Bersa Mini Thunder Pistol



Style Compact Pistol
Frame Matte, Satin Nickel, Duotone, Gold
Caliber 9mm / .40 SW / .45 ACP
Capacity 10/13 rounds
27.51 oz (780 g)
Length 6.7 inches (17 cm)
Barrel 3.6 inches (9.1 cm)
Trigger DA/SA
Safety Intergral Locking System, Maunual, Firing Pin, Decock
Sights fixed, with front sight integral to the slide and rear dovetaile
Manufactured Argentina by Bersa S.A.
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Bersa Mini Thunder Reviews

51 Reviews


mateo ortiz from Inman, SC on Fri, 2 Mar 2018

mateo ortiz from Inman, SC on Fri, 2 Mar 2018

Otto I. from Henrico, VA on Sat, 9 Jul 2016

Slapped a 13 round magazine in my bersa 40 UC and went nuts at the range. The magazine worked like a charm wish bersa made a spacer for it but it is what it is.

Edmund S. from Holbrook, AZ on Sat, 4 Jun 2016

I only have a few hundred rounds through the Pro 9, but it's been flawless. We chose it for reliability with my wife's weak hold. We can't get it to jam with the weakest possible hold. It fires subsonic for lower noise with no issues. I saw they had a group of bad extractors in 2010, but what I read and what I experience makes it the only great gun buy that I've had.

Adam G. from Wichita Falls, TX on Mon, 23 May 2016

Eezox is simply outstanding. I use it not only on my Thunder 45 but all my other handguns and long guns.

Adam G. from Wichita Falls, TX on Sun, 10 Apr 2016

It's been 10 months since my initial review of my Thunder 45 Ultra Compact and I have nothing but positive comments to add. After my initial few hiccups when brand new this .45 hasn't skipped a beat since. Round count is up to around 350 rounds of factory Fiocchi 230 gr. XTP and home cast reloads weighing from 185 to 230 grs. Nary a problem. When I first reviewed this pistol I was the only that had fired it but in the meantime I've had five others fire it and none of them found it objectionable. One guy in particular who is very familiar with firearms wasn't sold on the idea of a compact .45 being easy to shoot. After two mags he was a believer. Wear and tear on my pistol has been commensurate with any other pistol I've owned. The finish is surprisingly tough. It made it through a Phoenix summer, daily IWB right against my admittedly very sweaty skin and zero rust. Countless times I got home, unholstered and had to wipe plenty of sweat off the left side of the gun. Considering how caustic human sweat can be against any firearm finish I'm tickled pink with whatever Bersa uses. For $374 out the door I wasn't going to be surprised at rust. Glad to be wrong! The only caveat/warning I have to a potential buyer is that the grip is rather large for a pistol of this size. My hands are on the small side and this .45 is the absolute limit of what I can use competently. As I said before I switched to the Bersa from a full size 8+1 1911 that was simply too big for concealed carry on my frame. I'm only giving up one round for something that I literally carry every time I set foot out the front door. I have a nice High Noon IWB holster that makes it disappear both to me and those around me. For those with any model Bersa looking for a good holster, you can't go wrong with High Noon.

Harrison H. from Kerman, CA on Mon, 21 Dec 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, Yes, it's too bad we can't include photos in this forum to show suggestions. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, we can save a lot of typing. However, there is an alternative....we can include hyperlinks to websites. As such, here is one [url][/url] that advances several ideas for IWB holsters. A leather-lined Kydex holster seems like a great way to keep the holster open under the pressure of a belt, muffle pistol noise against the hard plastic, and protect the pistol's finish. Large leather backings directly against the skin will spread the hard points of the holster and breathe a little in warm weather. Umm, there must be as many holster manufacturers out there as there are pistol companies. Idlethyme

Harrison H. from Kerman, CA on Sat, 19 Dec 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, First, a disclaimer: I do not carry a weapon. As such, I have little personal experience with holsters. However, that doesn't stop me from sharing some information. That said, here is a [url][/url] to an incident with a leather holster and a Glock with it's famous safety trigger. For an IWB, wouldn't a Kydex molded holster be better for reinserting a drawn holster? Also, commentary I have read says a suede-lined holster can collect minute grit and wear the finish on your handgun. Leather-lined Kydex may be a better choice if your finish is of concern. As I wrote earlier, the Glock safety trigger doesn't provide much safety. The aforementioned incident seems to support that observation. Idlethyme

Harrison H. from Kerman, CA on Fri, 18 Dec 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, After extensive study, I have created my WISH LIST OF COLLECTIBLE PISTOLS. There were several criteria used to compile this list. They are: A) For Self Defense…(not target shooting, tactical competition or plinking) B) Best meet the standards of Power, Recoil, Capacity, and Concealability C) Employ some (if not all) operating features such as: - Fixed or Rotating Barrel, or Rotating Bolt - Striker or Conceal Hammer Fired - Double Action Only or Modified Double Action Trigger Mechanism - Manual Safety and/or Decocking Mechanism - Uniqueness of Operation - Auto-Feed of cartridge - Placement of Levers and Buttons - Use of laser D) Many of the pistols listed have been rated as desirable handguns to own E) Discontinued or Limited Availability WISH LIST OF COLLECTIBLE PISTOLS 9mm - Beretta Px4 Storm, Type C-------------$500 9mm - Boberg XR9----------------------------$1000 9mm - Grand Power K-102R-------------------$1500 9mm - HK P7 M13----------------------------$3000 9mm - Smith &Wesson M&P-------------------$600 .22WMR - Kel-Tec PMR30---------------------$400 .380 ACP - Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380----$400 5.7mm x 28 -FNH Five-SeveN USG-------------$1200 .40 S&W - Mauser M2------------------------$500 Any commentary on the above choices would be much appreciated. Idlethyme

Philip N. from Terre Haute, IN on Fri, 4 Dec 2015

roncodrummer, Bersa guns have been under rated for a while, that is ending really quick. this is a weapon that you can really rely upon. I carry it concealed all the time. It has the features that I want on a weapon, looks, ease of cleaning, decocker, safety, factory locking system. Having said that, the weapon is accurate, I have shot quite a few rounds out of it and still not even one problem. When I carry it I use personal defense ammo, at the range I use what the Sheriff office issues and it has swallowed every single round. IT is a little thick and heavy but it conceals perfectly, anyway I like my weapons on the heavy side. When you have handled a few firearms you have that feeling about the functioning and inners of it, you feel when everything falls right where it should. This is that kind of weapon. Go for it, you would not see that price on it too long. People are catching up to its value. Everyone remembers Taurus firearms when they first came out, they were cheap but excellent and now look at them!! I have owned 3 Bersas a 380, 40S&W and a 32 which you don't see anymore. All of them have been excellent weapons. Hope these comments help. My rating is for the 40SW Ultra Compact Pro Bersa. GO FOR IT!!

Philip N. from Terre Haute, IN on Sun, 1 Nov 2015

I have shot at various ranges with a wide variety of range ammo, from "expensive" range ammo to "el cheapo" range ammo and have no problems with my Bersa UC40 s&w. All kind of ammo that I have fed to it was eaten like a hungry bear. The more I shoot this pistol the more convinced I get about its reliability. Now days I will not play with the selection of my backup weapon when I'm on duty, you will not have a second chance if you ever need it.

Julian M. from Schoharie, NY on Sat, 10 Oct 2015

I also see 3 available on Guns America ranging from $369 - $419, depending on the finish. I purchased my from "The Exchange" through Guns America. I ordered on Thursday from SD and I had it on Friday night in NJ. Amazing!

Lee W. from Santa Teresa, NM on Sat, 10 Oct 2015

I think once all these positive reviews stack up, BERSA is going to sweep the industry with a great reliable and quality firearm and at a realistic and affordable price, bar none! A very impressive and quality reliable firearm without a doubt!

Travis H. from Birmingham, AL on Sat, 10 Oct 2015

So, for about 2 months I have had this weapon in my arsenal without writing a review. (part of the reason is that I was over in Japan for a while!) but here I go! First let me tell you why I bought the weapon. I own a Bersa Thunder 380 and was pleasantly surprised in the handling and accuracy of the “cheap’ weapon from Argentina. Let me say there too many people confusing inexpensive and cheap. I did some more research and found a lot of info on the reliability of the weapon, including a video on YouTube of it firing over 1500 rounds straight without a hiccup. I also found out that where Bersa might be guilty of being skimpy, is the finish on the guns they manufacture. (the look of a gun never killed someone, however caliber and placement did!) The first thing I did was break the weapon down. To do so was just like breaking down my SIG P250 (ooops just irritated a gun snob somewhere!) A lever on the frame is pushed down, and the slide, barrel, spring, and spring guide rod slips off the front. Can you say easy cleaning? The sights on the weapon where interchangeable SIG 3 Dot (non-Nite-lites). It was just as light as the P250 but was smaller in size. It also (from my homework) is lighter and smaller than a 1911A1 Commander that has the same barrel size and mag capacity. So after re-assembly, I went to the range to pop a few rounds off down range. First ling I noticed was how it sat in my hand. (I also have a Hogue grip on mine.) I have large hands and it felt very comfortable. This might be of concern for those of you with average or small hands who like the Hogue grips. But for me, a perfect fit. Pulling the DA trigger back was very similar to the Ruger Security Six that I have. It was smooth stiff. It was a little longer than the RSS. But now we are comparing revolvers to semi, and that ain’t fair to either! In SA it was easily under 6 lbs. The recoil was far less than the P250 40SW I have, and slightly more than the 1911A1 that I am sooooo fond of shooting. The bark of the Bersa Thunder 45 was a lot more pronounced from either one also. Now the 3.5 inch barrel does something that some forget. It will magnify the bad habits of the shooter! I know mine, I am still working on them and probably always will! However, at ten yards I was hitting dead center of the Treasury Transition II target and grouping very well. With a little more practice, my bad habit became less and less pronounced and a nice 2.5 to 3 inch groups were evident. I didn’t try taking it to the 25 yard mark because 1) It has a 3 and a half inch barrel, 2) outside of 10 yards is outside of personnel defense which is what this gun was designed for. So far I have shot over 200 rounds and no issues. I have shot Winchester White, Federal Champion, and Hornady Critical Defense. NO ISSUES So let’s grade this pistol. As in my other posts: Would I take this weapon into a tactical situation? Probably not, I would want my 5” 1911 for accuracy and hitting something farther away or my P250 40SW because of capacity. (the BT45UC as a 7+1 capacity) It isn’t what this gun was designed for, but if it was all that I had, I would feel confident with it in my hand. I would however wear this gun for personnal protection when concealabilty is an issue. I have worn it on my belt under a t-shirt with no issues, but there is a slight printing of the gun. Under an untucked polo or dress shirt it works fine. And that is what this weapon was designed for. Its light, small, concealable, accurate, and also very powerful. IMHO, Bersa will do in the next 10 years what Taurus did in the 90’s. They will gain acceptance with the Gun Snob crowd.

Marlon R. from Woodruff, SC on Fri, 18 Sep 2015

Just bought Bersa Thunder Pro40 two weeks ago, taken to range four times. Run close to 300 Rds. thru looking for the "Best" factory .40 Cal. Load. No FTF's or FTE's in 7 boxes of mixed brands or bullet weights. Likes CCI 165Gr. JHP & MagTech 155 Gr. JHP's the best. Under 4 in. Grp. at 15 & 25 Yds. Sandbag Rest. Love this gun over my CZ 75 & Cougar 8040. Was really surprised by low recoil and no failures in a really low priced compact. Will report again after a few hundred more rounds.

Sterling B. from Tucumcari, NM on Thu, 3 Sep 2015

One thing I like about the Bersa line over others is that my wife can easily pull back the slide, especially in comparison to the Sig or even the Ruger. While she struggles with some, this is easy to handle for my wife.

Tim S. from Charleston, TN on Wed, 12 Aug 2015

I have the 9mm Pro version of this handgun which includes a rail and other minor revisions. After 500 rounds (Winchester white box) with ZERO issues, I am very happy with this gun. It is accurate, comfortable, fun to shoot and easy to field strip. My only complaint is that the "matte" finish on the slide is uneven and looks beat-up right out of the box. However, I also only paid $349, for the gun, so I'm happy. This would be a 5, but minus 1 for the finish.

Samuel N. from Tompkinsville, KY on Sat, 1 Aug 2015

I just picked up my Bersa at the Houston Gun show yesterday. First off, i got a really rocking deal so my Bersa experience is starting out great. I went to Spring Guns and Ammo and shot 50 or so rounds and am really impressed. Observations... 1. Gin shoots a bit low. I am used to lining up all the dots on the sights on my Sig p228R and might need to have them adjusted. 2. Don't mix standard rounds and +P rounds. A clip full of +P rounds shoots great. Mixing a clip caused a couple of jams. 3. Overall this is a crisp fun gun to shoot.

Adam G. from Wichita Falls, TX on Sat, 20 Jun 2015

I've had my Thunder 45 Ultra Compact Pro for about a month now, had two shooting sessions totaling 150 rounds and I'm happy as heck with the pistol. Recently my beloved state of Arizona made it legal to carry concealed without needing a permit and I quickly found that my trusted 1911 .45 was just too big for me to carry concealed even with a well made holster and gun belt. Some folks manage it but it was very uncomfortable for me and many times I ended up not strapping on the gun because of that. I love the .45 Auto cartridge, shoot it well and trust it more than any other caliber so my search was on for a smaller .45 which led me to the Bersa 45. In my opinion this gun is worth more than the asking price. The fit is top notch and the finish is consumate with guns asking price. Not top notch but I got mine for way less than four bills so I'm not complaining. The ergonomics are great and its extremely comfortable to shoot - not something I can say about my buddy's Glock 27 and he agrees with me. As for concealability, this pistol for me is leaps and bounds easier than my 1911. Its no sub compact but I can comfortably carry it every day with no discomfort and very little worry of it 'printing' when I lean over or crouch down. Reliability so far has, for a brand new pistol, been Decent. Within the first 50 rounds there were three failures of the slide to go fully back into battery. In the next 100 rounds there were only two. I, and many others, choose not to pass final judgment on a semi-auto until there have been at least 200 rounds through it. I have no doubts that another 50 rounds through this gun with break it in completely. My only complaint, and its not against the pistol itself, is that holsters can be hard to come by. There are a handful out there but if you tend to be picky about concealment holsters like me it can be rough going. I've found that Galco makes the most options and I'll soon be ordering a 'Stow-N-Go' IWB for mine.I've also found that many holsters that fit the Sig-Sauer P239 will likely fit the Thunder 45. Bersa also lists a few holsters on their website. Iron sights for recently manufactured Bersa Thunders are also interchangable with those made for the Sig-Sauer P-220/229. This is an outstanding pistol worthy of anyone's consideration. Checking out the Bersa forums will help your decision as well. many folks have commented that Bersa pistols are one of the best kept secrets - I agree.

Willie F. from Seattle, WA on Mon, 26 Jan 2015

I just got a Thunder9 UC pro and went to the range yesterday. 300 rounds no problems. Nearly as accurate as my cougar 8000 but it may just be me. I need to adjust to the smaller sized pistol. Easy to break down and maintain. The only negative I see is the finish on the blued model. But that is a small sacrifice for price in this otherwise well made weapon. Another successful trip at the range and this maybe a new ccw for me.

Bersa Mini Thunder Questions & Comments



Harold A. from Sugarloaf, PA on Wed, 6 Jul 2016

thanks for the tip rgill on how to fix my mags last time. i bought another 2 mags and found out what went wrong on my old ones. i can't find Eezox and tuf glide here. i found out that mobile1 fully synthetic motor oil also work, i tried mixing it with locally sold gun oil. i guess it worked fine, much better than cheap gun oil. i was just curious on what will be the effect on long term use with my pistol. any idea sir?

Philip N. from Terre Haute, IN on Mon, 4 Jul 2016

Hype, congratulations. I'm glad gun owners are realizing the qualities of Bersa firearms. Now, don't spread the word too fast. You might not find them at a good price anymore, even worst you might not find them at all. Locally they don't last a day after they hit the display. Keep up the good shooting!!!

Harold A. from Sugarloaf, PA on Mon, 4 Jul 2016

another great day for my bersa 40pro, just got 1st place on a club shoot today over glocks and 1911s. just a 300+ round fun shoot anyway, but still a great accomplishment for an underrated pistol. i am finally convinced that i bought a very good low priced piece.

Philip N. from Terre Haute, IN on Mon, 23 May 2016

Hype, when I start getting problems with my mags I take them all apart, clean them and inspect them for any dents or deviations on the inside spacing, that is usual the problem with the guide. Sometimes we bang our mags and don't realize it until you start getting problems with the guide that cannot be fixed either by cleaning/lubrication or by changing the guide to a teflon type. Try one option or the other if that doesn't do it, I will just use a new one or take it to someone to repair it. I will not mess with the spring that way, maybe that is your problem, an out of angle spring. I have seen people even streching the spring because they have problems with FTF. There is a way to check it. If you have a second mag, take it apart and compare the spring length and angle with the one not giving you any problems, maybe your adjustments have messed the spring.

Harold A. from Sugarloaf, PA on Sun, 22 May 2016

rgil- thanks, i just don't know if tuf-glide is available here in manila. i would like to ask, do i have to lube my mag to prevent nosediving or do i have to send them to a gunsmith? i've tried stretching and lifting the top front part of the spring where the feeder sits but still no progress. do you think i have to buy new magazines?

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Sun, 22 May 2016

rgillgil- Thanks for the tip. I just ordered a can of Eezox this afternoon and I'm going to try it as soon as it comes in. I will order the Tuf-glide as well. I have had good results from the G96 CLP but I'm not real fond of the oil it leaves behind. I just clean it, then tear it down the next day and wipe it down, then repeat again a day or two later. The Hornady One Shot was a waste of money in my opinion. I liked the way it ate through the dirt, but it did not lubricate well at all. It boasts a "dry lubricant" but doesn't seem to work. I plan on taking the Bersa UC .40 and my Ruger P95 out over this weekend and see how it does.(I had no issues with the Ruger). AS the Eezox won't be here until mid next week, I will clean them with the G96 again. I will let you guys know. Again, thanks for the tip Bud!

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Sun, 22 May 2016

rgillgil- Thanks for the tip. I just ordered a can of Eezox this afternoon and I'm going to try it as soon as it comes in. I will order the Tuf-glide as well. I have had good results from the G96 CLP but I'm not real fond of the oil it leaves behind. I just clean it, then tear it down the next day and wipe it down, then repeat again a day or two later. The Hornady One Shot was a waste of money in my opinion. I liked the way it ate through the dirt, but it did not lubricate well at all. It boasts a "dry lubricant" but doesn't seem to work. I plan on taking the Bersa UC .40 and my Ruger P95 out over this weekend and see how it does.(I had no issues with the Ruger). AS the Eezox won't be here until mid next week, I will clean them with the G96 again. I will let you guys know. Again, thanks for the tip Bud!

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Sun, 22 May 2016

TIG - Just did a little research on the Eezox and it sounds like just what I've been looking for. I don't like the oily residue left behind with the G96 CLP and I end up breaking my weapons down the next day and wiping them dry and repeating it again a few days later. The oil just never seems to dry up. I like the sound of the Eezox and the dry-to-the-touch property. I am going to pick some up this weekend. I'll post my thoughts afterwards. Thanks again, my friend!

Harold A. from Sugarloaf, PA on Sun, 22 May 2016

i was at the range yesterday with my .40pro, i got a lot of FTF after the 1st or 2nd bang. my ammo was always stuck up nosediving inside both my mags. i don't know if it is the teflon coated ammo or loose spring. i usually keep both my 1911 hc and my bersa mags loaded about 10-12 rounds, but this type of jamming on the mag never even once happened on my 1911.

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Wed, 18 May 2016

Spent another day at the range with mixed results. I had at least a half-dozen FTE from my Bersa Ultra Compact .40. I used the same ammo as usual. The only differing factor was the cleaning solvent used after my previous trip. I tried a can of Hornady One Shot Dry Solvent Cleaner. The stuff seemed to work well and the label said it leaves a dry lubricant on the gun, but when I sent some rounds through my Bersa, I had the FTE's. Have any of you guys had any experience with this stuff? I am going back to G96 CLP and will see if any problems arise. Please let me know if you have tried this stuff.

Philip N. from Terre Haute, IN on Thu, 12 May 2016

roncodrummer, I couldn't but savor each letter of your last comment. I have never heard such a poetic and at the same time realistic way of describing what I believe, is our pasion about shooting a firearm for all the right reasons. I enjoy them the same way. Bersa firearms, specially the Thunder is such a pleasure to fire and enjoy that you only forgot to mention that it parallels the brush of a painter inmortalizing his ideas on a canvas. Hey, ronco, if things get too restrictive for you in Illinois, come to Alabama you will enjoy "weapons heaven", where the only similarity to Illinois is its four last letters without the "O". I live in the county where I'm a Deputy for. I get up in the morning and look at my wife and ask her "Honey, what you want to fire today for breakfast?, the AR,AK,Remington Bersa, Glock, Makarov, Keltec, Ruger, SigSauer, ISSC and what caliber? Just to mention a few... She kind of prefers to fire her baby, her SigSauer. The only question is what caliber 9mm or 40s&w? I like the buffet, were I fire some each, although I can't sometimes decide between my Glock and my Bersa.

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Thu, 12 May 2016

Just returned from another incredible day at the range! Funny how something that can be so loud and deadly can be so relaxing and peace promoting. I find it very soothing to focus on a point and fire at it. It's a very relaxing, peaceful time spent in the solitude of my own head silenced with ear plugs. And to think my own government is trying to take this away from me. Never mind the fact that I can't protect myself or what is mine. I live in Illinois. I realize the hypocritical bastards that run my state. Tell me I can't while all of THEM do. But to take away the simple pleasure of a peaceful day putting holes in paper targets. This poor country has lost it's identity in an attempt to be politically correct for all the wrong people.

Harold A. from Sugarloaf, PA on Sun, 1 May 2016

anyone here shoot with both the 9 and 40 hc, how much do they differ in recoil? also, how does recoils feel compared to other popular brands of 9mm and 40? i own a 1911 cal.40 and bt40pro, i'm planning to get 9mm and choosing between bt9pro hc and cz75b, which one should i get?

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Fri, 29 Apr 2016

Stormtown, sure you know, but clean the beejeebers out of this firearm before you fire it. Bersa tends to put quite a bit of protectant on their weapons prior to shipping. Enjoy! Be sure to post your results.

Seth M. from Miamiville, OH on Fri, 29 Apr 2016

Just Picked Up a new Bersa Thunder 9 Pro HC, From Cheaper than dirt shipped for $383, only costs me $20 for FLL transfer, so i think i got a great deal. gonna hit the Range on Thursday.. In case anyone wants to know whether you buy from Bud's or Cheaper than dirt, if it is a gun, it is shipped by Bud's.

Randy A. from Oklahoma City, OK on Thu, 21 Apr 2016

Just spent the day at the range with my Bersa UC Thunder .40 cal., my Bersa Thunder .22LR, my Ruger SP101 .357mag., and my Ruger P95 9mm. Have no idea how many 100's of rounds I put thru them, all of them flawless. I rid the world of many deadly paper targets and single-handedly rejuvenated the handgun ammunition industry. Yep, 'twas a good day.

Philip N. from Terre Haute, IN on Mon, 18 Apr 2016

Hyperme, you have a big problem and is not your Bersa, it is your wall. Just kidding. Joking aside, it is good that your Bersa is ejecting your expended cartriges with a consistent force. That means your ejection mechanism is functioning as it should. I would be worried if it just ejected weakly to the point of not bouncing against a wall beside you. Hope you have taken my comment in good jest. I love my Bersa.

Thomas T. from Boonville, NC on Sun, 17 Apr 2016

I'm just curious if they are close to good enough to use as a bullseye competiton pistol? There are no off the shelf bullseye guns that I know of except for 22 LR. I was surprised my Browning Buckmark with CCI Blazer hods the x ring at 50 yds ;-))

Thomas T. from Boonville, NC on Sun, 10 Apr 2016

Has anyone benched a Thunder .45 at 50 yds? What kind of groups will it shoot at that range?

Gordon E. from Cedarville, AR on Sat, 9 Apr 2016

These pistols are very popular and you have little chance of finding a used one. You can buy a new one for just under $400. Go to Bersa Chat and get more info there. You also get a lifetime warranty on the pistol. See Bud's Guns for the best prices. Lots of Luck. You will like the pistol. It has a smooth trigger, 2 each 13 round magazines, and is a smooth shooter and very accurate. One of the best buys I ever made.

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