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Beretta 471 Silver Hawk Shotgun


Style Side-by-Side Shotgun
Frame Nickel finish, New, rich, floral engraving
Stock English or pistol stock in European Walnut
Gauge 12 / 20
Capacity 2 shells
104 oz (2948 g)
Length 0 inches (0 cm)
Barrel 26 inches (66 cm)
3" chamber
Safety Open top lever safety, safety on hammers
Manufactured Italy by Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta
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Beretta 471 Silver Hawk Reviews

3 Reviews


Reuben I. from Sunrise Beach, MO on Sun, 18 Dec 2011

Latest update on the 471 - After the forearm fell off of the gun while I was shooting it, I sent it back. The trim pieces that I had replaced before, did not match the rest of the gun and I had to use a dremmell tool to get the metal trim piece to fit. ALl of this crap fell off and the trigger pulls were ridiculous. Sometimes the pull on the second shot would be 10-12 pounds. I got the gun back and all of the cosmetic issues were fixed under warranty. Nice since the gun was over 1 year old. BUT - the triggers are still a mess. I fired about 100 rounds and had 4-5 trigger mishaps. Sometime the second barrel wouldnt fire at all. This gun is a disaster. Dont buy one - no matter what! Beretta can do better than this.

Reuben I. from Sunrise Beach, MO on Thu, 15 Dec 2011

Flushing, Maybe good advice, but too late!!!! I am addicted to high quality shotguns. I own three K80s, an MX8C, a 686/ 682 /391 / A5, 1187/ 870, etc. Some are ridiculously priced, but their performance has been flawless, even after 300,000 rounds. I was hoping that the Beretta would earn its keep, but it did not. It completely fell apart 2 months ago and I sent it back to Beretta. They fixed it and sent it back to me last week. I have not shot it yet, so we'll see where it goes. I will keep you posted. Curious why you are looking at the 471 Silverhawk sight if you dont have one or are not interested in getting one in the future.. Thanks again, Russ

Reuben I. from Sunrise Beach, MO on Mon, 3 Oct 2011

Hi Gold, Thanks for the note on the 471. I wish I could do it over again too. That was my first sxs shotgun and I wish I had bought something different but it is what it is. I have decided that I will not buy any more Berettas. Most gun manufacturers will stand behind their products. Beretta is not interested in doing that, so I wont be giving them any more of my money. I do like my OU guns, but the triggers have been completely reworked or replaced. But I really dont like poor customer service. Re the Perazzi, I would think twice about that too. Rumor has it that Beretta has bought a controlling interest in Perazzi. I ordered a custom MX8C and the dealer KEPT my MONEY and the gun never showed. Fortunately, I had a CONTRACT with the dealer, and through a long and arduous process, I was able to get my money back. Turns out that the dealer was probably reselling "gray" goods that were destined only for the European market. There would be no warranty for such a gun in the US. Not to be deterred, I ordered another one from a reputable dealer (I thought that the first dealer was reputable too!!!!). A year later, I got the gun. I opted for the removable trigger group too. You need arms of steel to get the damn trigger out and another hour to get it back in. Other than that, the fit and finish of the gun is good. The receiver will rust in about 30 seconds if you dont keep it wiped down and I dont mean every week or so, I mean ALL of the time. Ever with shooting gloves on, you can see rust starting to develop in a few hours. When the gun is in a DEHUMIDIFIED safe, I still have to wipe it down weekly (and that is if I dont TOUCH the gun). It is VERY picky for a target gun. My Krieghoffs couldnt care less if they are wiped down every week. Finally, I did get the barrel selector (they dont normally come with selectable barrels. Go figure - a competition gun that you cant select the barrel on!!!). If you want to change the barrel and fire the top one first, you activate the selector to the TOP barrel, open the action, close the action, and now you are ready togo. If you dont do that, one of three things will happen (1) - the gun wont fire (2) the top barrel wont shoot first or (3) BOTH barrels fire at once. I usually have number three happen to me. Very disconcerting when trying to shoot clay targets!!! Overall, I dont think all that highly of the Perazzi. To give you an idea, I bought a Krieghoff, then the Perazzi. My wife started shooting and "confiscated" the Krieghoff. I went out and bought ANOTHER Krieghoff, not another Perazzi. I also looked at some other high end guns, but I went back to the K80. The reason - solid reliability and great customer service. And I can shoot the hell out of that gun. It fits me well for some reason. I think that there is a reason that there are no decent Italian cars (under 100,000 dollars). I am beginning to think that the same is true for their shotguns. BTW, the crap that happened with your gun is nuts. They should be scared &^%$less about the liability issues of a gun that fires when it wants to fire! THey should have kissed your butt to get that problem fixed. Score another stupid point for Beretta. Russ

Beretta 471 Silver Hawk Questions & Comments



Erik N. from Newtown, PA on Thu, 15 Dec 2011

Buy a $350 yes, not a typo, $350 Stoeger Condor and you won't have all these problems! With the left over thousands of dollars you could feed a lot of poor families! Mine functions flawlessly every time out. Period.

Fred G. from Saint Henry, OH on Sun, 2 Oct 2011

Could not agree more with your post. Major trigger problems with a new in box Beretta SP II. Huge variations in the pull, and repeated misfires the first day out. Delay up to 10 seconds between the time I pulled the trigger and the shot went off. Worse situation was low house at Station 7. The shot did not go off, I lowered the gun, about to break it open. And BANG, there it went. Took it back to the retailer. They looked at it, found nothing wrong, went back out to the skeet field, and there it went again. Took it back to the store for the second time, and told them I wanted nothing to do with that gun. Would not give me my money back. Manager of the gun dept wouldn't help. Wrote several emails and faxes to Beretta, not to avail. Finally called the manager of the whole store (large outdoor retailer in Wisconsin), and gained cause at last. I shoot a 382 now, but seriously considering flying all the way to Italy to have a God damn gun built the Perazzi way.

Reuben I. from Sunrise Beach, MO on Thu, 1 Sep 2011

Dont buy this gun! The trigger failed on my gun with less than 2000 rounds through it. One barrel would fire and the second would not. And the auto safety sux. Every time you open the gun, the safety is activated. Beretta wont disable it. You can pay someone to do it. Not good for a competition shooter!!! Also, the trigger pull is all over the map. About 1 out of 40 shots results in a trigger pull of something that feels like 10 pounds. Very weird. Finally, the decorative piece on the end of the forearm FELL OFF. The screw (from the inside) was still attached. I called Beretta and they DONT HAVE A REPLACEMENT PART THAT MATCHES THE ORIGINAL!!!! The part that they sent me would not fit in the recess in the forearm. The wanted me to return the gun but they were not clear on whether they would REACTIVATE THE AUTO SAFETY!!! So, I took a dremmel tool and ground down the decorative part to match the forearm wood! What a crock for a 3000 dollar plus shotgun! I own two other Beretta over and unders 682 and 686. I have had extractor and trigger problems with both of them. I had the 686 trigger converted to a mechanical trigger by Kolar. I wont be buying another one. I also have 2 K80s and an MX8C.

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