but less rain or dirt will enter the action. The safe is a bit stiff but that just makes it safer. The tube extract button is difficult, but the action release button is easy and comfortable. Good looking finish and it feels nice. Not to heavy for a pump. Great for Hunting, Bad for trap/skeet. I would rate this pump and excellent if the tube extract button is not easy and its easier to pump out the rounds than dealing with the button.

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Louis B. from Forest Lake, MN on Tue, 4 Sep 2012

Hey all, I have a 12 gauge BPS, 26" barrel, black synthetic stock shotty, and I love it. This was my first shotgun, and I bought it at age 15. It has good weight, good heft, and feels lovely. The ejection out the bottom is fantastic, never had a jam with either 2 3/4 or 3" shells. It's ambi, obviously, which is great because my dad is left-handed and his semi-auto Remington tends to spit shells into his armpit. The pump action is really smooth, and does not have as much wiggle as other pumps I have used. I love the way the BPS swings, also I can level it and tuck it in my shoulder and it is perfectly aligned to my cheek and eye. I am very happy with this gun, which I got used for $375. I take good care of it, and it's worked perfectly for the last several years. Safety is a bit stiff, but that hardly bothers me. I like the 26" barrel over the 28" that I've used one other BPS's, it swings better and a quick shooter like myself can do better with trap shooting and hunting... if I did goose hunting, however, I would use the 28". I'm blabbering. Very satisfied with this gun. Thanks Bill

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