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Benelli M1/M2 Field Shotgun


Style Autoloading Shotgun
Frame Black, Walnut, or Camo
Gauge 12
Capacity 3+1 shells
120 oz (3402 g)
Length 0 inches (0 cm)
Barrel 24 inches (61 cm)
2-3/4", 3" chamber
Manufactured Italy by Benelli Armi
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Benelli M1/M2 Field Reviews

2 Reviews


Alonzo C. from Iselin, NJ on Fri, 8 Aug 2014

Bought an M-2 12 GA with 28" barrel Jan 2 2010 without the comfort stock. Use it mostly for skeet shooting and it points like a dream due to the light weight. FIT is everything in a shotgun and this one just fits perfect. Shot 150 rounds at one time with no sorness anywhere so I don't need the comfort stock evidently. Shot some cheap walmart stuff and about 700 rounds of AA 1300 FPS with no problem whatsoever. I also have a Winchester X2 and my son has a Beretta Extrema II and I like skeet shooting with the M2 much better. It doesn't have the weight or the bulky grip the two gas operated guns do. Will shoot about as fast as you can pull the trigger. The kick between it and the gas operated guns has no noticable difference as far as I can tell. One of the best things about Benelli is that when you go to clean it there's not much to clean. I've shot probably 800 rounds between cleanings and could probably shoot no telling how many. When it comes to that aspect alone it beats out the X2 and the Beretta. If you had to just grab one on the go and and you couldn't remember if you cleaned it when you brought it in, it just probably wouldn't matter. With the Benelli it just doesn't get nasty like the gas operated shotguns.

Nicholas L. from Helena, MT on Sun, 16 Oct 2011

I recently picked up an M2 Field 12gauge, 26" Barrell, Max4 camo. After roughly 400 rounds it's been flawless & a pleasure to shoot. You can shoot this thing all day without any soreness in the shoulder. Fun to shoot, well made (the action is really crisp & sure) & damn good looking as well. Definitely recommend this one.

Benelli M1/M2 Field Questions & Comments



Benjamin D. from Frostproof, FL on Wed, 9 Sep 2015

Got my m2 tactical, threw a cheap tube extension on there and shot like a dream. Kicks enough to make it fun but doesnt hurt. Super easy to clean hardly gets dirty at all I was amazed. Great for my 1st shotgun.

William B. from Minot Afb, ND on Tue, 19 Apr 2011

I have a M1 tactical with a sidesaddle and noticed if I put more then 3 rounds in the 6 rnd holder the gun wont cycle. Can anyone tell me why? Doug Hey Guy’s Check this out: 15 Gun Training Reports written by Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Some GREAT information taken right out of their course curriculum that was previously only taught when you attended their courses!

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